Please make a pinned topic for dummies how to install mods.

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Please make a pinned topic for dummies how to install mods.

I want to use some modding stuff that is already made, but I dont understand where I need to copy the mod files. I think there are more users like me (not modders) that will need some sort of a guide.

P.S. This topic should be deleted after creation of a user(friendly) modding guide. Thanks!

Since neither the game itself nor the modding are finished, writing any sort of comprehensive guide would be a waste of time really. I am sure many such documentation will be made, once people are sure that the things will stay more or less the same.

As for using mods right now, simply copy and overwrite the files in the folder where the game is installed, with the ones provided by the modders. XML and PHP files go directly where the originals are, while all the graphics go to the "img" sub-folder.

And for now, unless you do some tinkering with those files yourself, you can use only one mod at the time.

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I may just make a sticky with what Kaaven says, as people will probably still ask. Things are still in flux, it's true, so it'll just be placeholder until something more permanent is possible.

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