Table Headings and Xml Reference Files

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Table Headings and Xml Reference Files

For any would be modders who, like me, have a head that would explode if faced with an information overload, i compiled this helpful little collection of seperated .xml files.

Note: These do not work seperated, they are just for reference purposes.

After spending a fair while seperating out the file for myself, I thought I would share it with others who may appreciate it!

So, After opening the xml file to discover it was somewhere in the region of 100,000 lines of code, I decided that before I even attempt to have a go at modding it, I would need to do some organising to allow my poor head to cope with things!

Here is a list of the Table Headings to allow for easy quick searching for New Modders:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Table attackmodes
Table barterhexes
Table battlemoves
Table camptypes
Table chargeprofiles
Table conditions
Table containertypes
Table creatures
Table datafiles
Table encounters
Table encountertriggers
Table ingredients
Table itemprops
Table itemtypes
Table maps
Table recipes
Table treasuretable

Here is the Collection of seperated Xml Files:
The Table list is also included in a text file in the Download.

This also contains the Work by EmperorZA from the Makeshift mod, as I forgot to remove his stuff!

(But I think it gives a good expample of added content to almost every section, so.... let's pretend I meant to do it....)

Oh man I so needed this. Like I had to keep using find to grab something for reference over and over.

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"

I know, I haven't tried modding anything yet, but just looking at the file length.... it takes me MINUTES just to scroll down to the bottom of the file....

and the ID numbers... I can see those are going to suck.... :D

My second job is to compile all of the current modding information into a handy xml sheet.

Also Post up if you think any of the files need 'ungrouping'

I've kinda gotten used to using the find function lol but as my mod gets bigger the more I want to do a total overhaul of the whole thing. There's a format that Dan uses to keep everything in order especially with itemtypes that I've neglected a bit, some of my stuff is in the wrong groupIDs, and other new things I've added actually should have their own groupIDs all together to help find things easier.

On the other hand, I'm also waiting for the new modding support features that are gonna be incorporated before I get into the whole overhaul thing.


Yeah you have been building up your mod for a while, this was really to give new people a chance to digest information in a slightly more 'managable' way :D

Also I just switched from your makeshifter mod to your merger mod, before realising merger is out of date :D


haha, yeah I've been neglecting the modmerge mod :S last time I updated it, it was a nightmare with all the bugs and things I made from adding everything together... that's probably only gonna get a new update after the new mod support features

Edit: Also, I know how people feel about it, I also can't wait to play with all the new content in the mods at the moment :o


Yeah I can imagine all the number ID changing across such a huge file must be absolutely mind boggling....