Zom Zom's, Partitions, and OOO

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had some of the warmest days yet, and it was nice to get outside for a bit.

Today, I started work on getting Zom Zom's setup with the same trigger treatment that I mentioned last week. Namely, making it only trigger automatically on the first visit, and requiring the player to use a doorway item to enter afterward. I think I've got this mostly setup for Zom Zom's, and it just needs a bit more testing.

After that, I spent most of my time working on fixing a dev machine. Specifically, I have a dual-boot MacBook that I use to create Mac and Linux builds of NEO Scavenger, and I was trying to make it triple boot Windows as well, so it could be my new machine for mobile dev.

Unfortunately, doing so has messed up the boot loader, so I only see OSX and Windows 7 now. Linux is still on the disk, but I think the MBR and GPT tables are messed up, or at least in the wrong order. I was hoping to have this setup today, as I'm going to be OOO for the next week, and wanted to have a work machine on the road with me.

I'll be doing what I can to get it operational tonight, but it's starting to look like my work on the road will be getting the mobile dev machine working. That's a bummer, of course, but it's also a necessary evil. My old road dev machine is beyond its end-of-life. As a 13-year-old laptop running XP, it can barely load webpages these days, and dev is painfully slow.

I guess in the worst case, I can still do "soft" development tasks while on the road. E.g. writing, design, email, PR, and other administrative work. I was just hoping to get some bugs sorted out.

My travel plans shouldn't affect communication too much. I'll be on the road most of tomorrow, but should still be available Wednesday through Friday. And I'll be returning Monday (the 12th), so will be offline then, too.

I'll do my best to keep up with developments on forums and emails, so if there are any issues, feel free to contact me via the usual methods. Have a good night, all!