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Philip Kindred

We just finished scavenging some run-down storage shed in another crappy town, it was dawn and we set up camp for the night and placed small barricades in common door entrances and noise traps. Lee was taking watch this time, he must of known i ran out of Corn soda.

Lee: "Just relax, i got this! *Raises his rifle pretending to shoot* bang!, the sucker wont know what will hit him!"
Me: "Right, just make sure you bloody don't waste the ammo alright? those bullets aren't cheap y'know!"
Lee; "Alright, now shut up and sleep!"

I sniggered and got comfortable in MY sleeping bag. Lee actually though he was gonna have just because his was "dirty", Suck it. but then it happend, not long in my slumber i woke to a gunshot.

Me: *Shakes and shoots up in the sleeping bag* "Wha!? whats going on?!"
Lee: "Get the fuck up! We got another one!"

I got up as fast as i could and ran to my backpack pulling out my rusty wrench and looked to see Lee reloading his rifle

Lee: *Cocks his rifle* "Another stubborn worm is coming in, hes hiding behind cover *Points out the window to cover behind a partially destroyed wall*
Me: "Bloody hell Lee, did he even notice you?" *Picks up his backpack over his shoulder*
Lee: "Aye he did, gave me the bloody finger whilst raising a stick at me!"
Me: "Then why the fuck haven't you killed him already? hes only human!"
Lee: "Mate, its friggen- *Raises rifle quickly and fires the rifle, The shot echoes loudly* fucking missed!"
Me: "How many bullets you used?"
Lee: "All!" *fiddling with the rifle*
Me: *Grabs his shoulder* "You moron! i knew i shouldn't of trusted you"
Lee: "Shut up!, hes friggen in the building now! get ready! *Puts the rifle over his shoulder and pulling out a multi-tool pocket knife.*

We waited anxiously, the last time we got into a fight i now got a scar up my upper thigh.

?: *Begins kicking the barricade down and enters the room*

He was tall and actually quite clean surprisingly but the strangest part of it was he was wearing some hospital clothes with jeans and shoes as well with some gloves. He was armed with a sharpened stick, I though it was gonna be easy.

Lee: *Charges towards him with the multi-tool ready*
?: *Gets into a defensive stance*
Lee: *Attemps to stab the man.*
?: *Parries the attack and leg trips Lee*
Lee: Agh! *Falls and lands onto his back*
Me: Hey! *Charges towards the man.*
?: *Quickly gets into another stance aiming the spear*
Me: *Raises his monkey wrench preparing to attack*
?: *Stabs me with the spear into the lower stomach*

It was the painful, It was quick but agonizing, i wasn't that tough to handle pain so easily as this, it cut me badly and was bleeding heavily into my shirt.

Me: *Falls backwards onto his arse* "Aaagghh!" *Puts his spare hand over his wound*
Lee: *Gets up whilst the man was distracted and stabs him*
?: Arrghh! *Turns around and headbutts Lee*
Lee: *Stumbles but doesn't fall*

Whilst they were fighting i took the moment to fix myself up.

Lee: You fucking bastard! *Launches a furry of attacks towards the man*
?: *Dodges out of the way and takes the moment to stab Lee with his spear.*
Lee: *Is pierced in the lungs and quickly falls backwards slowly dieing.*
Me: *Gets up*

I couldn't believe it. He killed Lee....

?: *Aims the spear towards me*
Me: Fuck you! Who the fuck you think you are?!
?: Philip Kindred.

I knew if i kept fighting him i would surely die... My best bet was to run and thats easy for me but with this wound i hope it doesn't hold me back.

Me: *Quickly runs out the door shoving Philip into the wall and leaves the building*
Philip: *Runs after me*
Me: *Sprints as fast as he can away from Philip*
Philip: *Throws his spear at me but thankfully misses*
Me: *Out runs Philip.*

I'll never forgot that name, Philip Kindred, i just hope that name is on a tombstone sooner or later or else i will be on a tombstone if he finds me.

This reminds of the time I fought two bad mutha's.....almost exactly like that except one thing....I stripped down naked right before my attack. There's nothing more terrifying than a naked man with a spear chasing after you.

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"

The only thing i can find different from something that happened to me is that it was a bow i was using, and i didn't miss. :3 great story though :D

Last bow wielder alive that i didn't shoot, shot himself in the knee and bled to death.