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Hex Safety question

Is there a way to prevent anyone from attacking you by making a hex completely "safe"?
It would not be only at night, just a hex that prevents any AI from following you inside.

For example, bandit follows me, and I go inside a "safe" hex, he won't be able to come in and hence, will not be able to attack me.


At the moment, the only hexes AI won't enter are either "impassable" ones (e.g. DMC wall, water) or those that have a single-hex encountertrigger (e.g. Hatter, DMC gate).

In theory, if you had an encountertrigger that was location-based with a radius of 0 (single-hex), AI wouldn't enter that hex. See the DMC gate encountertrigger, as that's probably the most reliable example right now.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games