Wildland Wanderers RP [Roleplay]

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Wildland Wanderers RP [Roleplay]

The hustle of bodies flowing through the main square at the ATN Enclave was a like a tide of flesh, ebbing and flowing as hundreds people hurried about their various tasks. The smell of roasting meat and vegetables, and berries and other fruits, both fresh and cooked waft through the air. The rhythmic clicking, clanging, clacking, crunching, cracking, thumping snapping and swishing of the various crafts being practiced in the area echoing above the murmur of the crowd. A small knot of people stand near the southern gate.

Redwood Littletree stands by the gate, talking to one of the ATN Elders, the veteran scavenger thumbing his belt as he listens to the old woman standing before him, nodding at appropriate times as he listens. The old man looking around slowly as he waits.

The scene of a younger yet aged by the extreme dangers of the world outside the enclave being escorted in catches your eye. The blindfolds and bindings are removed and I instinctively start checking out my environment, my eyes pacing left and right. Glancing the little things that could be taken advantage of if this place isn't what it seems. Of course, I'm only so cautious because this is my first time being in the ATN Enclave. "So...What now, if I may ask?" They signal me to a English speaking greeter/tour guide. "Welcome, if you'd follow me?" I look over at Redwood Littletree as I pass him, he notices but decides not to act on it. I disappear into the crowd soon after.
"So what will I be doing to contribute?" I ask, somewhat fearful of getting a horrible job. She grins slightly and answers "It's either being an apprencite to one of more wear and tear members, digging up wells, or you'll start medical training soon" I sigh under my breath "Sounds fun" sarcastic tone noted in voice.

Sitting by the old rotting gate, weathered from years of use,Rogar continues his over watch over the ATN entrance preparing the alarm for any aggressive people.Readying a crowbar with its paint scratched off and peeling away much alike a rotting fruit but grey metal and far superior of a rotting fruit.From behind he could hear a few of the higher ranking ATN 'oldies' although what they were saying was mostly inaudible through the background noise of the bustling people within the walls of thick timber.

Gruffly Simon is shoved, by his “escort”, through the crowds of traders and locals meandering about until a strong squeeze on Simon’s shoulder tells him to stop. Looking up from his feet Simon sees his escort pointing. Lazily Simon’s gaze follows the warrior’s arm toward the gate and sees the grizzled veteran Redwood. Cautiously Simon looks back at the Warrior only to be met with a stern, emotionless gaze staring back at him. With a quiet sigh Simon heads toward the gate, certain that his “escort” is still watching.

"Mom, I'll be fine!" I say tiredly as my mother adjusts my backpack straps. "Well, you better look nice when you meet your mentor, David, and I'm trying to make sure you do." I give an exasperated sigh and nod, hiding the guilty look in my eyes as I know that I will never choose David as my mentor, because he is a carbon copy of my parent's technology hating views. Gently taking my mother's hands in my own I look into her eyes "Mom, I'm fine," before I quickly kiss her on the cheek and shake my father's hand and leave through the doorway. I ask a guard, who is also a friend of mine, where Redwood Littletree is and after as short conversation with him, I am headed towards him. "Excuse me sir, are you Redwood Littletree?" as I extend my hand that isn't holding my war club. "I'm bruiser and I'd like you to be my mentor, if you'll have me."

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

Ill guess this thread died...

According to Aiden he plans to resurrect it when he has more time, but I have my doubts.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.