Being able to craft firearms?

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Being able to craft firearms?

with the mechanic and ranged skill, you could craft firearms out of
-random parts
-tubes(needs to be added to the game)

and you could improve the accuracy and range of the gun by using better tools, or like upgrading the current parts.
this gives me ideas for new items in the game
trigger assembly (obtained from dissasembling existing guns)
bolt assembly (obtained from dissasembling existing guns)
stock (obtained from dissasembling existing guns or made out of wood)
barrel (obtained from dissasembling existing guns, finding a pipe, making one out of random metal, etc)

what do you think?
if u like the idea at least, tell me ways to improve it

also i would like the character to be able to recycle bullets, refilling the shells with powder, and with random metal found in the floor, make a bullet

I don't think a stock is completely necessary for a gun. That could be a optional ingredient to increase accuracy slightly.
These weapons are kind of like the Pipe Rifles from Fallout 2, right? (Link:


The idea of disassembling existing guns to make new ones is reasonable, but I think it would have limited usefulness. For the sake of realism (which it seems to game is going for to some extent), most parts would not be compatible between different designs of firearm. You can't make a shotgun using a hunting rifle barrel, for instance.

The idea of making a new firearm from a random length of pipe and some spare parts is unrealistic. Guns are complex to the point that removing or modifying even a single component of an otherwise functional firearm can prevent it from working. Even assuming you were to make a "zip gun" that has just the basic parts needed to fire a cartridge and direct the bullet, it would need to be reloaded after each shot and only be accurate at short range, which would make it's use extremely limited in this game where ammo is very rare and valuable.

i thought of this as another use of the mechanical skill, where you can fix guns with parts found in other guns and different places, or make one your own, a home made shotgun will not be better that a factory made shotgun, but it's easier to find, and make, i thought the design of the gun may vary according to the materials you use, like you can make a simple zip gun, or find the parts and tools needed to make a double barreled shotgun like this one or this other shotgun

Needing a gun is usually the least of my worries in the game. Firearms are not nearly as uncommon as working munitions.

The process for making black powder is actually rather simple. Most of the ingredients can be found in your neighborhood pharmacy or produced by hand.

A mock recipe set, for example, would be-
x1 Wood
x1 Heat Resistant Container w/ Lid
x1 Heat Source
Produces: Charcoal

(Use 3.0 points roughly)
x1 Charcoal
x1 Sulfur (From Pharmacy, Hospital, or just some medicine cabinets)
x1 Water
x1 Fertilizer (common in gardening, frequently 30-50% Potassium Nitrate)
x1 Heat Source
x1 Heat Resistant Container
Produces: Black Powder

If you wanted it to be more complicated, you could require the individual extraction of Potassium Nitrate from the fertilizer, though in the above, it was just simplified into a single step.
Charcoal I separated out, since it can actually be beneficial on its own. Say, you attach a string to a can, you can light charcoal, put it in said can, and seal it up. Portable flame without the lighter.

As for the firearm. I would say, black powder + Pebbles, or black powder + Rock as an effective ranged attack.
1x Large piece of wood
1x Pipe
1x Multitool
4x Medium String
1x Lighter (as an ignition source)
Don't have it fall apart at 0% durability, but have it become inoperable, and the durability be primarily based on the lighter, and factor in everything else secondarily.