Encounter Triggers, Editor Fix, and New Plot Work

Hey Folks!

With the triage done, I started work on the issues in order of priority. First up: encounter triggers.

Many of you have run into cases where encounters will trigger accidentally. In places like Hatter's, Hidden Lake, and Zom Zom's, entering the hex, sleeping, or other actions can cause the encounters to trigger. And often times in rapid succession.

Now that we have a way of launching encounters via using items (like the cryo window), I've started changing certain encounters to use this new method. In most cases, the first hex visit will still trigger an encounter, but subsequent ones require the user to use an item if they want the encounter.

As of today, I've got Hatter and Hidden Lake done. More on that next week.

I also decided to adjust the loot tables so that hardware items were a bit more common. I've seen quite a few complaints that very few iSlabs, phones, and laptops show up. While working specimens should still be rare, I suspect a lot of abandoned and disabled phones and tablets to still be out there.

It also turns out that the new modding stuff broke the encounter editor a bit. The way the game loads images for mods wasn't updated yet in the editor, so I had to fix that to see what I was doing again.

Finally, I received an early draft of the new plot encounter from Harald, and it's still looking good. Can't wait to see more!

Overall, I'd say the day was a bit on the slow side, but I think momentum will pick up in time. Have a good weekend, all, and see you next week!