[Mod Request] more useful electrician & mechanic skill

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[Mod Request] more useful electrician & mechanic skill

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to improve the electrician & mechanic skills in the game with a few of these ideas;

-able to use the electrician skill while scavenging in urban environments to find unlicensed power taps outside of the DMC area.

-stun guns and tazers to make more use of power taps; doesn't cause too much harm but increases pain alot with a chance to stun(not sure how the pain mechanic works so this may be impossible)

-booby-trap doors using a power tap and small parts to kill or injure looters in the area

-craft a makeshift battery using; soup can, 2x water(chemical), 4x small parts. mainly useful for storing charge or selling (stores six charge).

-craft a makeshift stun gun using; battery, flashlight, 4x small parts, multitool, 2x rags.

-craft a nail bomb; 3x whiskey, soup can, 10x small parts, 2x cellphone. used as a weapon.

-craft a tripwire using; 2x sticks, 4x medium thread. used for crafting traps.
-craft a gun-trap using; tripwire & a gun.
-craft a nailbomb trap ; tripwire & nailbomb.

-craft a lock; 10 x small parts. increases hiding in an urban environment to keep your stuff safe.

would this be possible?
also I would like to ask if it is possible to add more items to scavenge like, pipes etc.?

I think many of those are do-able, I might try some of those ideas