Modding idea list

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Modding idea list

This post will be a growing list of ideas I want to incorporate into the game or having other do it for me... :P

Expand botany and medic or create a new skill pharmacy

Create new scavenge tile "bush" where berries and shrooms of all kinds can be found:

hallucinogenic shroom
Fast acting poison berry
Antibiotic shroom

Other new items:
Lard made by slow cooking fat
Mortar and Pestle
Ground items-variants
Dried items-variants

Medic craftable items

Powdered hallucinogen-
crushed dried hallucinogenic shroom and paper scrap

Topical antibiotics-
Lard crushed antibiotics small container

Topical anesthetic-
Lard crushed prescriptions pain killers

Lard juniper and ash

Fast acting poison-
Water pulped poison berries and container

I would like some suggestions on the components for this