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Problem with skills

I've encountered a problem with the traits. Nightvision is selectable as a skill but if selected it then disappears and an invisible unmoveable skill takes it's place on your list of selected skills. I also cannot restart a new game because all I have is the option to resume or save and quit.

Hey Seanbeag,

That sounds pretty strange. I'll look into the Nightvision thing today. In the meantime, does refreshing the browser help? That should reset the game, allowing you to start again. Alternatively, save+quit should get you back to the title screen (though it'll create a bogus save file, since you haven't started on the map yet).

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'd like to note that it's not completely unmoveable: you can't select it directly (as you would to cancel another skill choice), but if you pick another skill and place it over the invisible Night Vision, you'll notice the new skill takes its place properly and Night Vision is back in your "hand", which allows you to put it back on the skill grid.

It sounds like the build may be cached on your machine, as Night Vision shouldn't be visible in the latest build.

I've uploaded a new build just now, where the version is set to 0.931b, but is otherwise identical to last night's build. Can you see try it again, and let me know if it's still happening with the v0.931b build? If you're still seeing 0.930b, it's probably a cached version of the old build, and that's the likely culprit to the load issues.


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

That was the problem, yes. Thank you.

For anyone else with this issue, refreshing the game with F5 seemed to do the trick. A slightly more detailed look at the problem can be found in the Unable to load game thread.