Troubleshooting bugs: for modders

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Troubleshooting bugs: for modders

Hey guys :D

Well I just thought I'd share some bugs I've come across while modding and a clues on how to solve them

Also! feel free to share your own bug troubleshooting tips & tricks :D

1. The most common bug


This is the most commonly made bug, and the easiest to solve but frustrating if you don't know about it.

Notice the game stops at "Parsing image list."
This means that you've made an error in your getimages.php file. Either a duplicate number or missing image file, anything related to images.

2. Syntax Error


Notice how the game stops at 0% and Parsing Mod data file...

this means you've got some mixed up code in your neogame.xml, it could be an extra comma where it shouldn't be or even a quote tag that you didn't close or open correctly eg. <! -- instead of <!--

Edit: Also, I just discovered that this can also indicate incorrect syntax in your getimage.php, if not the neogame.xml

3. duplicate ID or conflicting ID entry


This one is slightly trickier, you notice the game stops at "Parsing treasure types".

It gives you a clue that the game is trying to load an itemtype from a treasure table... now you have to go into your treasure tables and try and identify which table it is, find the offending item eg. 104.33x1x1 then you go to it's itemtype according to groupID 104, and subset 33... now you just have to figure out what you've done wrong in that Itemtype... lol

Please note that not all errors are the same and could vary in strange and erratic ways so these tips are not 100% accurate just the errors that I've made and come across myself :)

Happy modding!


Thanks for telling me mine was a syntax error!

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.