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No can do, sadly. There's no way to add attacks that can add conditions to the target and a molotov that deals either blunt or cutting damage is kinda weird. :P

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Initial blunt damage is ok (if we assume that you hit the enemy with bottle first)
Without omg-I'm-on-fire aftereffect it is useless though :(

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I Was Thinking To Add A New Item
*LightBulb Lantern-1x Light Bulb+Gas/Something Flammable+1x Rag
If My Ideas Work If Don't It's Ok :)

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

I was going to release the new version today but I've been finding some bugs. I even found a bug in the current version... patchwork boots don't have the improper foot condition and crafting a right one will give you a left one. It was easy to fix, though.

The rest seems to be working fine so far. Pressure Cookers are rarer than Sauce Pans but I've already found 2 so that's ok. Also, to avoid the overflow of items when looting, will make it for instance instead of having separated chances to find flour, sugar and yeast, there will be either flour or sugar or yeast. I will do this with some other spawns as well but in later releases. I'll try to slowly modify the loot tables to avoid finding too much stuff or too little.

In the meantime, I'll do some more testing to see if something else surfaces.

Edit: Question about re-distilling alcohol. Is it ok to be able to turn a full stack of either whiskey or Moonshine (12 uses) into a full stack of Pure Alcohol (20 uses)?

The advantages of Pure Alcohol are the obvious more uses since the droplets are smaller weight-wise so their primary use is medical. Cleaning wounds and sterilizing rags. Players can drink it too but they will have only negative conditions. Since Pure Alcohol droplets are "smaller" they won't get you drunk as fast as Whiskey or Moonshine.

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About re-distilling, seems fine. Maybe even do it in a 1:2 ratio and let alcohol stack up to 24, so you won't need to find several bottles of whiskey to distill the whole stack at once.
Also, I think pure alcohol should be worth less than moonshine and whiskey (eg. less than half), since the people you sell it to in general won't have much to do with it. On the other hand, there's always some miserable scavenger looking to get wasted.

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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

I disagree.
High quality spirit should cost more than strong alcohol
If we assume that ration is 2 strong alcohol per 1 spirit, then price should be 1.5 times of whiskey droplet)
1.Stronger disinfectant
2.To make acceptable drink just mix it with water or cola
3.Biofuel (if we ever will have liquid fueled transport/generators)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I agree. Pure Alcohol will sell for more since it's for medical purposes. Medicine will always have high prices in post apocalyptic scenarios like these. :P

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This is conflicting for logic sense, distilling alcohol(98% is usually the highest purity you can achieve under lab conditions 95-96% is usually anything the limit out of standard stills) boils off and condenses it elsewhere, which sadly leads to waste(Roughly half or more is wasted), it would indeed be lighter, by about half depending on the alcohol, it could be stored more in the same bottle, but it would not make more of it and drinking it would cause severe health problems(As with any heavily concentrated substance) and similar intoxication, though you would not notice it right away(It tends to have a delayed response the higher the percentage).

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It's not actually more of it. Since it's stronger, you would need less of it for medical purposes which is why it has more uses or stacks, 20 as I suggested. Those 20 uses or stacks weight the same as the 12 ones of either whiskey or moonshine since it's essentially the same volume but it makes sense that some of it is lost so I will reduce the output a bit.

Alcohol does not carry severe consequences now but I will change that later. I'm planning on adding a "died of overdose" option eventually. Pure alcohol having different intoxication effects would be too complicated to implement, though. The way it works right now is by giving you the immediate effects "Drank Pure Alcohol" which makes you very thirsty, mostly and then by increasing the inebriation counter by one, which is the same as beer since the droplet/use is smaller. It's more likely to die from dehydration rather than from intoxication, which is something I'm not quite sure. If that is not right, then maybe I could increase their points towards the inebriation counter by two instead.

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Actually, the issue with pure alcohol is that it harms the body by making it process it, causing heavier liver and kidney damage, think of it like this, alcohol is a hammer, beating on a 2 inch steel plate(Your organs), the more the percentage, the bigger the hammer, the more alcohol there is, the harder you strike , pure alcohol is like a 8 pound sledge hammer, even small amounts can severely harm your body, though in moderation you can recover making it only really good for cleaning wounds, though only a little would be needed.
It would likely require 2 conditions, 'Drank pure alcohol"(almost nothing) for 1 turn then "Feeling the effects of pure alcohol" for however long, the threshold method would likely add many "Points" towards it, a shot of pure alcohol is similar to 4-5 shots of strong spirits(40%) in terms of dilution and effects on the body, not just double.

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So I played a lot yesterday. Found a bike, got to DMC, had some thoughts. I apologize if these have already been brought up, or have already been planned, or if I'm overreaching here, but here is my feedback:

Smoking Related
Cigarette pack should hold tiny 1x1 and 1x2 objects (except cigarette packs, but especially needs to be able to hold a sparker/lighter!)
Cigarette remains 1x2 object instead of 2x2, so you can fit them + papers in a Cigarette Pack.
Cigarette remains should be able to fit into a bottle (lockpicks do)
Chance for cigarette remains as scrounging loot.
Ability to smoke for characters without smoking trait.
Large chance of addiction (adding Smoker trait).
Bigger penalties for not smoking when addicted.
Change to 2 point disadvantage, due to price of cigarettes and difficulty in early game to obtain them.

Caffeine Related
Coffee and Corn-a-cola should temporarily eliminate headaches.
2x and 3x options for brewing coffee available for cooking with large container.
New trait: Caffeine Addict (1 point) - Causes headaches when without caffeine
Small chance of addiction (adds Caffeine Addict trait)
Corn-a-cola should be much more expensive, especially when pure water is $11 and Tannin Tea (tree bark and water) is $24.

Drug Related
Hydrocodone should be much more expensive ($2 pill at least)
New trait: Pill Addict (2 points) - Causes headaches, nausea when without drugs.
Mild chance for addiction (adds Pill Addict trait)

Footrags should decay faster, I wore the same pair for 2 weeks and they were only half worn out.
Worn out footrags should give "improper footwear" penalty.
Footrags wearable under shoes for improved warmth, decreased shoe decay (socks)
Makeshift rag shoes (rags + sole) worse than just footrags? Remove improper footwear penalty.
Makeshift shoes also should decay faster.

Hobo Sack (Small Cloth + Long Rigid Pole + Medium String) - Small 3x3 container that slings over shoulder
Makeshift Backpack (Tarp + Medium String + 2 Strong Fasteners) - Smaller than makeshift sack, fits over back
Collapsed empty Makeshift Sack should fit into backpacks and shopping bags (its components do)
Reverse recipe for Makeshift Sack (reclaim Tarp and Fastener)

About hydrocodone, all pills except cavillo and water purifiers are more expensive when identified (i.e. you have the medic skill). However, you need to mouse over the pills to identify them (bug?) , either emptying the bottles or holding them in your hand to view the contents. Hydrocodone is actually $30 a pill when properly identified.

Socks can't be done currently due to game limitations. The head and torso slots have multiple layers, referred to as "depth" in the code, and every other slot has a single layer. This is hardcoded, but maybe dcfedor will change that later.

There had been suggestions for a craftable leather backpack before and I think Chiko is inclined to it. The birch bag is already similar to the hobo sack you suggested, and plastic bags can be equiped on the backpack slot. But yeah, sometimes I feel like having more storage options too. I'm actually willing to do it but I suck at drawing.


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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

My bad on the pill costs. I'd go back and edit that part of my suggestion with "Derp", but I've passed the grace period on that.

I was playing a Strong, Tough, Athletic, Mechanic, Smoker. No Medic this time.

Hobo sack=bindle

I've bugged Dan about a bindle since day one of this game basically and never got it. So if Chiko adds a bindle I'm gonna take a fucken screenshot and just plaster it all over the screenshots page as the final actual completion of my hobo playthrough of NEO.

God damn I want a bindle.

I know, right?

Before everything I want to thank you for this amazing mod that gave a new life to a game I was about to stop playing, Chiko everything you are doing is amazing and I hope you continue making new things for this amazing game :D Thank you for everything you have done and is still doing, now let's go to my idea.

So I had an idea yesterday and tought it would be nice to share.
My idea consist in setting an "age" for the character.

-Old Character: Has more points to upgrade traits (being older means you got more experience), has less movements and gets fatigued faster and is weaker than adult ones.

-Adult Character: The usual Philip Kindred xD.

-Young Character: Has less points to upgrade traits, has more movements than the adult one, can hide more easily for being small and carry less.

I don't know if this could be a thing and the idea still need to be more developed. Like I said it's just something that ocurred to me yesterday so I haven't tought very much about it but I think that many things could be added to this idea, like being a kid or an elder means you are less likely to scare someone and maybe for them the enemys could feel pity and let them go. Like I said there is still PLENTY of stuff that could be developed I just tought the foundation and I am asking you Chiko to make this real xD. Maybe even female characters I don't know, what about a charm trait? A pretty face can make a man's heart stop beating, after they drop their weapons to talk to you and you use your crowbar of course xD.

Sorry for the bad english, Brazilian here, hope you like the idea and if I could help in any other stuff I would be glad.

That would easily be handled by the skills/traits system, but you can already basically get these effects by choosing either Enervated or Athletic (and it's more to the point... in/out of shape).

Thanks! Glad to hear ppl is still enjoying this mod. I don't have much free time now but I will try to keep implementing stuff.

About the age suggestion. The only way I could implement it would be to add them as skills/flaws... and at that point, it would be just like Jeoshua mentioned.

A charm trait would be pretty cool but there's no way to affect prices yet, sadly. :(

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Is there anyway to get MmMOD, BigBadCheater and Neo Scavenger Extended mods to all work with each other?

I am a little confused on the whole process.

I have the getmods.php file someone did to get MmMOD and Cheater to work, now I just have to get this Extended mod to work with it but idk how to add it in the getmods.php

This is such a great mod

Btw I only use the cheating mod to roleplay various builds including my own hiking bushcraft day bags I have when I go in the mountains.

If that's all you want to do, you don't need the whole Big Bad Cheater mod. Just open up neogame.xml and search for "nSkillPoints", find the line which gives you 15 points, and change that to something more reasonable for your needs, like 20. I play with 20, and while it doesn't allow you to get all the skills in the game, it does allow you to create an all-tech character or an all-woodsman character without having to take serious penalties to offset the point cost.

And MmMOD and Neo Savenger Extended will likely never work together. They are both sweeping changes to the game which change basic core game mechanics. Any merge of them would require a lot of work and would basically be a third mod of three times the complexity of both put together.

It's more than just editing the getmods.php at this point. This mod edits so much stuff in the vanilla game that it's not compatible with other mods. The only way to make them compatible would be to make a compatibility mod, which is something that would take a lot of time.

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So... my bow fell apart after five steps without firing a shot. My sling fell apart after four or five salvos. Is this intended behavior?

It doesn't make the game harder, it just makes inventory management even more frustrating. You just have to craft slings in batches of two or three and carry them everywhere.

As string degrades, your items are probably breaking quickly due to low condition string being used in crafting. The best way to get 100% string is to craft them from rags. Also remember that 10 medium string makes 1 string rope, which is always crafted at 100% and is equivalent to rawhide straps and military straps (the vanilla ones).


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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

You Have To Watch The Condition Of The Item Before You Craft The Item

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

Yep, that was it. Aaaaahm a dummy.

Does the smoker trait eventually go away if you don't smoke for a while?

Nope. It just makes surviving harder until you satisfy the habit.

Pew pew pew!

It's my favorite trait in the mod, at this point. Seriously.

I'm serious about the Cigarette Remains as scrounging loot. It's not important as stuff to sell, or as stuff to use for most people, but then again neither is broken glass or pebbles for most people, and they're in there.

Plus, if you've ever been really hard up for a smoke, and seen a butt on the ground... you'll know what I'm talking about: There is never a cigarette too old to trigger your craving.

Sure, I'll make it so they can be looted as well. There's a vanilla loot table that will make it findable as scavenging loot, in NPCs and even lying around in ruin/town/city hexes so it should be in the upcoming update.

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Chiko could you modify the sbs4 holster so that a sbs4 with stock and strap fits in it?
also just got a headache and did not need to smoke ... is it a bug? here is a screenshot

Spoiler: Highlight to view

i also noticed that you can't make crude piercing arrows with small parts anymore .. did you change that?

Headaches can come from other diseases/conditions. Maybe you got something else going on there. If you can spare the money, do a full check-up at the DMC hospital.


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Gariba's Extras and Miscellaneous:

No can do, lad. That kind of holster is made to allow short shotguns only, and the SBS4 with stock is considered a long one, which is why it can be fitted with a strap instead so it can go at the back, like the rest of the long weapons.

About the random headache, it does sound like a bug. Where were you and what were you doing at that time? As Gariba mentioned, headaches are a vanilla condition so there are other things that can cause it as well.

The issue with the crude piercing arrows seem to be an old bug I thought I fixed updates ago. I'll see what's wrong with that.

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i got the headache several times and i don't think i had any other conditions at that time cause i drank tannin tea continuously so nothing appeared but the headache

I checked the vanilla code and found something interesting. Headaches have a 25% chance to "cause" another headache upon reaching the end of the counter. Never noticed that before but it does make sense. There are headaches that can last for a long time.

Pew pew pew!

Did Your PLayer Or Character Got Hit On Head Several Times?
It may Cause Headache if you put the dirty rags While Your Head Is Bleeding
If Your Head Is Having A Big Pain Your Brain will Cause Damage Maybe Thats Why You Have Headache

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

Don't you guys think there should be a way to put pistols and revolvers in the pants? Like this --> http://goo.gl/pNsziG

I dunno... something like this would render pistol holsters redundant, specially since they can be worn as belts too.

Pew pew pew!

Well, I dont know, I think it would make sense, everywhere in movies you see people putting their pistols like this, but if you think so.

i think i found anohter bug
Repairable Guns (tool kit + mechanic and ranged +5 Lighter Fluids) does not work on the "Outcast" .308 Makeshift Hunting Rifle and when i use this on "Shredder" 12-gauge long scatter gun it turns into a short one
or did i get it wrong? do you need 2 guns to get 1 that is at 100%?

Yeah, you need a second gun for parts. You can repair the Outcast with either another one or a Buckmaster one. A Buckmaster hunting rifle can only be repaired with parts of another one so you can't use parts from an Outcast in this case.

It's kinda similar with the scatter gun. You need either another scatter gun or a Perforator shotgun.

Pew pew pew!

ok make sense now cause on the first page it is not clear that a second gun is neaded
well you say "guns" there but it also can be interpreted as every gun anyway thx for clarifying it now

Yeah, I just checked the page and it definitely needs to be a bit more detailed. I'll edit it a bit so it's more clear.

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Man, after playing for quite a bit I still feel like rope condition adds nothing more than inconvenience and tedium.
If the game had a way to separate items by condition automatically it would be fine, but there's nothing fun or game enhancing about sorting through piles of string one by one.

If you want to encourage use of military/crafted straps, just make them required for recipes. That would limit strap availabiltiy from vanilla by a degree of magnitude and be far less annoying. This game is already 50% inventory management and sorting through piles like this makes it borderline unplayable. If it's a concept you're married to, maybe make the whole thing modular? Or maybe post a quick fix either as a file or instructions. for folks that hate it? It's by far the most complete mod available, its a shame that such a tiny flaw has such profound implications.

Rope or String?

If it's the latter then you are probably lacking some info about it. The only instance in which the condition of small string would matter would be when making arrows or a broad spear. Get string from new clothes or even dirty rags, those will always be at 100% condition. String condition is not taken into account when making gear like patchwork clothing, leather armor and the like. I think you can even use dirty rags instead of a small string to make broad spears.

If medium string is being the problem coz you need to make a bow or a travois or use as strap for a weapon, then make rope instead. string is as easily found as wood in the game and making rope only costs 10 medium string. A travois needs 6x rope instead of 12x medium string so you don't need to make as much rope for a Travois. If you still want to use Medium String for these items, then get small string from dirty rags or new clothes and then turn those into medium string. Only pick up random string if you are going to make rope with it, since condition doesn't matter to make those either.

It's kinda the same with glass/plastic shards. If you want arrows or a broad spear with 100% condition, never use random shards. Breaking a glass bottle, broken bottle or a UVD, will spawn shards with full condition.

I don't really care about arrow condition coz you can only squeeze two uses from good or full condition so I use random string/glass for arrows or buy them from the ATN instead.

Pew pew pew!

add Riot gear like a riot shield and a helmet with a plexiglas visor

are sure chiko can make that have you read that chiko has no free time sometimes it take a few days
And Also Chiko I'll copy your Recipes for to put on my notepad incase if my wi-fi is gone :D
And I Was Thinking To Put new light source its called a Bottle Lantern
and also a new Combat Skill (For Hiding Skills) It's called Play dead (You HAve Chance To Make The Stranger Go Away)
And Another New Combat Skill (For Shield) it's called Shield Bash (You Have Chance To Stun A Stranger On Close Range)

Idea Giver :3
I Like Survival Games :D

Now that I remember, I once suggested a move similar to the Play Dead once. Here: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/1342
I called it Feign Death in that suggestion. I totally forgot about it. Back then there was no such thing as modding so I could definitely implement that myself now. :P

The Shield Bash idea was also among the moves I was going to implement when I made the scrap shield but there was a problem. If it was a move, then doing the shield bash wouldn't degrade the shield itself. The other option would be to make the Shield Bash an attack mode instead but that way, it could not stun enemies. I chose the latter and made it so using it would at least push the target back one space.

I also suggested a way to allow modders to put conditions to attack modes so we could do stuff like this. We can only hope it gets implemented. :3

Pew pew pew!

My hopes exactly, conditions on attack modes would be wonderful.

And when the world has come to an end, I shall remain.

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