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This character is newer than the current version of NEO Scav and Extended, so it's not that.

I am not sure if you remember but about a month ago i also ran into this problem it still has not been resolved i am not sure waht it is but i do know what your talking about. It is atomatically this size right after crafting if i am correct.

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I did found some size anomalies in it and in the spiked bat but in their x2 versions, not in the normal ones. It's weird but maybe this is what's causing the size issues.

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Alright, I think I managed to fix all the bugs reported in the previous page. However, it seems the main game is going to get an update soon so I decided not to upload the fixes yet.

In the meantime, I'll work on the bicycle. I'm thinking it should disassemble into x1 Bicycle Frame, x1 Bicycle Parts, x2 Bicycle Wheels and a number of Mechanical Parts. This will mean repairing a bicycle will be a bit harder, just like repairing shopping cart.

I will also try to add the new Bicycle Cart vehicle. The recipe should probably need the Mechanic Skill, a Tool Kit, a Bicycle Frame, A Shopping Cart Basket, a Bicycle Parts, 3 Bicycle Wheels and a number of Mechanical Parts. Disassembling this vehicle will need a Tool Kit and will only give you back the Shopping Cart Basket, the 3 Bicycle Wheels and a number of Mechanical Parts since the Frame and Parts were partially destroyed in the crafting of the vehicle.

I will also make it so when you find a bicycle, it's either an assembled bicycle or parts of one.

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How about sugar and honey?

Sugar could come in 2 varieties
Small 4g sugar packets (1x2 and stackable to 10)- one packet per crafting
And 1kg sugar pack (holds 5x5 inventory space)
Free sugar can be carried only in sugar packs, stackable to 10 and take 1 slot (so up to 250 per pack)

Also lootable forest item- honey (looks like tallow, but yellow and can be carried in cans only, stackable to 99- 5g/serving)

Current coffee recipe would make bitter coffee (act like soda, but don't refill hunger)
Adding sugar/honey to the recipe (or to prepared coffee) would make it equivalent to soda.

Also adding honey to Bark tea could make it even more useful (boost immunity slightly more and refill some hunger)

Also eating sugar would refill hunger equivalent to gelly bears
Eating honey would to the same but also give minuscule immunity boost

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I'd vote no purely on tone: NEO scavenger's a dark and gritty thing, stuff like sugar and honey is too sweet and nice. I respect the idea though!

You do know that we have candy in the game, right?

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Hmm... I dunno. The changes would be too small and I'm trying not to add stuff like this since my mod is starting to lag the crafting screen a lot due to the amount of recipes and ingredients I have been adding. Now that I mention that, I just noticed this mod has more recipes than the actual game...

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So I got notified of the new game update and there might be a new change I will need to do for the upcoming patch. The new Makeshift Sack is really similar to the Tarp Pack so I will probably remove the Pack from the mod.

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I have no clue if its just me or if the new locations are really rare because the only new location im finding in the game is the farm plot.(and yes i have re installed the mod and they still wont appear)

They are really rare. It's kinda hard to make them slightly more common coz it's either really rare or really common.

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Update for today. I was supposed to release it yesterday but I wasn't home till late. :P

-Bicycles are heavier unless they are being used in the vehicle slot. To assemble one you need the Mechanic Skill, Either the Multitool or a Tool Kit, x1 Bicycle Frame, x1 Bicycle Parts, x2 Bicycle Wheels and x14 Small Mechanical Parts.
-Bicycles now disassemble into parts. You can either find an assembled one or chance for parts.
-Added a new vehicle, Bicycle Cart. It adds a lot of inventory room but also penalties. It's heavier and less versatile than the Bicycle. To make one you need the Mechanic Skill, a Tool Kit, x1 Bicycle Frame, x1 Bicycle Parts, x3 Bicycle Wheels, x1 Shopping Cart Basket and x18 Small Mechanical Parts.
-Tool Kit and Flares now have creature sprites, meaning you can see them on your character or NPCs.
-Increased the Cleaners' ability to spot to make them slightly less annoying, specially at night.
-Made the new looting locations more common. There's actually a chance for two of them to spawn now.
-Removed the Tarp Pack since the main game now adds a similar item.
-Fixed Lighter Fluid. It no longer works as kindling.
-Fixed the recipe for Patchwork Hide Boots.
-Fixed the Multitool issue which was preventing it from being used as a wire cutter at Camp Grayling.
-Fixed a graphical issue with the SBS4 Shotgun and Spiked Bat, which was causing them to be of the wrong size for some players.

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Is it really necessary to remove the tarp pack? I know there is a similar item already but I think it uses different materials so you could just leave it in the game unless of course there is some programming reason to remove it.

It can actually use the same materials. The recipe mentions more materials but those are just alternate ones.

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ah ok then still it added some flavour to the game afterall you can make different things with the same material.

There is a programming reason to remove it. Have you ever opened the crafting page then had to wait like 5 seconds for it to load everything? That's because it's loading all the recipes and items, and all the various ways recipes could be made. Cutting out recipes with the same function reduces the amount of time to open that page, which is a good thing. Basically, ask yourself if you'd rather have the tarp pack recipe or the new bicycle cart recipe.

Did you choose the bicycle cart? I did.

Yeah, that's the exact reason why I decided to just removed it. I'm actually doing similar things not only to recipes but also with treasure tables and items. Instead of adding new stuff I replace stuff my mod makes redundant, like the wood stock being replaced by the new plastic one instead.

Another thing I'm doing is to add the "ignore in crafting screen" tag to items that have no uses in crafting. Small changes but anything that can reduce the lag counts.

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This is probably a really bad idea but i thought of maybe repairable vehicles.and not op repair the wheels and go no i mean repair the fuel tank and a bunch of other esential car parts to drive(sorry for not going into detail i know nothing about cars)this is just a fun little idea to bring more to the mechanic trait and a cool long term goal to reach besides ending the game.

I think it would be more realistic and more interesting for a bike to motorcycle conversion. Find a small gasoline engine, fix it, link it to the bike's drive chain and go for a ride :)

It's hard to get gasoline in real life just a few days after a disaster (personal experience, Hurricane Irene/Sandy in NYC. Very hard to get gasoline, little plastic gas cans were selling for like $40, and there were lines at stations, AND many gas stations weren't selling because they had no electricity for pumps), forget about however many years it is for NeoScav. A moped is probably the best option for someone like Phillip, who has no power tools and no place to work. All he needs to do is get the parts together and fit them, no welding or anything required. He'd be able to pedal when he had no gas, and use the motor when he did. Maybe have gasoline only availible at the DMC (for a very high price, $20 a gallon or something), and have some kind of ethanol fuel availible at the ATN. I don't think there's any real way that Phillip could make his own fuel.

Hmm... so I'm making a craftable shield and I first thought it could give a passive armor bonus and have a bash attack and all that. But while I was making the sprites for it, I think it's better to make the bonus active by adding a new "Block" move.

The move will add armor to the whole body so it can actually block an attack. The armor bonus will be enough to block attacks with petty weapons and maybe some more stronger ones if lucky and it should also work against ranged attacks. As a way to rebalance it, it could also reduce defense, meaning the target will actually have better chances to hit you, reduce the damage of your next attack and prevent you from using charge!, run! and any other move that implies running for the next turn.

Maybe I could also make it so it replaces the moves advance and fall back with ones that make use of the shield so characters can use these to move while blocking possible ranged attacks.

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It could also be used to bash other people maybe using it as an alterante move to tackle.

I was going to add a bash attack for it but maybe the block move is enough, we'll see.

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Hey just so you know, I don't think that you can light fires using concentrated light with your mod, not sure why, but you might want to take a look. Also, you can't put a makeshift sack in the back pack slot, is that intentional? Anyway, loving the mod so far and I'm trying to come up with a good loadout for crafted leather gear. My concern is that it's not usually worth making some of the stuff because it provides less of an advantage than equivalent crafting space. For example the bandolier looks less useful than just a crafted birch bag. What would you recommend for a loadout? Also, does the holster (pistol) take up the space of the utility belt?

Hmm... probably the new way of making fire made some changes in other parts of the code. Will look at that in a moment.

About the makeshift sack. That's how it works in the vanilla game. It has a big inventory space so my guess is it's not allowed to be used as a backpack as a way to rebalance it, since its inventory space is bigger than the more basic backpacks.

Also, the bandolier and birch bag are used in different slots so none is really better than the other. And the leather holster can be used either in the belt slot or in the shoulder slot.

I couldn't really recommend a loadout since there are different ways to play. The first things I make with leather are a vest and then a helmet, which really help against headshots from weak ranged weapons like makeshift arrows and thrown stones/pebbles. After that I usually move from a sling to a bow so I make a rawhide quiver. If I haven't found an utility belt, then I make one at this point and if I don't use guns, I make a shoulder sling to have an extra pocket to hold more stuff.

Someone suggested a makeshift rawhide/leather backpack so I will probably work on something like that for the next update.

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I think your mod may have done something with which items can be retrieved from storage lockers after events. I started losing some specific items after the Saginaw Mental Institution and couldn't find any rhyme or reason. Dan suggested it was caused by a mod, and yours is the only one I use.
Link to the thread about that: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/3873

Oh yeah, totally forgot to edit the confiscated items locker with the new container types. Thanks for finding that one!

The fix is easy so it's already added in the next patch. I just need to add some more stuff in the list and I will be releasing a new update soon.

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hey the new version is out Chiko does it compatible with the mods?

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   \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
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 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )  Lノ

Wait, which new version?

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Update 2.6 of the mod is now available in the main page. It includes:

-Added Scrap Metal Shield. It can be used to bash enemies away and they add a new combat move, Block. Blocking will raise your armor value but will also make you easier to hit. It can be specially useful against flurry of attacks.
-Added a couple of new combat moves for the Bicycle, Charge and Withdraw. They work exactly like the ones they are replacing but they allow you to move a lot more. Specially useful when fighting in open fields or when you need to retreat.
-Using Tackle on a target makes you and the target drop your vehicles.
-Using Struggle in a grapple now also has a chance to make the target drop their equipped vehicle.
-Using Takedown or Throw Down is not possible if the target has a vehicle equipped.
-Fixed all the items that were supposed to have the "focusing lens or reflector" which was making them unable to be used with sunlight. Glasses can also be used as focusing lens now.
-Fixed the bug that was deleting some of the confiscated equipment from the metal lockers.

Check the main page for more detailed info!

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There seems to be a problem that this mods lateest patch will not work with the new test version of NS

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The latest test version is newer. Probably the reason it won't work. Imma update the mod as soon as I can.

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Did the strapped first aid box get removed at some point? I see it in red in the first post (meaning it's not currently working), but I was sure I saw the graphic in one of the earlier versions of this mod yet I've gone back through all my backups and can't find it anywhere. Can you remember what was the last version to feature it? I'm trying to solve a "shoulder bag" problem with my own mod and wanted to take a look at yours for reference (plus I really liked the strapped first aid kit graphic you did!)

My Mods:SaveMan|Fishing|Shouldered|Bottles

I actually never ported it to any of the new versions of the mod but I only removed most of the unused sprites in the last 2 updates, if I remember correctly.

You will be able to find the sprites in any of the old updates in here: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public
But the code for that item is long gone by now. :P

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I solved the coding problem, so that's okay.

I've loved your art since you first posted those plastic bag clothes and new weapon sprite ideas back looong before NeoScavenger was moddable, hence my distress at the idea of any of it - even if it's no longer part of this mod - being "lost"! I can't seem to get that link to work, sadly. :(

That said, do you plan to ever re-add the strapped first aid kit? I am surprised you can't do it in the vanilla game, actually!

I'm sad to see the tarp pack go too; it was my "first bag" item in many older playthroughs with your mod! How about maybe re-adding it and changing the vanilla "makeshift sack" to be only craftable out of fur/hide/rags (more common, but can't be carried on back) while the tarp pack requires a rarer big tarp sheet but can be carried on your back?

My Mods:SaveMan|Fishing|Shouldered|Bottles

Well, I didn't re added back then because it would need the old "item size" I made which was in between tiny and medium. That item size was added anyways in some of the previous updates so I think it couldn't hurt to bring it back.

The Tarp Pack won't be back but I'm planning on a new makeshift rawhide backpack. Which will be really similar to the Tarp Pack.

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I just updated the mod with a hotfix. It includes:

-The mod now works with the new test beta 0.9952b.
-Removed the ability for the Tackle move to drop the target's vehicle, since it was doing it even when missing.
-The Bicycle Cart now has a "full" sprite when containing stuff.

Also, I forgot to mention but I recommend deleting the "NeoScavExtended" folder from the game before installing this new one because some sprites have different names, and some others are no longer being used. The game still works if you decide not to do this but there will be redundant files.

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New user to the game, and this mod. So far, I'm liking the style of it, I'm having trouble with breaking down the bike though. I'm using the mechanic skill and a tool box with a folding bike, and nothing happens. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

You just found a bug. xD

I'll fix this when I get time but in the meantime, you can use a multitool instead of a tool kit with no problems. I just tried it.

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I'll never escape game testing, will I.

Edit: and thank you for the help.

Lol, no worries and thanks for the feedback!

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Question... will it be ok if I make the crafting screen ignore plastic bottles? They are used to make sound traps that look like tin cans so I always found that kinda weird.

I'm kinda looking for other items to be ignored in the crafting screen so it doesn't lag as much. I will probably also add backpacks and holsters to the ignore list.

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That actually sounds like a great idea :), the bottle thing always bugged me too.

There's another thing in the game that bothers me... Liquids.

I find it weird how you can just put liquids on the ground and pick them right up again. I'll see if I can make it so you cannot put liquids on the ground, so to be able to get them you will need to be carrying containers for them, otherwise they will just disappear. I have no idea if it will work like that but if it does, there will be other changes as well.

Liquid Food like stews will require a container to be used as plate, an empty can, most likely. So instead of getting a stew as a liquid, you will get a can of stew. You then will be allowed to either eat it or drop it on the floor. Both options will give you back the empty can.

With these changes in mind, a new feature can come in, which will require a new item, Glass Jars. These new containers will allow you to preserve food via bottling, also known as home canning. You will either find empty ones or some containing honey, which can either be consumed or used to preserve food.

So for instance, to make a Jar of Bottled Meat you should need a Glass Jar, a fire source, Honey or x12 Whiskey (a full stack) and x4 small meat. Food Preserved this way will not spoil.

The addition of Glass Jars will allow me to make another change. It will be a required item to make Tallow, which will be stored in them in a similar fashion to Honey.

This is just some ideas, though. It's not something I will implement right away unless it totally makes sense for other ppl other than myself. :P

Pew pew pew!

Hotfix for today, lads. It includes:

-Fixed the bug preventing Tool Kits from being used to assemble/disassemble bicycles.
-Plastic Bottles, Pill Bottles and backpacks are now ignored in the crafting screen, reducing the loading lag a bit.

Edit: I just got another idea to reduce the amount of lag in the crafting screen loading time. Maybe I could turn a number of crafting recipes done via right click menu instead. An example could be to turn rags and footwear into string by right clicking them and choose a "Get string" option in there. This can only be done to turn one thing into another so recipes that spawn more than one item cannot work with this option.

Is it a good idea or I should keep it as a crafting recipe?

Pew pew pew!

They actually can work with multiple items - check my "Jar of Pickles" item, it is usable by right-click and turns into three items: a jar, pickles and brine. I did this by making the full jar degrade 100% when used and spawn items by adding a condition with "AddItemGround=" aEffect. Though, that will mean it will always be "Use" command.

Don't know if its a optimal way though - it might feel counter-intuitive if some crafting is done via "Crafting" and some via right-click.

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I had no idea you could do that! Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Kaaven. :3

Also, yeah... it does feel like making things too complicated. I'll shelve the idea. Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for other items to add to the ignore-in-crafting-screen list.

Pew pew pew!

I actually meant to mention that function to you earlier, but have completely forgotten to do that :( Cause if I remember right, you had a problem with one of the items (was it half of the loaf of bread?) that was spawning, but showed up only if player closed and then re-entered the inventory screen. The mentioned function works out-right, and the items spawned are visible immediately.

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Awesome. I just tried it with the bread and it works like a charm. The half a bread spawns on the ground instead of where the bread is but it's a lot better than the bugged spawn I was using. Thanks again!

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Update time for today, lads. Version 2.7 includes:

-Added a new cooking recipe, Mashed Potatoes. To make some you need a heat source, a fire/water proof container, a sharp edge, a medium or large shaft, 4x potatoes and 1 unit of water.
-Added a new cooking recipe, Potato Bread. Potato Bread degrades slightly faster than normal bread but it feeds a bit more. To make 2 of them you need a medium heat source, a fire/water proof container, 2x handful of flour, a unit of mashed potatoes, a unit of tallow and 1 unit of water.
-Added a small aesthetic feature. Using a tin can in crafting will remove their label, turning it into an unlabeled tin can. Unlabeled tin cans can also be found when looting or be carried by NPCs.
-Added a new mixed drink, Wolverine Coffee. It does exactly the same as the Corny Wolverine but it quench a bit more and feeds a bit less. To make some, you need a fire/water proof container, prepared coffee and whiskey.
-Reduced the chances to find coffee a bit since it was really common.
-The "Corny" condition has been changed to "Boosted" due to it being also used when drinking Wolverine Coffee.
-The "Caffeine High" condition now last 4 turns instead of 2 turns. It also makes it harder to fall asleep.
-The "Caffeine Crash" condition also makes it easier to fall asleep.
-Made another small change to Cleaners to make them less annoying, specially at night. They should stumble upon you less often.
-Fixed a bug in the Red Hoodie that prevented the faction reputation change to be applied when using them.
-Fixed a bug with the Threaten with Torch/Flare moves that was preventing them from being used in certain conditions.
-Fixed the invisible half piece of bread spawned when eating a loaf of bread. (Thanks Kaaven!)

I think that's all. Also, something to note here is all the changes I add to make cleaners more effective and less annoying also turns them really dangerous if you choose to make them your enemies, so have that in mind. :P

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So i am not sure if this is possible but the other day in advanced bio we were working with Hydrogen Peroxide, Which is used as a very powerful disinfectant. But the draw back is is that there are multiple percentages of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, 6%, 9%, and 30%. 3% is the general one used for sterilizing wounds while the rest are used in scientific pursuits, but anything more than a 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide will cause burns while 30 % solution has the possibility to cause serious burns that require medical attention. Is it possible to add these and make whiskey more rare to make this a viable thing.

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