Triage Done. The Bug Fixening Begins

I was able to finish triaging bugs today. I managed to get the open issue count below 380 briefly. However, I also had a small backlog of new bugs scribbled in my notebook during tests and forum reads, so once I added those, the final tally was 391.

Still, 391 isn't too bad, especially compared to the 500+ we had before. Furthermore, this 391 issues includes items I think are optional, so the real list is probably smaller. I'll be doing some parsing of that subset tomorrow.

With that step done, it's time to start fixing!

I'll probably start with the non-optional bugs, sorted from highest priority to lowest. I'll see what I can get done, and how the pace is going. Then, I can adjust accordingly.

I'll also need to periodically check-in with the forums to see if anything new came up (likely). And while all this is going on, there's plot and audio work to be done.

Quite the mountain still ahead! However, it's nice to be done the tedious bug-sorting process. Making decisions all day can be really draining :)