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The recipe now needs more foil scraps. 90 instead of 60 to balance things out with foil pots. I mentioned this change in one of the update posts but I think I didn't post it in the main page.

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Ahhh Gotcha, i only read the Main page. Thanks for the info!

Can we get an option on rawhide waterskins to leave them always open, like the plastic bags?
I would really appreciate it.

Sure. I'm guessing this is being requested because in their current state, they need to be hold in the hand to be filled with water, which means they cannot be auto-refilled, amirite?

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Yes, that's exactly it.

Could you please update the main post with information on what versions of the vanilla game your mod is compatible with? I decided I wanted to try your mod, then had to read through a few pages to hunt down a mention of compatibility updates. Just trying to make it clear for any other newbies to the mod!

EDIT: A small thing I noticed early on. The "Meat from large corpse" and "Meat and hide from dogman corpse" recipes both give 2 units of fat, but the "meat from large, furry corpse" only gives 1 unit of fat.

EDIT2: I ran into a pair of DMC guards to the SE of the Cryo facility, near the Isotope Mine. At first I was like "Oh shit we got military-grade raiders" then they just talked to me like normal people. Is this perhaps a bug from Extended NeoScav? Or maybe intentional?

EDIT3: I'm just gonna keep editing this till someone replies, no reason to double-post. I think your mod screwed up the ".308 rifle w/ strap, add a scope" recipe. It's asking for 1x Small chunk of Meat, 1x Mushrooms, 2x Extra Ingredient (optional) and 1x .308 strapped no scope. I don't know if that's just a visual bug and the actual ingredients are correct, or if the actual ingredients are also screwed up and the recipe involves using the meat and mushrooms to summon forest pixies to add a strap to your rifle.

Sure I can. The info will be at the bottom, just above the download link.

The meat thing is something I missed. The "Meat from large corpse" (enfield horror) was supposed to be the one giving a bit less.

The DMC Guards away from home is actually a vanilla game issue. NPCs have spawn points and the spawn rate is affected by distance. The Cryo Facility is really far but the chance to spawn DMC guards around there is still possible.

The recipe issue is another thing I missed. I forgot to add "0:" in the ingreds, which is causing that issue.

Thanks for the bug reports! I have no job anymore so I guess I can fix this in a moment. :P

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I would love to see something like an Ushanka added. I think some more "warm" clothing would help this game greatly!

For Pravda! Ypa~!

Maybeh. Cold is only a problem at first but after a while, you end up worrying about not wearing too much warm clothes to avoid heat strokes.

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Yeah, especially if you have the strong and melee traits in the beginning, along with trapping. I just really like Russian (especially Soviet) mods and items for games. I think it'd at least "look" really cool. I am loving this mod though, I only wish taking one of the new negative traits would actually add a new slot as well.

For Pravda! Ypa~!

Small update for today. It's mostly bug fixes but there is a new item in it too:

-Added Pair of Glasses. Most of these will help ppl with myopia but some will actually make vision worse. They don't help a 100% but it's better than nothing. Using them when you have no sight issues will actually give you penalties instead. (Thanks DnaJur!)
-Waterskins can now be left always open via right click menu.
-Fixed a small issue with a couple of recipes, which were giving a wrong number of fat from medium/large corpses.
-Fixed an issue with the ".308 rifle w/strap, add a scope" hidden recipe for makeshift rifles.

One thing I should mention about the glasses is that their effect take effect in the next turn because of current modding limitations.

Oh, another thing I should mention is to start a new game instead of using an old saved game because myopia will be incurable in it.

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Man, I really like this mod (Kaveen's mod too, I use one on each playthrough) the mags and clips are somethin' I like alot and wanted to ask if you were planing by any chance to add more guns? I like the variation you give us with the makeshift guns but it'd be nice to have more (That's probably just me)

Also off topic but I wanted to ask... would you know how to add pockets to the rawhide longcoat? I changed it into a nice jacket, as good as my photoshop skills are anyway, but it gives me less space to carry my things around. Again thanks for givin' us the extra contnent to improve our experience in this wonderful game.

EDIT: I LOVE the new look for the gauss rifle, finally was able to make a scoped one and it looks awesome, still can't figure out how to shoot it but still.

Well, not really. I have some guns ideas but I will probably save them for another mod I have in mind.

About the longcoat. To add pockets to that you need to make a little change in the item's itemtypes. It's ID in the xml file is 407 and to add pockets to it, you need to make the change in its "aCapacities" string. It should be empty so the only thing you need to add in there is the size of the pocket, for instance 2x3 or 3x3 like in cargo pants.

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That's nice man, lookin' forward to it and thanks for the instructions for the pockets.

Ooh, glasses! Welp, time for my current character to take a short walk and sudden drop. Out with the old, in with the new amirite?

The mod keeps getting better and better! Just one thing about breaking down rags / footwear to string. Can you make the string recipe be the first that appears? Right now, breaking down a boot yields 1 small string and its a bit of a pain to cycle through it when you want to make a bunch of string from rags. I would also exclude boots from that list or up the amount of string you get because 1 string from a $50 boot is a terrible trade off, haha. Also, how do you repair makeshift guns and can you take them apart? I have a makeshift rifle, toolkit, mechanic skill, ranged skill, lighter fluid and tarp but I can't repair them or disassemble. Using these items on a long makeshift shotgun allows me to turn it into a short shotgun, so might be a recipe issue. Not sure why. Keep up the good work!

I know your pain about making string. I actually tried to do that but it doesn't work for some reason. Also, I don't feel it's necessary the exclude boots from the list because it's just an option. You can either sell the boot, get the laces or destroy them.

To make/repair a makeshift rifle you need the mechanic skill, tool kit, x5 lighter fluid, 2 rifles which can be either be normal or makeshift and a large stick for the big stock.

About the makeshift shotgun. If you only use 1 shotgun, you will always get a short makeshift shotgun. Using any non sawed off shotgun with that short makeshift one will upgrade it to a makeshift one with extended barrel, capacity for 2 shells and collapsible stock.

If you have both the mechanic and ranged skills will mean you are a gun nut, and will allow you to use 2 normal weapons to get one with 100% condition (repair recipe). The more detailed recipes are in the main page so make sure to check that.

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If it's not possible to increase the quantity of string, how about making boots deconstruct into Medium Thread instead of normal? A bootlace is like, 2 or 3 feet long if you take it out of the boot, that would surely be Medium Thread.

Heya! I had a question concerning fire making.

Normally in the unmodded game you would need kindling of some kind to start a fire with a lighter. But with the reintroduction of lighter fluid in your mod, it seems that I can make a tiny campfire using only the fluid and lighter by itself, with no need for kindling. I was wondering if this was intentional, or perhaps a bug? :)

Sounds like a missed something in the lighter fluid code. I will add a fix for it in the next hotfix. Thanks for reporting it.

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Wont be making patchwork hide boots anytime soon
i wonder whats the y are made out of scrap metal and wood by the looks of it XD

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Woops! Another overwrite mistake right there. Adding this to the upcoming hotfix. Thanks!

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I've been playing with asthmatic, and I have a medical history of asthma (grew out of it, thankfully. Haven't had an attack in years).

Anyway, I think it would be nice to add some scripting, if possible, that allows for some non-medicinal (or at least non-albuterol) methods of managing asthma. Some real things that help reduce asthma attacks would be taking time to rest (ending turns with move points to spare), and drinking tea (IRL it's best if the tea is hot enough that it steams, but Neo Scav doesn't track the heat level of items). Doing those things should decrease the odds of attacks happening/worsening, and increase the odds of an attack passing, but they'd remain chance-based. As a counterpoint, running should increase the odds of an asthma attack, and if you could get away with it, strenuous fighting should make things worse too.

Hmm... I'm not sure if all these things can be made. If they can they would probably require a lot of coding, like giving each combat move a piece of code that will only work for those with asthma to name one.

I'll see if some of these suggestions can be included without too much editing.

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Yeah, the combat one seemed like it might be too hard. In a perfect world, I'd like it, but I can see it just taking up way too much time for too little benefit.

More on the Camp Grayling.

After crafting the foil coat and walking up to the fence, multitool in hand, the option to cut through the fence doesn't appear. I've tried a few quick fixes and still can't get the option.

Any idea what could be causing it? Maybe conflicting code or simple foolishness on my part.

Were you carrying the multitool open or closed?

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First I tried it closed, then after that failed, I opened the tool and tried it again open. Neither gave me the option to cut through the fence.

That's weird, I'm not changing any IDs so that shouldn't happen. I'll take a better look once I have free time.

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Ah, I get it now. You need two rifles for the parts and that makes sense. Just a question about camps, if I leave stuff in camps, will they be taken? Kinda beats the point of trying to store my good stuff if it is just going to get jacked by the cleaners, etc. If I use the hiding skill, I know I can see how concealed the space is, but are offices safe at all? Just trying to figure out whether I should even have camps at all.

The stuff in camps will only be taken by normal NPCs. I made Cleaners "blind" to camps with even a bit of concealment. They might still spot stuff left in "open field" camps since I think those have no concealment.

Cleaners are being really effective in removing the excess of stuff lying around so I'm really glad Kaaven helped me in making them stay away from camps. :P

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Speaking of the Cleaners, would it be possible for them to get scaled back a bit? They constantly interrupt me while scavenging, and it's frustrating not knowing whether that unknown enemy is a Bad Mutha or a harmless Cleaner.

I'll see what I can do. Also, are you leaving stuff on the ground? NPCs interested in loot like Cleaners will be attracted to a hex with anything with a value, even string. They usually keep their distance unless you are hiding or have the hiding skill since their ability to spot other NPCs is greatly reduced.

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They don't usually pester me in tiles like my camp where I keep all my stuff with money values hidden. However, a lot of times I'll be scavenging somewhere, use my last turn to scavenge, and still be standing where all the stuff is.

I don't have the hiding skill, and I only hide at night while sleeping.

I think the problem might be that you reduced their ability to see TOO much. When one stumbles onto me, there's a long time when I'm sitting there, spamming "search for enemy" without avail. Eventually, they'll use the reveal self action, I'll reveal myself (now that I know it's a harmless Cleaner), and the Cleaner retreats. If I don't reveal myself, they usually fail to find me, and keep trying to use the blind retreat options. So maybe with a bit better vision they'll be able to better identify occupied tiles and stay out of them?

Yeah, my insomniac/myopic self got so fed up with them stumbling into me in camp then burning 20 turns before revealing themself to my blind arse, then running away... I edited them back outta the mod. It was a nice idea but I think you tried to be a mite too clever with them and I'd much prefer they behaved more like looters and actively avoided combats. Before my edits I started a campaign to kill them when I encountered them, just so they'd stop annoying me.

... on the bright side, they taught me to destroy all crap string and such on the ground outside my campsites, which does seem to reduce the number of nocturnal visitors I get from the other factions. It was a good habit to aquire after I learned that bit about the NPC AI.

So how long do you think until the next update?

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I dunno. I have been a bit busy lately. I will get to it as soon as I can.

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seems that the new mod version is not working with the beta test version ... on my mac i don't have the ability to craft handregs or finding coffee or craft strong string

All those things are fine for me on Windows. I'd recommend re-downloading the mod, purging all traces of the current install, and re-installing the mod. It's possible something got borked on download or install, so that's worth a shot.

I reinstalled the game and the mod, several times but nothing changed ... maybe a problem of the operating system or i'm just to stupid to install this things ;) but in the version before the ne test, all this things worked ;)

That doesn't sound like a compatibility issue. I honestly have no idea what is wrong. It sounds like something that usually happens when you use other mods.

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How common/rare are loot locations like gun shops, pharmacys, and shop marts? I've been playing with the mod for a few days and have only found one pharmacy.

It sounds like they are still too rare. Umma look into it.

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I'm a fan of your mod. And yes, I'm using google translator xD. you should add a new weapon to shoot down drones. I tried to shoot them down many times, always well armed, and I've only managed to shoot down two and in different games, so I never got the gauss rifle. It would be nice some very powerful weapon, it was very heavy and not very useful except to bring down drones.I think in something like PTRD-41. And forgive me for my bad English

No worries, english is not my main language either. :P

I'm not sure about adding a new gun just for this purpose. Specially since I added armor piercing ammunition for pistols, revolvers and rifles. I haven't tried them against drones yet but their ability to bypass armor value probably makes them the best ammo to fight drones.

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For the first time I found an inhaler with an unspent canister in it... only problem is that it doesn't display the quality level of the canister, and every time I click "empty out" the canister goes right back into the inhaler itself.

It was only by putting the inhaler in my hand I was able to inspect the cartridge.

Good thing I did, too. It's a "bloodlust" cartridge.

Anyway, apparently the only valid place to put a "bloodlust" cartridge is inside an inhaler, they can't even be put on the ground. Spent cartridges can be put pretty much anywhere, no idea about "spirare" cartridges.

Yeah, I mentioned something about this when I uploaded the update adding them. The reason cartridges cannot be put anywhere else but inside inhalers is because there's no other way to make inhalers use different charges/ammo otherwise. I would need to make a different inhaler for each canister type. Making the canisters be put anywhere else would allow players to use the canisters without the need of inhalers.

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Ahh. Seems like an artifact of the limited modding capabilities, then.

The SBS4 shotgun w/o stock is kinda... enormous. 20x6, to be specific. Compared to the SBS4 w/ stock, which is only 12x3. I'm poking around the files now to see if I can jury-rig a quick fix.

That's weird. It sounds like a bug that usually happens when using a saved game from a previous version. It makes the game load the x2 version of the real item image for some reason.

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