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[Mod] Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom (archive version, defunct)

Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom <--M(m)MoD-->



As promised yesterday, I've finished adding items that were already work-in-progress, and made some small gameplay changes.

New Clothes:
- dirty grey suit jacket

New Misc. Items:
- 3.5" speaker
- working motion sensor
- motion-activated noise trap

Gameplay Changes:
- Electrician scavenging
- AA batteries don't stack
- scavenging now makes you tired (physical work costs energy? no way!)

Jacket is a mid-ground chest clothing - warmer than t-shirts but less protective than hoodie/sports jacket. It also has only 2x2 pocket and degrades way faster than other clothing - it is a suit after all, not meant for night-time panicked running in the woods. And as always, new jacket showing up, means less chance to find better clothes.

Motion-activated noise trap is a new contraption, available to all the Electricians around the world.

Electrician skill
Philip's Head Screwdriver
2x medium parts
4x small parts
1x speaker
1x motion sensor

The trap is much more efficient way of protecting player's camp (it has bigger alertness effect than standard "can-on-a-string"). What's more, it lasts way longer than the old wire trap and when turned off, it barely even degrades at all. It needs to be charged with 2 charges per hour (only when turned on) and can be powered by any 1x1 battery (military, AA or from a cellphone).

Both speaker and sensor are simply parts, with no uses of their own (other than selling). Speaker can rarely be found while scavenging or at the market. Sensor cannot.

Those skilled in Electrician trade, can now scavenge Office Towers, Ruined Office Buildings and Ransacked Minimarts in order to retrieve some still-working parts from abandoned office equipment. This action does not affect any standard scavenging stats, but brings a passive chance of finding additional items (for now: small and medium parts, speakers, sensors and laptop batteries).

And finally, the scavenging fatigue - from now on, every scavenging attempt will make the character loose a small amount of "Sleep/Energy". Cause, you know, working makes you tired. It will also make the character a tiny bit warmer - nothing life-saving, but I felt it needs to be there. The big game-effect comes from scavenging with Strong/Crowbar - those two will add 4x more tiredness on top of the basic rate (as well as some more heat). Pumping with full force for an hour or two can get character actually exhausted, so watch out and do not overwork yourself, out there in the ruins ;D It can also, theoretically, mean a possibility of a heat-stroke when working non-stop on the very hot days, in too thick clothes.

And AA batteries don't stack anymore, cause I didn't liked that. Instead, the military-grade ones have twice as much space for charges inside (2x1).

Added/changed in previous Versions:

Spoiler: Highlight to view


New Clothing:
- Grayling Dragoons football jacket
- black-red hoodie
- Black Hole Sun t-shirt
- Neo Cannibal t-shirt
- Grey Jeans
- Sneakers

New Containers:
- "Morningstar" school backpack
- Worn-out leather suitcase (also works as a weapon)

New Drugs:
- Propranolol (prescription beta-blocker heart pills) + bottle (causes bradycardia)
- Esomeprazole (indigestion and heartburn pills) + bottle (are minty)
- Sertraline (prescription antidepressant) + bottle (are sedatives and cause dizziness)

New Food:
- "Golden Ribbon" baked beans in tomato sauce + can
- Milk Powder + can
- Milk
- Meat Preserve + can (some cause Gastroenteritis)
- Handful of Maggots (some cause Gastroenteritis)
- Boiled Soup

New weapons:
- Rusty Metal Pipe
- Hatchet

New Misc. Items:
- bunch of metal wires and scraps
- improvised rat trap
- dead rat
- plastic pill bottle with missing label
- "Red Horizon" vodka bottle (not findable right now, for later additions)
- Metal Locker (fixed container at the Exam Room in Cryo Facility - contains starting goodies)

New Recipes:
- improvised rat trap (10x small parts + 10x medium parts + Mechanic skill + screwdriver)
- milk from milk powder (powder + water + fire + pot/bottle/can)
- boiled soup (condensed soup + water + fire + pot/bottle/can)

New Conditions:
- Mild bradycardia (from drugs)
- Dizzy (from drugs)
- Frenzied (NPCs only)
- Wild Beast (monsters only)

New encounter location:
Norton Shores Refugee Camp - 20 "nodes" big encounter location, with all the goodies (including new in-encounter death sequence).

New Scavenging Locations
- Half-Sunken Building (on the Black Swamp only)
- Ransacked Mini-Mart (only on urban hexes)

Additional Scavenging Accidents
- Fall into water (only in half-sunken buildings, causes bruising and vomiting)
- Crumbling Wall (in ruins, causes bruising and concussion)

Gameplay changes:
- degrading lockpicks/rat trap do not always leave full amount of its parts
- drug pills do not show medicine names if not identified

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wow awesome sprites!


Can you add more canned food and a hoodie? Please?

Working on something a bit different right now, but I think I can find enough time to squeeze the baked beans in :D And by hoodie, you mean what exactly? The dim-red one?

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Like the olive green hoodie already in the game maybe you could put a symbol on it

New version is here!
Download link and details in the first post!

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I do like the new recolors of wearables, they look decent and add much needed variation. The weapons certainly are also kind of traditional (and something mentioned on the tracker :P).

I am not sure about the traits and the sudden deaths. Regarding former, I am not sure if Blue Frogs would have to be really crazy in particular - why not to add this trait as a rare thing for any intended-as-the-enemy NPC? Wild Beast thing I am not fond in general - maybe it's me who simply misunderstood the trait's label, but I don't see how it being a wild beast would make a creature stronger or brave - in fact, many would be more cowardly.

The sudden death sequences may be somewhat against the whole notion of 'dying for your own faults', but I am yet to check them out so my opinion here is not conclusive.

Still, while I need far more time to really check out the mod, it seems interesting and it's certainly nice that you try to get us new events, not just another mod with pile of equipment, so props there.

The "sudden death sequences" might be a little unfortunate wording - what I meant was an in-encounter death sequence (similar to Sabre-toothed tiger attack or entity at the Seven Gables Road) as opposed to the on-map deaths (sickness, combat, ets.).

About the traits - with "Wild Beast" I want to test if it is possible to make supernatural creatures a little more "super", as in, strong and scary.

And similarly, with "Frenzied" I hoped to make Frogs a little more unique compared to the Muthas, as right now the two groups only differ in names and the fact that Frogs have slightly higher chance to be Tough. With traits unique to each group, I feel they can be made to also feel different in battle - Frogs, the religious fanatics, attacking with more fervour (bonuses to Morale and Damage), while Muthas, cannibalistic survivors, fighting with more reserve and trying to outlast the enemy instead (bonus to Pain Resistance and Defense). Don't know if that will have any noticeable effect though...

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hehe that location/quest is pretty cool!


Thanks mate, glad you liked it :D

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New version available.

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Thanks for the baked beans and the hoodie, also what is the instant death encounter in the refugee camp i went there and i didn't really find any kind of encounter that requires skills.

The death chance in the encounter is not really skill-dependant. Spoiler warning I guess...

Spoiler: Highlight to view
After you search around the parking lot in front of the school, you will have an option to check the main camp site, but it will turn out to be too overgrown. If you have a long/big enough blade (hatchet or a cleaver), you can try to cut your way through and look for loot. If you go too deep, you will get trapped and die.

The two skills that are useful there (for now) are Medic and Botany. Using each in the right place will give some more insight on what has happened there.

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thanks also do you know how to make factions because i have an idea for the refugee camp

For now, there is no way to add any new spawning locations, as they are hard-codded into the game. Dan said he will do something about that, but we'll have to wait.

May I ask what kind of faction you have in mind?

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mmm I think there is a way around this... ;D edit the beginning encounter with the dogman, and the ptTeleport value :D


Maybe insane refugees from the camp(of doom *woogeewoo*) and they use house-hold tools and work tools like hammers,kitchen knives,pick axes and stuffs like that and they have a unique set of clothing it's a set of a jacket, under shirt, trousers,and a pair of athletic shoes there's called "standard issue X" (e.g. Standard issue jacket) they'll have the tough trait

Initially I considered something like that, but taking the time-frame of the game into the account, it does not make much sense.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
We know that Philip, back then a internet blogger, visited Michelle's father, the shaman of Anishinabe people, looking for someone to make his talisman for him, around 50 years ago and that was before bad things happened to the world. He must have went into sleep soon afterwards, because he failed to deal with Merga, but the wraith did not managed to kill him as well. (Also, Cale's father was a contemporary of Philip's, and now he is dead and his son is around his mid-twenties).

Even assuming that there was ten more years of relative peace and calm, after Philip went into the cryo sleep, that would still make the Refugee Camp abandoned for 30-40 years. So most of it's original inhabitants would be dead already, either from deadly spores inside them (killing infected people after 2-6 weeks) or simply age. The children and grandchildren of few survivors would have time enough to "naturalize" and join local gangs or simply move away from the field of deadly plants all-together.

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Oh...well...umm when it is possible to add factions to Neo scavenger can you do something similar?

I will try to add a new group, when it will be possible. Just don't know what kind of faction that will be yet ;D

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Maybe Russian on bears with vodka and balalaikas? (sorry stupid joke)

awesome update :) unidentified pills are a very nice addition!


add your food to c-store please

where to find the hatchet?


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

It is a part of a generic random weapons list so you can find it wherever you can find a random weapon - houses, ruins, both shops and in hands of both Muthas and Frogs. The chance is low, but sooner or later you will find one.

There is one place in the new encounter, where you can be sure to find several tools, hatchet included.

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ahh, i see. was just wondering because i havent found 1 yet lol must be rare


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

I want you to make the the mod EVEN HARDER :P(Like blindness trait. Metabolism makes you EVEN HUNGRY.). BTW you can make a new faction related to Grayling.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Making the game harder is the part of the plan for this mod. Not sure if I want to mess with the traits, they seem fine for me. I do plan to make the game "hard by variety" - will add more items that will be worse versions of existing ones to make sure it is much harder to get "optimal gear" too fast.

About the new faction - not really doable, not until Dan "frees" the spawning locations from the code. Also, since we know he is working on a new location (that most likely is Camp Grayling) right now, I don't want to invade his territory with adding anything related to the main story-line anyway. Have few other plans though...

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I knew it! Haha no Grayling faction :P. Anyway your next update should include less parrying chances with NPCs. Because the parrying option during fights REALLY makes it TOOO easy. Anyway the game works fine with the mod but why is the typing/programming in notepad (when I checked it) messed up? I'm not able to change some stuff cause that.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

It is a bit complicated, but the weird formatting has to do with the way that the text editor breaks the line (how it marks where the Enter was used). I had to change the formatting in order for the new encounters to show correctly in the game.

Anyway, try using Notepad++ instead, it is much better suited for that kind of editing, and can show the text in the correct way, regardles of the end of the line format.

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I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

New location can be scavenged unlimited times entering grass give you another stuff set etc.

i just noticed that the version in project modmerge is version .2 and not .3 . i have project mod merge already downloaded, but can i just copy your recent .3 version into my neo scavenger folder and it will update? or will it overwrite everything project modmerge.


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

Nope, you cannot just add a new version of some other mod into the ModMerge - you have to wait when/if EmperorZA adds it.

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New update is out (though not too many new things, sorry for that).

EDIT: Even newer update - this time with crafting!

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what do you plan on doing when your computer starts working? its ok if you want it to be a surprise

It wouldn't be that big of surprise anyway :D
Right now I am reluctant to do anything big/time consuming anyway as we all wait for Dan to release the new update - it will probably mean some serious re-writing for all the mods, in order to make them fit into the new format.

Anyway, I have few things partially done and will try to finish adding them soon. One that I have already idea/graphics for is a suit jacket (will be poorly warming and fast degrading hoodie-slot item, that will make actuall hoodies half as common). Another one is a "movement-activated noise trap" (craftable, battery-powered, better version of noise trap for Electricians) and its components (speaker and motion sensor). Now I only have to actually put them into the game ;)

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i have two ideas that you could add when the update comes out: A winter jacket and maybe a kind of stew with the meat preserve and the creamy crumb soup maybe its title whould be "meaty crumb" scavenger stew

Right now if you have dogman skin or patchwork hide you are practically immune to weather, maybe some nerf to those iteams ?
Or maybe just harsher weather.

@Wilson - I plan to eventually incorporate (modified) Chiko's "Mulligan Stew" (a.k.a. hobo stew or "throw anything edible that you have together into the pot and boil for 20 minutes" stew). It is just not a top prioroty.

And I have plans for winter jacked (the red one, like the old "bandit" NPCs used to wear), I am not entirely confident I can draw it right yet (I am learning pixel-art as I go here).

@Perteks - Oh I will drop a hammer on those items (and few others, like the "shoelace+glass shard+random stick" spears) be sure of that :D I just want to wait with any actuall data overwriting until Dan finishes the modding update. Otherwise it will be a bitch to port later on.

And the weather itself, Dan modeled it pretty acuratelly compared to the real thing - Michigan in mid-September is simply not a penal colony in Siberia ;D But it does get colder as you play longer (there is even snowfall instead of rain, if it gets cold enough).

EDIT: Bump for update :D

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Yea I get snowfall but its so late in game that I have full DMC stuff already and weather is practically non existant factor in that time, DMC armor should be nerfed to in that way. Especially that DMC have brand new stuff what is little ridiculous

I may be giving alot of suggestions but you should add an ice pick/mountain pick/pick thingamajig

This is a great mod, but I really don't like the addition of the suit jacket. I think that it shouldn't be anywhere near as common as it is right now. I also think that if you had the "full suit" (which would be a shirt, jacket, pants, shoes, and possibly gloves) it could give you some leverage when talking to npc's. Or could be used for certain encounter options. For example, maybe the Hatter would "respect" someone in a full suit. See that you have class or something like that. If this were to be added, suits would definitely need to be more rare and used for that purpose. Maybe you could add a windbreaker to replace that middle ground that the suit jacket added.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

My line of thinking, when adding the jacket (and few other new items), was something like that: I wanted to make it harder for player to quickly gather an optimal gear, while not actually nerfing existing items, because I feel that most of them work fine.

I decided to add a type of clothing that can be found in almost every house, but is not meant to be worn while trekking into the woods - business suit. Almost everyone has one (or at least a jacket) and it is not something that people would take with them while evacuating their homes (it's hardly a necessity). As it it pretty useless for survival, most homes might still have one or two hanging in the closet even when most other, more useful, stuff was stolen a long time ago.

Same with other stuff, like boots or bags - trekking backpacks and boots were the things that people took with them while fleeing, or thieves looted on the first sight. Children backpacks, old suitcases, sneakers - those are all second-third in line items, so I've added them and made them more common.

That being said, the chances of different upper-torso clothes dropping, when the game calls for a random one, are:
30% brown t-shirt
15% greyling t-shirt
15% black hole sun t-shirt

10% olive hoodie
10% Greyling sports jacket
15% suit jacket

5% patchwork tunic

Should that be changed, taking into consideration that the general chance for each item will drop further, with every new item added?

Do you know if an ice/mountaineering pick is a common thing to have, around those parts? I was thinking about more of standard household/rustic items...

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I don't think it needs to be changed, or at least not right now. I like the item scaling, as right now it's really easy to get fully decked out. Scrounging the lower tier items more commonly makes finding something better(i,e finding a child's backpack to replace your suitcase/plastic bag) feel really good.

If it were possible, maybe you could even take it a step further and see if you could tweak that "bonus loot" chance that Dan mentioned. I don't know why, but I find it to be less fun to loot a single house and pretty much get everything I need in terms of clothing and equipment.

EDIT: Nice addition with the looting tiring you out and heating you up. Another one of those things to keep in mind instead of mindlessly maxing out all your bars. I've died at least once due to over heating xD

i think where i live i find ice picks in sporting goods stores i live in minnesota

That makes a lot of sense, I definitely agree with your logic there. I think that as new items are added, for things like the t-shirt, drop chances should be split among the shirts separately. Such as if there are 5 shirts, and normally a 20% chance to find a shirt, there should be a 4% chance to find each shirt. (Totally pulling random numbers there). I think the same should apply to the jackets, although with your logic in mind, it seems like suit jackets should be a tad more common then they are but usually in a degrading condition. Also, maybe if you had a "full suit" (jacket, shirt, shoes, etc.) you could craft it into an item called a full suit. The only purpose of it would be to sell it in shops, but it seems like even in the apocalypse a full suit would be worth at least 20-50 dollars. This would give the item an additional value that the random scavenger ransacking houses for children's backpack and old suitcases might not take into consideration.

I am that low life scum that hunts down a scavenger, laughs as he tries to surrender, beats him to death with my club, and eats his gummy bears before moving onto the next sucker.

Kraaven will this work with the 'Cheat Mod' you made?

I'd really like to use both.

Not really, no.

Once I finish porting the M(m)MoD to work with the newest version, I will look into making that work as there seems to be at least few folks interested in that, but no promises yet.

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Would "WinMerge" work at all?

Merging both files into one?

I've tried using it to merge 2 mods together but I think I'm doing something wrong because when I click 'Copy all to right' the program freezes.

How do I merge both Neogame files?

I am assuming you are using version 0.987, in other case it won't work at all.

Anyway, you cannot simply merge those two files together because it will add up all the text, making it non-sense form the game's perspective (and I am guessing it does not really hungs up on you, those are a very long files and merging them both together might take some time).

What you would have to do, is to open both files in WinMerge and see where they are different and make sure to edit the relevant parts of the main mod file by adding the parts from the cheat file. But to do that right, you would have to understand how the modding NS works...

To make it easier for you, here is the edited file from the M(m)MoD:
First download, unpack and set up the standard MoD 0.38 and then download this, unpack it and overwrite the "neogame.xml" file from the mod with the one provided. You should be then able to play the mod with starting guard gear.

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