[REQUEST] Hardcore mod

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[REQUEST] Hardcore mod

I wish I could do it by myself but I'm not sure how half of things work there.

I have that strange thing for absurdal hard games, if anyone can make mod what change:
-loot drop chance for 1/10 of actual,
-doubled speed of degradation,
-boosted dogmans/enfield power and spawn rate( because I practically never can find them),
-boosted power of diseases (sepsis only small boost because its only one what I find quite hard to alive outside of DMC) and probability of diseases,
-boost spawn rate of raiders or other aggresive dangerous humanoid enemy
-make bigger sensitivity to cold (or much colder nights something that what make you not immune to weather if you are full geard)
-any other things what will be dangerous to our hero :D

I know thats is probably a lot but if somebody could make at least first 3 points I will be very grateful.

You can find many dogman on the north side of the map.

Even walking there I never find like dogman once per 10-15 turns and max pack what I found was only 2 dogmans, on north :P

I... ran into a pack of 4 :x
Killed 2 with rocks, and fought off the others with a spear. Felt like a total badass, then I had to figure out how to haul 4 coats back to DMC to sell.
I went through a shit load of rocks trying

Get dog-be-gone and you don't need to carry any food/water and you have good income (fur and meat)
Best item ever ;p

I killed the first Dogman you encounter in the game with 16 pebbles and 2 rocks, also I had all the red traits and none of the the blue abilities. Easy. Also I had the Mini Mod of Doom mod that makes your enemies harder to defeat.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

I requested for the same type of mod :P.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.