Remapper Work

Despite the power outage today, I managed to get a pretty solid workday in. The work laptop did it's job in the morning, and I had the afternoon on the home rig. And nearly every minute was down in the code, working on the remapper.

Not much of a course change from yesterday. Just following through with the plan I laid out then. Namely, I'm going through each of the data parsers, and getting them to remap mod IDs to new IDs that don't conflict with the base game data. And so far, I think this approach is still going to work.

After the day's work was done, I had all data type parsers reconfigured except for two: items and battlemoves.

I think that tomorrow morning, I should be able to knock those two out, and start compiling to look for errors. There are likely to be a few issues cropping up from the changes, as data remapping has its own risks. And it may be a case of me uploading a test build for modders and players to try, and fixing issues as they appear.

However, I still think this is a huge risk reduction from changing all classes in the game to handle DataRef objects instead of integer and string IDs. Way less code is disturbed, and that's always a good thing. Hopefully, tomorrow we'll have a good vantage point for how much work is left until a test build can be assembled!

Have a good one, all!