Encounter Review

I finished reviewing Harald's encounter spec today, and I think we've got a winner. It's a good-sized encounter, with some meaty things to explore, and some interesting twists. I'm excited to share it!

Once I'm back in the office next week, I'll probably start transcribing it into the game system. In the process, I may do some tweaking to make the nodes connect, and I may discover some gaps that need filling in. However, I think what Harald has created is pretty much the complexity and depth of current encounters in-game, so I'm hoping you guys enjoy it!

I also have my bug list to resume work on, so I'll be trying to get the highest priority ones some attention in between encounter work. And, while I'm at it, I'd like to investigate whether I can make mods merge more gracefully with new builds and each other. If I can figure out a system for that without too much of a delay, I'll try to roll that into 0.988b, too.

Hopefully, we can have a new build, with the new encounter, fixes, and mod-merging in a couple weeks!

That's all for this week, so I hope everyone has a good weekend. It's looking like I may be back Monday instead of Tuesday, but Tuesday will be the latest. See you then!