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About using Tarp as liner for shopping carts. I was gonna implement this but you can actually do this already. Just make enough Tarp Packs and put them in the shopping cart. You will even end up with more storage room for stuff. You can do this with backpacks too.

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Are tarp packs already in normal non modded game or your mod before latest update?

I mod them in the 1.4 update. :3

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yeah I actually do that with the back packs, my next idea I have brewing is actually being able to craft backpacks with a trolley and get mega space, like they are hung on the outside :P

All we need now is to get the magic system working (that fits with the lore right?) and then we can have the Wizards of Tarp Faction!

lol yeah, magic would be awesome. I was thinking about a purchasable psi-implant, lets you perform psychic attacks, like cause fear/panic, paralyze, brain damage! lol

Magic is a whole other avenue of possibility though


Ok i have 3 things that would be awesome but time consuming ( In game ) to make.

#1. Home make ammo using dead bodies and a few herbs found by looting forests/plains, and using the scrap metal you already have implemented. of course these are less effective then military grade ones.

#2. that said what about home made guns, that would make use of the Mechanic skill, like a Pipe-Gun ( Single shoot ). using a metal pipe, medium wood, ether toolbox or multitool, and about 8 small parts. and if you make that you can then with old, crappy guns be able to make a improved version that allows more ammo, longer range, better chance to hit and better durability.

#3. is to be able to make a better Backpack using leather, making it bigger and having the ability to put even rifles/Crowbar long things in it, by making it longer horizontally. and to be able to make Leather Pants Damn it!

this is just an idea, hope you like it and use it.

lol, #4 Rag loincloth!


#5 Jockstraps

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"

It's update tiem! I edited the graphics of the Leather Vest a bit so it doesn't look weird when using a hide coat or similar items. Also, added 3 of the 4 tarp related items into the mod:

Tarp Cloak: It's not as warm as other clothing but it's something. As with the Hoodie, activating the hood will add more warmth but it will make the cloak degrade a bit faster. It needs 2 Tarps, A number of medium string and a cutting tool. It cannot be disassembled back into its components.

Tarp Pack: it's a 5x10 container and it can be used as a backpack. You only need 1 Tarp and a number of medium string to make one.

Tarp Sleeping Bag: It's a 6x6 sleeping bag. It adds the same benefits as the vanilla ones because they cannot stack. So making a new condition for this one would mean you could get "stacked" bonuses. To compensate, this sleeping bag degrades.

You can now be the Tarp Wizard you always wanted to be. :3

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haha its awesome!


I don't think a stacked bonus would be out of the question, there is nothing stopping a person doubling up into 2 sleeping bags

The way the tarp sleeping bag is made (Judging by the image) it might not work with that, but giving the mummy bag a separate condition so that you could sleep in it and one of the others would make sense since mummy bags are designed to fit your body relatively closely, while it would be harder to fit the tarp bag into the standard sleeping bag.

El Psy Congroo


Long time no see! :P

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Home Made Pipe-Bombs!!!!
I know I am going to need a lighter for these Puppy's!!
They would have high damage and are very likely to kill in one shot, and they stack into 3 or 5 on a small space of 1x3 but man are they heavy to clunk around.
ohh well its worth it, i mean last i met a dogman i got him a nice "bone" to play with.
And i got Lunch!!

A lot of ppl seem to like the idea of makeshift weapons.
One-shot pipe guns are really popular in my country and they are really easy to make too. (I made one ages ago but I never fired it.)
I will restrict them to the mechanic skill just to make that skill more useful, though. It will also need the ranged skill.

So to make one you just need:
-Steel Pipe
-Enough wood for a stock/handle. (Maybe like 2 Medium Sticks)
-Small Parts
-Tool Kit

Imma work on that next. I will probably release a rebalancing patch first, though. After playing a bit, there are some things that need some small edits.

Edit: The first issue with Pipe Guns just slapped me across the face. Ammo stacks. This means the only way to make these gun a one-shot-gun is to make new non stackable ammo for them... Sucks.

Edit2: Or make a new attack mode for them. It should require a turn to load the gun and then fire it in the next. Hmm...

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Baseball bat and most blunt weapons in my opinion on OP, I've crippled both legs in the first 2 turns for multiple people.

Yeah. They usually instacripple limbs. I always use the strong and melee skills, though. Does this happen without those skills too?

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I'll have to check if I don't die first lol

really loving the medkit w/strap, makes organising the medical supplies 100x easier

Edit: Found my first tarp cloak wearing Blue Frog lol epic!


Haha, Chiko on the subject of improv weapons do you remember my can opener? That weird curved blade on a stick?

As for the pipe gun maybe make it so it can't fire without the "Loaded" condition and firing it removes the loaded condition. I'm not sure how helpful that advice is given that I'm unfamiliar with modding the particulars of Neo Scav. Also if it hasn't already been mentioned pipe guns should prolly have less range since I assume the barrel isn't rifled.

Maybe instead of pipe rifle for todays ammo why not make musket type rifle, with ball and black powder

Small update. It actually doesn't include new stuff. It's just rebalancing after a while testing the mod.

-You could make shivs, broad spears or splints using backpacks, hoodies and similar big items. This could be abused so I made it so only small flexible items could be used. (Rags, Small string, Small chunk of Pelt, etc.)
-DMC Pistol Holsters are now 2x5 and can carry extra pistol ammo in those extra 2 slots.
-Flour is less common now. This is the 3rd time I decrease its spawn rate. It was still everywhere.
-Tarp degrades now. Tarp is now really useful and being able to use the same Tarp indefinitely with the reverse recipes seemed a bit like an abuse.
-Headrags and Footrags have main map graphics now. I meant to add them ages ago but I kept forgetting to do so.
-Mulligan Stew degrades slower now. Also, cooked and cured meat can be used in the stew too as either main meat or extra cooking ingredient.

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What about these?
1-Steel Tube: This can be used as melee weapon aswell.
2-Crude Handgun: It can fire both pistol and revolver ammo. Max range of 8 and poor chances to hit.
3-Crude Shotgun: This one is made of two separated tubes, meaning it takes less room when stored. Max range of 8.
4-Crude Grenade: This is an explosive device filled with small parts. It will only hit 1 enemy coz I have no idea how to make it an area of effect weapon. Maybe that can't even be made yet. It will cause multiple cut/bruising damage. Will probably have a very limited range, from 6 to 10.

These makeshift weapons are the simplest ones I know of. The shotgun, for instance. There's the tube with the "trigger" which is just a long nail or similar part at the back, and the barrel tube which is where you usually put the shell. To fire it, you just put the tubes together, with the shell in the barrel tube, grab both handles, aim in the general direction you want to fire, and either pull the barrel tube backwards, or pull the trigger tube forward, or pull both handles together. The nail or whatever is acting as hammer at the back hits the shell and there, pellets away.

Also, I probably won't do anything today coz I'm hungover and ppl from another game are asking me to update an old mod now that the game finally got a new update. :P

Edit: Hmm... These guns are very common here in my country but I just remembered this is Michigan. Are there makeshift guns there? If so, then I guess I should change these. :P

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that's REALLY awesome! I think they'd fit in perfectly


Those guns even look like they could be loaded by "crafting" them with a shell, to make Pipe Gun (loaded). That would fix the problem with stacks of ammo.

I don't know about the abundance of the things like that in the US - it seems like something that the people would make when there is a real problem to get any other kind of gun. In US there seems to be so many guns that even years after the production stops, gunsmiths should still be able to make use existing parts to build up makeshift ones, rather than make a new, more dangerous, contraptions.

Where I come from, for example (Poland), it is still way more common to see a more or less working WW2 gun than a pipe gun.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

You are right about that. Getting weapons is really hard here in Chile. Only handguns are allowed to civilians here too. It's why there are so many makeshift weapons in the streets and even in jails. I will shelve the guns for now but I will implement the can grenade.

Also, some unrelated note. This reminds me of the news a while ago. There was a fire in a jail and a lot of inmates died. There was a fight and one of the inmates decided to get his makeshift flamethrower and ended up burning the half the place down. Guess the lack of real weapons can make ppl real creative. xD

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Looks and sounds pretty legit, Chiko. But the sprites seem a little off. Maybe some wear and tear?

You know what would compliment that pipe gun nicely? ammo that you can take apart, and when ammo is used it gives you an empty shell. Certain ammo has more gun powder than other ammo. That way gun ammo is slightly less scarce


Should I add this T-Shirt into the mod? It didn't make it into the contest but I could still add it as part of this mod.
Maybeh it's too lame. xD

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lol its pretty cool still and its a good design, I'd say go for it!


+1 nice tshirt!

Can you add all recipes to first post?

... They are there already.

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Hmm, I thought about graphic version, but ok, let it be.

Since this is the only mod I really play I was wondering if it was possible to add a on-screen counter of how long I've been alive? Basically the same one you get when you die.
I believe having this on screen would motivate me to live a bit longer!
Or is that impossible? I didn't check if this mod already exists.

Thanks in advance!

When a mosquito lands on your testicle, you realize that violence may not always be the best solution.

Or better add watch(only time, like under weather status) and advanced watch(with day/month count). We need more items for wrist slot!

I actually like this idea a lot but i still what my on-screen counter. :)

When a mosquito lands on your testicle, you realize that violence may not always be the best solution.

The watch is a good idea, actually. It should be simple enough to implement. The on-screen counter is something else, though. I have no idea how to do something like that. :P

Also, what about a bicycle? No storage room but reduces the action points needed when moving in a similar fashion than running in the main map, meaning you can move longer distances around the map per turn.

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I think that would be great! But, adding some storage space too like a basket or something that you could craft onto the bike would be nice too.

Also, i don't know if this would be too complex, but i would be awesome if you could have individual bike parts (frame, tires, pedals, etc.) and have the added up conditions of them be the total condition of the bike. An example would be that one tire is at 60%, the other is at 45%, the frame is at 13%, and the pedals are at 98%, and the total condition of the bike would be 54%. That way you could replace the parts to fix it, and it would also put the mechanics skill to great use too!

Sorry if that sounded too complex though :c

I thought about a basket for it but then I discarded the idea coz a movement bonus is a huge plus for this vehicle already. Also, shopping carts work like that, kinda. The only thing that can't be done about it is to have a total condition like that. The vehicle and pretty much any item would have the condition of the most damaged component in it. I have no idea how to change that.

I haven't finished with the mod for this other game I'm updating but I will come back to this as soon as I finish that one.

Edit: Another idea in mind for the bicycle is to make it a folding one. The normal sprite will take a lot of room so I'm thinking about having a folded bicycle sprite for it to take less room when not in use.

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K, lads. I finished the mod I was working on and I'm back modding this game again. There's an issue with the bicycle, though. I thought there was a way to make it add a condition that would let you to use less action points when moving around in the map. It seems the only thing I can do is for it to add the "Run" button, similar to what the athletics skill does. I don't really like that option, so I will shelve the Bicycle for now and start working on that watch.

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You can make it +1 turn like corny whiskey

The problem with that option is that +1 turn can also be used for crafting and other actions that have nothing to do with moving around the map. :P

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does the baseball bat deal more damage than the crowbar?


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

Nope. It deals even less damage than war clubs. Baseball bats have a reach of 3, though.

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Some rebalancing needs to be done!

You can carry 4 bottles (2L) of water in the medkit w/strap and you can get the medkit right at the start. So why would I even bother with collecting materials and making a waterskin when it's just as good/bad as the medkit w/strap? That being said, You need to increase the amount of water the waterskin can carry.


I would like to see a fire steel in the game/mod!

To make it worth carrying over the lighter it would have a lot of more uses. The lighter currently has 100 uses (?) so the fire steel could have, lets say, maybe 500-1000 uses (is that to much?). Of course it wouldn't spawn in pristine condition and it would have to be rare. It should take up 2x1 slots in the inventory and could be bought from the Junk-shop.
Every time you used it to make a spark it would use up 1-3 points out of a 500-1000 uses (?)

What do you think of this? Would you like to see this in the mod? Would anything like that be possible without to much work? IS it even possible? Opinions!

When a mosquito lands on your testicle, you realize that violence may not always be the best solution.

Lighter still would be much better because of searching boost properties. And 100 uses is absurdaly high anyway

I agree about the medkit. I'll make it so you can only put small things only in there.

The fire steel is a good idea but lighters are way too common and as Perteks mentioned, they have enough uses for you to forget about getting more fire starters. Not to mention a skill that lets you forget about them entirely.

In other news, the wrist watch works like a charm. It only tells you the time when equipped and it degrades when you have it equipped. I'll make it a rare item to be found.

I'm gonna start working on that canned bomb now. What items should it need for it to be crafted? I mean, without adding new ones, that is.

-Tool Kit.
-Soup Can.
-Small Parts. Homemade bombs are usually weak so they need shrapnel for the real damage output.
-Bullets/Shells? For their gunpowder and primers.
-Lighters (Lighter Fluid), Whiskey and Bark Solution? Can't think of other stuff that could contribute to explosive power.

Edit: Lighters used to be refillable before. They would use lighter fluid instead of degrading. I kinda want to implement this feature back into the game.

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