More basic human slots

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More basic human slots

I understand the concept of increasing the trait space from 6x2 to 6x8, but I don't understand how the game places the basic human trait in its respective 4 trait slots.

To me I would use "vUseSlots", then have "vEquipSlots" numbers in the vUseSlots section. That just makes sense, but looking at the basic human code, it doesn't use that.

In short I just want to add more basic human traits from 4 free trait slots to 10 free trait slots when I start the game using the basic human trait.

the starting screen with the skills are hard-coded, you can only mod in additional traits and skills afterwards


Ah that would explain my dilemma... Well hell then. This just got harder.

you can check out the script in my makeshifter mod, there's also a neogame_test.xml in it, where you can cheat skills in at the cryo lab with skill books :)

Edit: Also, this might be more useful, <-- my old skills mod

if you just interested in skills