New Encounter Review, Mobile Dev Day 1

Yesterday was mostly spent on the road, so there's little to report there (except that it's still snowing in the Rockies). And there were a few errands to run this morning.

However, once those were out of the way, it was back to work. Sort of a shifted work schedule today, though.

One of the first things I did was to check out Harald's work. Harald submitted his draft of the new encounter, and so far, it's looking pretty cool! In fact, it may be one of the larger ones in-game, based on node count. I can see a few places that I want to make edits, but I think it's going to be another solid addition to the story. Looking forward to hooking it up!

Unfortunately, hooking it up is not yet an option on the mobile game studio. I managed to get some dev tools installed today, and was able to do a little bit of work. However, the encounter editor is still a long way from running on the laptop, since it's not yet loaded with mySQL, Apache, and PHP.

Furthermore, Linux continues to be elusive in the bootloader. It's starting to look like I may need to erase the old Linux partition, and reinstall. I want to make sure that there isn't anything I've missed before doing that, though. I don't necessarily have a lot installed on the current Linux partition, but it'd be nice not to have to lose it.

I've still got a couple more hours of work left today (started late due to the errands), and I'm hoping I have time tomorrow, too. Have a good night, all, and see you tomorrow!