Stuck after end turn 0.931b Beta

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Stuck after end turn 0.931b Beta

This bug seems hard to reproduce but occurs after playing for 20mins or so seemingly. On pressing end turn, the egg timer shows and just remains there. It is possible to click main menu, save and quit then load to regain control but the same thing will happen on the next end turn. Also happens with rest and heal, sleep also freezes but reload only shows black "sleeping" screen.
Sorry for being vague, but it seems like it is something that needs figuring out.

Occurs in both Firefox 11.0 and Internet Explorer 9, anyone else get this?

Seems to happen only at night or dusk, so i'm guessing its light level related

I just checked the AI code, and I found one bug which would cause behavior like what you're describing. I can't be certain it's the same bug you're encountering, but it seems likely. I'm uploading a new build now (0.932b) which should help. Give it a shot, and let me know if it makes a difference.

If you still have an old save game, it should work with the new build, and hopefully resolve itself.

The bug was that AI near the edge of the map would try checking all adjacent hexes, but some adjacent hexes wouldn't exist at the edge of the map, causing the AI loop to crash between player turns.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the quick solution. Couldn't find save data, but i think that's because i'd froze to death while standing still repeatedly hitting spacebar trying to recreate the problem :)

Started a new game and all seems fine. I'll update if I run into problems, but i think that's solved it.

Thanks again.

This started happening to me recently as well, while playing 0.932b, so I don't think that was it. I started playing my game with 0.931b, but when I saw this thread, I refreshed the game to 0.932b. I wasn't having the issue at the time, but I figured better safe than sorry.

I'd been playing a fair while with no issue, and it started hanging on "End Turn" recently. Can't quite think of why that might be, as it was a fairly sudden change. The only recent event in-game that stands out is that I finally acquired a multitool (I went a -long- time without finding one). I'm fairly certain this happened around the time I started having issues; this stands out for me as I was excited to get back to my camp so that I could finally attach the scope and sling to my rifle, and this is when the problem first surfaced.

Maybe the fact that I started the game with 0.931b could be to blame? Though I only started having problems with 0.932b, and a while after I "upgraded". It's also worth nothing that my camp is one tile south-east of the Junk Market, so I've spent quite a while on the edge of the map without issue. I rarely see anyone, though, as I'm very careful when I scavenge (Hiding + Night Vision Goggles whenever possible).

I've encountered this several times. It appears as if even though the screen is dark, you can still click certain things (I was able to access the main menu as well as change weapons I think).

My game at work did this before I left Friday and I haven't started a new one yet. I just remoted in after reading you may have a fix and my game loaded the exact same way, so I'm not sure if it helped unless I need to start a new game for it to take effect.

I think it happens when I sleep after using the nanobot. My message box says:

Game Started.
Wounds have fully mended.
Player's wounds are mending.

if that helps.


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And now it doesn't want to load at all anymore...

Back to the "black screen on load" problem.

I had just gotten the silver urn from the house by Hidden Lake and saw a looter when I came out, so I shot him. Main Menu -> Save & Quit (since attacking ends your turn), and trying to load brings me to the black screen.

I've put aside the save file, let me know if I should upload it.

Seems I spoke too soon, loaded my game up today (started fresh from 0.932b) and got a constant egg timer within a few turns. Quitting, reloading regains control but only until the next end turn again.

Edit: Next game, all good so far. Got to glow, got the urn, back to glow and off again.
One difference is the skills i took, strong, tough, metabolism, athletic, eagle eye, insomniac.
Previous games (that bugged) i think were strong, tough, medic, tracking.
May just be random luck of course.

I'm still thinking it's an AI problem that I haven't found yet, since the game will take control while creatures each take their turns. If something broke in there, it would never return control to the player. That *seems* like the obvious place to look, anyway.

@Elegant Caveman - sure, upload or email me that save file, and I'll take a look. Even if it's not the same bug, it's worth fixing!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'll start a new game and report back if it happens again.

Dan, just sent you an email titled "Neo Scavenger Save Game; End Turn/Black Screen Bug".

Anybody know a decent place to easily upload files to? I used mediafire before, but now they require an account. Though guess I should maybe make one...

For the record:

Previous games (that bugged) i think were strong, tough, medic, tracking.

Only one there which I also had was Medic. I had Medic, Hiding, Athletic, Trapping, Lockpicking, Botany, Insomniac and Fragile (85% sure on Fragile... but it might have been Feeble instead...).

Thanks for the details, and for emailing me that savegame. I think it really helped track down those bugs.

If you still have the savegame handy, the latest build 0.933b should fix some of the black screen and end-turn-freezing bugs. Let me know if it works, and thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It works! Thank you!

Returned "home" without trouble, gave the urn to Hatter and got some well-deserved rest in my luxurious camp. ;)

Glad the save helped find the bugs, and glad I can continue my game.

I'd started a new one in the meantime: for what it's worth, just got to The Glow, didn't encounter any bugs with that one.

Excellent! Thanks, Dan! I remoted into work again and my game there worked just fine :) Looks like I won't be starting from scratch on Monday :D

'Trust - the primary ingredient in any relationship.' ~CJ