Starting with the multitool

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Starting with the multitool

Since night vision is no no longer a selectable trait there doesn't appear to be any way to get the multitool while in the cryo facility. Is there any chance this could be linked to a different trait, maybe mechanic? I know its fairly easy to find one later but when just starting out I find it helps a great deal.


Just started the new build. Choose Eagle Eye as one of your skills and you will be able to find the multi-tool in the first encounter.

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Yeah, I switched the trigger skill to Eagle Eye, as gordonfremen says. Didn't want to rob anyone of their handy multitool! :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm a bit irritated with the absolute need for the multitool with so many recipes/instructions.. I'd understand it for a layman, but if one chooses all the technical skills plus a hacking (which should definitely carry the creative hacking mindset with it), it's annoying that one still needs a specific tool for the crafting tasks etc. One can just as easily use a button, a coin, a cork, whatever as a screwdriver when in need and there's an alternate solution to other tasks as well with just a little bit of creativity/knowledge. You should give more merit to the technical skillsets!

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I must be incredibly lucky or something because I never start out with the multi-tool, but I almost always end up finding one in the wild at some point. It usually comes down to hanging out in a town and scavenging a bit to where I then have a choice of multi-tools with different conditional values. Good things come to those who wait I suppose...if you call hepatitis B good.

Now if I can just get that multi-tool to work on the iSlab and get me some Internets on that badboy, I could at least download and play some Angry Squirrels on there before I become a Dogman hors d'oeuvre.

Oh, yes. There will be Angry Squirrels.

That's one of the down sides to the crafting system I've created: if I don't think of the solution, or I haven't added it yet, then players can't use it. I basically have to write explicit recipes for each case I want to allow. And as you point out, an army of players will always be ahead of me :)

In an ideal system, crafting would be more implicit than explicit. Ingredients like the multitool would have properties like "sharp edge," "sharp point," and "clamp grip." And recipes would require properties instead of specific items. That way, creative players could use any item with the "sharp edge" property in a recipe that requires incisors. And I could just add properties to items that seem logical, letting players get creative.

I haven't done it yet just due to priorities. Players have up-voted plot and resolution as their highest priorities, so I'd like to address those concerns first. But a crafting overhaul is close behind!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I think that system of properties rather than specific items for recipies or crafting sounds like a great idea! It would really open up the game for experimentation, reduce frustration when common sense says an alternative should be useable (one edged item can chop, another can't and no good reason, etc.), reduce your future workload for recipies for all and any variables and allow players to mod and tweak in the future (both for recipe additions and for item additions as players would only need to add those properties and it would work with all current or future recipes instantly). Would also mean recipies would be more interesting in some ways as you could be more flexible. They could either still give the current exact recepe and allow the player to work out substitutions or give the recipe as listing "sharp edge", "heat", etc.

After this put into the game the multitool could be made rarer and single tools with those properties above could exist, therefore making it a prized item for its ability to tick so many boxes in recipies. Likewise for similar likely prized items.

This definitely sounds like a major improvement, and I am very glad it's on the horizon!

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