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A few suggestions inspired by playing around in ,987b

All traits should have a minor bonus, like Metabolism does. Also, Metabolism Skill should be altered to be less hindering to player. I find, current, Fast Metabolism is a free bonus that gives me an extra skill, while the Metabolism Skill is a total waste. As long as I have any kind of scavenging or combat ability it is relatively easy to keep myself fed, and rarely do I starve or become dehydrated if I have either Botany or Trapping, and if I have both, I commonly have more food than I need, making it nearly a free bonus to healing if I take Metabolism as a Trait and Botany as the skill taken in that slot. Further, Trapping being one of my top five as well, due to both the food aspect and the vast number of useful abilities it allows, and the number of encounters that it allows you to either bypass, or get a better-than-baseline pass on makes it singularly the most useful skill in the game.

Skills need to be expanded, not necessarily more skills, but instead, more depth and options for the skills already available. All skills need to be expanded, EXCEPT Trapping, you could double the usefulness of the currently second most useful skill [Botany, IMHO] and it would probably just barely match Trapping for sheer usefulness.

Of all the skills, Electrician needs the most enhancement, as it is nearly useless, having only Two times I know of that you can use the skill, and both are very esoteric and not very useful in the long run. I would suggest that Electrician skill allow you to build a basic hand-crank generator from some set of parts or another, allowing for on-the-go generation of Electric Charges. Perhaps a full stack of twenty, but it takes the whole turn, using all of your movement points for that turn. This could be very useful for a number of reasons, and not too unbalancing, and makes it so random scavenging, or a long trip to the DMC are not the only sources of Charges. Further, I would suggest that a player be allowed to make some kind of temporary power tap on any lighted city hex in the game, with the exception of hexes like, Zom-Zom's or other encounter hexes.

The Multi-tool found in the Cryo Facility should be restored to being a 100% or at least 90% or better condition, the current random condition of the multi-tool has led to a massive reduction in the usefulness of Eagle Eye in the early game. That Multi-tool being at 100% was a life saver, and a major contribution if you took both Eagle Eye and Mechanic together.

I do not know if this is a bug, but I would like to state that the RNG for looting buildings needs some MASSIVE rework, I have had 5-10 structures in a row with nearly full green in Safety AND Loot and gotten NOTHING from any of them, all in a row, worse, despite commonly having a fully green safety bar, AT LEAST half of the buildings I search have a collapse or I get an injury.

ANother note, getting a minor injury (busted knuckles/Cut/caught in a narrow passage but escape) SHOULD NOT prevent me from getting loot, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would stop looting just because I scratched my hand on a peice of glass in a broken window, or busted my knuckles opening a container. FURTHER, using the crowbar while scavenging should prevent BOTH busted knuckles (you would be prying the container open with a crowbar, not your bare hands, AND cutting yourself on broken glass in a window, due to the fact you would move the glass out of the window with the crowbar first. I am tired of seeing shit that makes me feel like Phillip is a moron, I want to see more common sense and realistic behavior from our illustrious protagonist. I am seriously getting fed up with seeing shit like this, where I got in, full Safety and Full Loot and come out with absolutely nothing, or worse, getting injured despite a maxed out safety bar. Especially when I have a maxed out Safety bar and wind up getting literally a half dozen minor to moderate injuries from a roof collapse. If I am being cautious [which I assume is what the 'safety' bar represents, why would I get injured no matter what in the roof collapse? Why can Phillip not recognize the weakness of the structure and keep to areas the roof is less likely to collapse onto. FURTHER why does the roof only collapse once Phillip gets there, if these buildings are so run down, why have they not either already collapsed as much as they are able BEFORE Phillip gets there, OR simply NOT collapse while Phillip is there, I mean, how the fuck is Phillip triggering these damned roof collapses, he isn't exactly bashing in walls to find loot, near as I can tell. This needs revision, as does the RNG, which needs to be either more random, or at least less of a douche.

Minimum pill price for unidentified pills should be $5, if basic over the counter pain pills and water purification tablets are $5 each, then even unidentified pills should default to that price. There is no logical reason I would ever sell a random pill I found in a prescription bottle for LESS than I would a non-prescription pill, at best they could expect to have me pay the same, by saying they are just another type of non-prescription pill, not worth much. Further, considering this is a wasteland, and the guys at the junk market are as able to bleed and die as anyone else, regardless of guards, I would think they would be a LITTLE smarter than massively ripping off everyone they can, for the simple reason that they could just as easily wind up with a .45 between the eyes as anyone else. And before anyone says 'but the guards' the guards don't give a hoot about the junk market, not a tinker's dam, not a hill of beans. There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING that logically says that the junkers would think they could simply rip people off with impunity. Sure, a lower price for certain unidentified items, that I can understand, but NEVER less than the value of a similar item with no need for identification.

I think it should be possible to actually kill some of these encounter NPC's, I want to be able to take over Zom-Zom's, or go out in a blaze of glory in the middle of the DMC, blowing away civilians in the city left right and center before being killed or captured, or, depending on the area where I initiate the killing spree, I might even be able to escape with the right skills, allowing me to flee the city and it's so-called justice.

The spawn rate of Dogmen needs to be reduced, drastically. I have found it FAR too common to run into 2-3 dogmen in a group as far south as the Gyges Cryo Facility.

I Just read your post here and found some interesting points in it, but i'd just like to use this do adress your issue with dogmen spawning.

I have no source for this, but as i understood it, dogmen don't just randomly spawn around you, they are pack animals, and sometimes hunt in groups. Somehow they are set to roam the map. It might just be that what you thought were "oh shit, like five of them spawned and surrounded me" is really just a case of a pack from up north having exhausted their hunting options and picked up your scent.

Well that's it really.

All creatures spawn based on an algorithm that includes points such as 'proximity to spawn markers' basically, the closer a hex is to a creature's spawn marker, the more likely the creature will spawn. Number of creatures in the area, more creatures already spawned, fewer new spawns. And other things. The problem here is that the dogmen are not supposed to be numerous in the south, the dogmen spawn marker is in the north, from what I understand, and while creatures can spawn anywhere, having groups of 2-3 dogmen roaming the southern part of the map seems SLIGHTLY out of line with a reasonable rate of spawn, considering they are so far from the areas they are commonly found. Further, having dogmen coming in twos and threes that far south means that starting players get to have a really bad time as they get character after character murdered by dogmen. I had like four in a row that all lasted less than three days, a really poor length of survival for someone who commonly gets 50-100 days or more. And each time, I was killed by a group of 2-3 dogmen. and on none of them did I get farther north than Zom Zom's.