Camp Grayling?

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Camp Grayling?

Got bored-
Started searching around the various Neo Scavenger files, saw this in the IMG folder.
There an encounter for this yet, or is that still to be added in? Dan, is this a plot encounter, or just a random device?

Put up on the Neo Scavenger wiki.

Wait and see, won't it be sweeter to find out on your own rather than get the answer straight away? :P

I was interested when I saw this post and decided to do a little digging of my own. There are some minor spoilers ahead.

Stay with me here; this kind of starts to sound like a conspiracy theory. The two items the player can receive at Zom Zom's from Mister Stoat may be related to this if it is an umcoming encounter. The item "Black Box with Antennae" is referred to as "95 GHz Detector" in the image files while the item "Small Orange Box" is referred to as "VMADS Transponder" in the image files. VMADS is an abbreviation for Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System, a non-lethal military weapon that uses 95 GHz waves. These could be connected to Camp Grayling, as two newspaper articles mention its ADS border. Furthermore, one newspaper article mentioned the work that Stansted Automated did at the camp; the small orange box has a label that says Stansted Automated.

Does this sound logical or like complete insanity?

Also in the newspapers and or data files is mentioning of several drone warehouses which im pretty sure zom zoms is.(inside action and the the warning tile mentioning "buzzing" before zoms zoms.