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Hmm... sounds like a bit too complicated. :P

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Yeah its a bit complicated but its kind of like the new blood thinning pills it would cause problems for people who haven't properly identified it. And whiskey is to common for a post apocalyptic world.

Cannibal Family Picnic

Hey Chiko I think I read somewhere a post where you said you wanted to implement a tailor perk for repairing clothes do you still want to add it? It would be great for immersion and gameplay purposes.

Yeah, I still have it in mind. If I add it, it would be required, along with trapping, for leatherworking. I will probably make it so most leather stuff is available via trading with the ATN so ppl not choosing those skills would still have a chance to get leather vests, and stuff.

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I'm about to upload a hotfix patch with lots of new changes and fixes. No real new content, though. Let me know if anyone has found a bug in the mod. Maybe there could be something else I missed.

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I just updated the main page with a hotfix. It includes:

-ATN Warriors have a slightly different loadout. They will sometimes carry a waterskin instead of a birch bag, they might wear footrags or hide boots or leather boots apart from their vanilla footwear and they will favor spears a bit more and guns a bit less.
-Getting fat from a medium meat will give you one less small meat.
-Edited some values in the "random shirt" table so some of the new ones have a better chance to spawn.
-Edited some values in the possible loot from the shabby auto repair shop to include the battery sparkers and to make them more fair since they would sometimes give you garbage.
-Edited some values in the possible loot from ransacked pharmacy to avoid finding just garbage. You can at least find one med item apart from the usual rubble.
-Edited the Cleaners again. All factions see them as friendly but they see all factions as enemies, including themselves. Now instead of trying to reveal themselves and then run away, they will just run as soon as they see anything.
-Edited the Metal locker encounter to have a "Give up" button instead of the "Do nothing" one. Exiting the encounter without choosing an option counts as doing nothing and giving up destroys the metal locker.
-Fixed a bug with the orange painkillers which was showing the wrong condition.
-Fixed a bug that caused mashed potatoes to be used to make a baked potato.

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Awesome! cheers for your hard work man. Still loving this mod

Thank you so much, now days only this mod presents any challenge to someone who knows his way around NS


Glad to hear, lads!

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Hmm... so I've been thinking. Pistols, Revolvers and Rifles all have 3 types of ammo but shotguns. I remember someone suggested using guns to open up metal lockers so what about breaching shells for shotguns? I have no idea how much damage they would do in combat but they could be used to open metal lockers and locked storage shed. Using these would always attract unwanted attention, of course, and they would be very rare.

Also, I will probably make ammo boxes less rare by making them available in the junk market. I will also edit the treasure tables in ransacked gun shops so they are easy to find. Their sprites are a bit weird and too small IMO. I will make them look more like the first aid kit and tool kit but 3x3 in size. Also, I have no idea why I never added ammo boxes for rifle ammo... will add those too.

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There are several shells to pick from
Masterkey- destroys most locks (almost useless in combat)
Beanbag- less than lethal shell (can cause internal bleeding)
Flachette- something between buckshot and slug (less projectiles, but higher range and better armor penetration than buckshots)
Dragonbreath- short range incendiary shell
Frag12- experimental military explosive slug (should kill anything in one hit)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Something like masterkey sounds about right. It should also have a very short range and apart from doing less damage, it could also have no penetration so it's useless against armor.

Also, this is mere speculation but I've noticed weapons that do blunt damage have better chances to stun so it will probably do more blunt damage than cutting damage so even if it's not a lethal round, it's not totally useless in combat.

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can open a metal locker, but can't penetrate armor.. i'm fine with that

i need prosthetic liver


I also read in other sources breaching rounds are like birdshot, which can be lethal at close range but only against unarmored targets, which can be the case in the ammo I just added.

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how about.... if we could salvage bulets with tool box and a... craftable work station...to get small metal parts (or shell parts) and.... gunpowder to craft with a impact/proxy detonator....arrows!


Hmm... I dunno. I'll have it in mind but there's already 3 types of arrows in the game, which is enough IMO.

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Version 2.8 of this mod is now available in the main page. It includes:

-Added a new ammo type for shotguns, 12-gauge Breach. It has no armor penetration, does less damage and has less range than the other shells but it can be used to open locked storage sheds and metal lockers. For the option to be available when looting, you need to carry a shotgun either in one of your hands or strapped at the back. Sadly, holstered sawed off shotguns do not count unless you put them in your hands. I have yet to find a way to fix this.
-Added a new ammo box for rifle ammo. I forgot to add it before for some reason.
-Added a new trade only item, cigarettes. They sometimes come inside cigarette packs and can be looted or found on NPCs. The player cannot use them (yet) so their only purpose for now is trading. Shops will pay good money for them but they will be found in different conditions, which means cigarettes in poor conditions won't net much.
-Edited the treasure table for Ransacked Gun Stores so if the player finds something, at least 1 valuable item is there among the rest of the rubble found.
-Edited the sprites for ammo boxes. They are better looking but a bit bigger now.

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I think think that rifle ammo's too common and I think a debug recipe's still in the mod.

Uh oh... I should fix the debug recipe immediately.

Also, how common is rifle ammo? Are you finding it everywhere in general or in big quantities?

Edit: I just checked the ammo thing and it's possible to find from 1 round to 5 or 7 depending on the weapon. What I could do, is to reduce the max number of ammo found.

For instance, from 1 to 6 normal pistol rounds, from 1 to 4 HP pistol rounds and from 1 to 2 AP pistol rounds.
This way not only there's less ammo but it would make special ammo rarer without making it too hard to find since I'm not touching the chance to find ammo.

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I think I just got lucky

Thought of an idea regarding how the player can use cigarrettes-

Add a new negative trait, 'Smoker'. Player has a cigarrette addiction, and will get tremors, nausea, headache, etc, if he doesn't have a cigarrette at least once every 24 hours.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"

I actually have the sprite for that flaw already. xD

I was going to add it but then I remembered there's the Asthmatic flaw. I decided to not add the Smoker flaw yet coz it would be inconsistent if you also choose Asthmatic, since I haven't even thought about how I would make them interact with each other. I'm not even sure how I am gonna do that. I also thought about making it so choosing either of them would prevent the other to be choose-able but I have no idea how to do that since I can't find how it was done for the vanilla ones.

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Just wanted to say, as a shotgun fan, I LOVE the "masterkey" shell addition! It's great to have another option to open locked doors; as in almost every game ever made, I find it funny to be able to tote around enough firepower to blow a tank apart but have to search for a key to get past a flimsy wooden door blocking my way! :)

(and I'll second support for adding a Smoker Flaw, since you've now included cigarettes)

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Using guns to shoot the locks off were suggested before for metal lockers but that would defeat the purpose of the lockpiking skill... but since shotguns were missing an ammo type, I decided to make this the only other way to open them. Those with the lockpicking skill still have advantages over this other method, though.

Also, glad you like the new addition!

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The hotfix I mentioned before is now available for download. The changes are:

-Restored the recipe that I usually use a debug. Now it should work as usual.
-Reduced the max amount of ammo that can be found as a way to make ammo rarer. This is specially noticeable with special ammo like AP and HP ammo. Breach rounds are unaffected since the max is already 1 round of it.

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Very fun mod.


Info on installing mods? This could be really easy or complicated, I can do both!

Simplicity is the most complex art....

Here: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/3338

It's a copy/paste work. Also, if the game gets stuck in the loading part, it probably means you have to update to the public test beta. Wich you can get by right clicking the game in your steam library and then choosing properties, then hit betas and select the public test one.

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Uh oh... New game update. Time to update the mod. :3

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Are you waiting until the latest test version gets pushed to stable before updating? I believe it was just updated today with some really cool features. Keep up the amazing work my friend and I was wondering if you were planning on adding anymore scavenge locations for the game? Thanks again.

The update will be for the current test beta. I will probably upload it in a couple of hours or tomorrow.

Also, I have new scavenge location sprites for urban hexes but I'll work on that on a later update. I'm been kinda distracted coz I got a new laptop, and unlike my old one, it can run all the steam games I have so I've been playing lots of other games. :P

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Sounds good, there are some interesting things that now happen, like being able to make a shotgun out of rags... Not sure how that happened, but I got a deltec shotty somehow.

It's probably a side effect of the new test beta build. This mod is not updated to work with it yet so stuff like that happens. :P

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sounds like fullmetal alchemist meets scavenger xD

I have been unable to fix the issue with the hidden crossfile recipes so I'll have to unhide them in order to release the next update. This means the recipe list will have clone recipes but it's either that or just release the mod with a bugged recipe list.

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Version 2.9 of the mod is now uploaded and ready in the main page. The changes are:

-The mod is now compatible with version 0.9960 of the game.
-The "A secluded shack in the woods" looting location is also a new camp, which is slightly worse than houses but it's better than plains and forest camps in terms of shelter.
-Harvesting feral dog corpses now yield less meat and hide.
-patchwork hide boots and leather boots now have right/left counterparts and will require a footwear sole to make instead of a whole footwear.
-The condition "Improper Footwear" will not disappear now so the pain penalty will remain until you remove the footwear causing it.
-The condition "Blisters on Foot" does not stack now so it's less severe. It will go away on its own after days even if you are still wearing the improper footwear. Removing the improper footwear and then putting them again will reset the condition and you will get blisters again.
-Added a new condition, Injured Foot. It's just like blisters but it has a chance to happen when walking on rough terrain (ruins, hills, forests, etc.) while barefoot. Even wearing improper footwear will protect against foot injuries.
-Footrags now degrade faster. They will remove the barefoot condition but you will still have chances to suffer from foot injuries.
-The rest of the footwear will have rebalanced degrading but in general, they will degrade slightly slower.
-The "get string from rags/footwear" recipe has been separated into different recipes, get string from rags and get string and sole from footwear.
-Deleted some unused code and replaced some redundant data so it works for other features. This will most likely corrupt saved games, so you will need to start a new game.

One thing I should mention is the files are now compressed in a zip file instead of a rar one. This is because I got a new lappy and this one came with a different compressor software, which is not bad, IMO.

Edit: I don't think I mentioned this before but you can "reinforce" plastic bags. With this I mean you can put an "always open" plastic bag inside one without that option activated and vice versa but you can't put an "always open" bag inside another "always open" or put one without the option inside onother one without it. I don't remember why it works like this but this was not intentional.

So for instance, if you put a bag inside a bag, only one will degrade. When the bag that is being actively used breaks, none of the stuff inside will drop to the ground. Instead, the next bag will drop on the slot you were carrying the original bag and start to degrade.

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Small update, lads. It includes:

-The mod is now compatible with the new test beta 0.9961b of the game.
-Reduced the yield from harvesting feral dogs a bit more. It does give more hides than the vanilla recipe, though.
-Wound dressing treatments from the ATN and DMC clinic or using a Nanorobot medical kit will also heal foot injuries.
-Chunks of fat, sandals, gator shoes, running shoes and soles are not considered small-medium sized items instead of medium sized.
-Deleted now obsolete data now added in vanilla files. Specifically, the recipes and treasure table from harvesting feral dogs.

Also, the main page now has spoiler tags for the main features because it was turning into a big-wall-of-text-that-nobody-likes-to-read. :P

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The First Aid Kit doesn't show up as a crafting ingredient.

What is the First Aid Kit used for in crafting? I had no idea you could use it.

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Right under page 1 gameplay changes:

-Tool with Screwdriver + First Aid Kit + 2 Small Parts + 2 Medium Thread = First Aid Kit w/ Strap.
-First Aid Kits can only store certain items. Mostly small and thin items. Now they aren't the best shoulder storage item now but a different one.

Oh, that's in red, right? It's one of the features that used to be in the really first version of this mod. When I started to port the old mod into the new version of the game, all the current features were in red, and then I slowly started to add them into the new version. I think only two things remain unported, the medkit thing and the can grenades.

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Oh, right, I recently updated from an older version and I assumed it was some sort of bug. You do fine work. Thank you!

Man...I think I must be blind...but this question's been rotting at me for the past few days...Is the tarp backpack a think of the past?Can't find crafting recipie for it on the main post and even though I've been searching in your changelogs I think I must not have looked well enough,I can't find a damn thing about it(like it vanished)

Oh and mind me asking one more thing?What does the bike do essentially..I encoutered it 3 times,equiped it and it just said I move faster,by that I would understand I am moving faster as in gaining more moves per hour (6 instead of 5) but instead It just seems to occupy the vehicle space doing nothing...While I find it much more effective to wear whatever sled or travois I can craft.

Yeah, it was removed a while ago. Just after the makeshift sack was implemented in the main game. Which was essentially the same thing.

And the bike reduces the action points you need when moving instead of giving you more action points, just like running does.

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recipe sole from shoes doesnt work properly - it always say not enough space in ground camp.

It seems to be a mistake I made in their format, it's actually in other items too. Imma upload a fix in a moment.

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The download link has been updated with a hotpatch. It fixes a mistake in sole, sandals, running shoes and gator shoes. The bug was causing two issues. It prevented these items from being placeable, meaning these items would be deleted as soon as they were dropped as loot and preventing the footwear sole to be "crafted" because of the same bug. It's now fixed.

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Great work on the mod so far. I just got a quick question to ask.
Have you somehow tweaked the spawn rates or locations of enemies? I feel that with this mod on, i have have bandits, enfields, and dogmen walking in on me before i even have time to loot a single hex. While in vanilla i see a dog or two within my first 48 hours.

I haven't tweaked the spawn rates, but I did added a new one for one of the new factions. Maybe adding a faction that appears on the entire map might be causing something though I couldn't be sure about this.

I haven't had much time for testing but I rarely saw enfields and dogmen were a bit uncommon in my playthroughs so it might be bad luck.

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Brilliant stuff, this is a great mod for a really stellar game. Thanks for putting in so much work!

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