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Sleeping bags

The new sleeping bags are a great addition, but I think they could use a bit more mobility. Filling up more than half of a backpack may be a little extreme. Anyone who has used a sleeping bag can tell you that they roll up tightly just fine, and as many backpackers would recommend, they fit nicely on top of your pack rather than in it. Since they weigh very little I don't understand why they should take up so much space. I think there should be a way to move sleeping bags around without having to empty your backpack.

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I have to agree with this post. I believe the sleeping bags are so large because they are intended to be placed in a camp and not carried around, but in my latest game I'm playing an explorer nomad who only has one permanent camp near the Glow but his ultimate aim is to explore the entire map so he spends almost no time at his camp.

TL;DR My sleeping bag moves around with me. Please help me move it around.

Sleeping bag + String = Rolled up sleeping bag.

Rolled up sleeping bag (alone in the crafting window) = Sleeping bag + String.

Great idea

That's a good point. I was thinking of having multiple sleeping bags in the game, of varying qualities.

The current one is the sort of Wal Mart budget sack. The kind that is comfy, but really bulky and not waterproof. E.g. is has the flannel interior, is filled with polyester, and would fill a backpack.

Other options could include a "mummy sack" style, which would pack smaller but offer most of the same benefits as the current one. Maybe even waterproof for slight shelter bonuses?

And one "bed roll" style, which could offer less warmth and comfort, no shelter, and smaller packing size.

Attaching it to the outside of the backpack is logical, I just don't know if I have a good system for allowing that without making the external storage space open to all items.

Would the smaller sacks above be good enough? Do you think the "Wal Mart special" really would get smaller than it's current size if tied with string? I'm open to ideas!

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Poly fill could be compressed to some degree, I think, although it's not to the degree of something that was made to be compressed.

Personally, I thought the default one was down-filled, which are notorious for being difficult to stuff, but heavenly to sleep in. A good quality mummy can pack well, although there are limitations (zero degree bags will always be heavy and harder to stuff no matter what).

"inventing" a mummy or similar bag into a bivy might be what you're thinking of as a shelter setup. It's not as good as an actual bivy, I'm sure, but it'll provide some similar benefit in a pinch.

To go further on the bedroll concept, having one made out of the hides of animals wouldn't be a bad idea.

Finally, I am also aware that there are jackets that double as sleeping bags. These have their own limitations, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Could you maybe make a "hand" that only accepts sleeping bags to your backpack? Maybe in the same way only slinged guns can occupy the space on your back?

I think a solution to transporting sleeping bags could be having a space dedicated to storing only sleeping bags. It would also be nice if they could be rolled up for easier storage.

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I think another idea would be having a backpack that had a dedicated slot, similar to holding an item in your hand. Since some backpacks come with straps meant for tying a sleeping bag or some other bulky item.

Another would be using crafting recipe such as a rifle sling along with some string and twine to make a sleeping bag that you can store on your 2nd back slot like the rifle.

another idea is that you could use a hammock:
it would serve little protection(unless it has flaps to go over body)
have a little warmth
it could fold up for easy storage
and can have it's own storage slot in camp(2x4)

player can make a hammock by:
branches x3 + string/twine x6 = make-shift hammock


I wouldn't mind seeing a swag. We have them here for camping in Australia, but they are mainly designed to keep mosquitos and other things away. They are kind of like a slightly-larger-than-a-person tent. Heres a picture if I might have you a little confused (I'm pretty bad at explaining stuff like this).


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awesome,kind of reminds me of camping.

if that gets added NS would only need a big bush craft knife