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I kinda want to try to implement Wrestling... but without having to make it a new skill but a combination of some of them. Some things I have in mind:

Grab Target
-Will restrict the moves you and the target can do. (Unarmed attacks only and Wrestling related moves)
-No skills required so anyone can do this move.

Break Hold
-Can be done at will by the grabber. The target will only have a chance to do this each turn.
-Both move away 1 or 2 spaces away from each other and get a chance to trip and fall.

-Can only be done by those skilled in melee but can only be done to Unburdened Targets.
-Can be done at will by the grabber. The target will only have a chance to do this.
-It will take both to prone position.
-Target will take damage.

Throw to Ground
-Can only be done by those that are Strong but can only be done to Feeble and Unburdened Targets.
-Target will be thrown 1-3 spaces away, fall prone and take damage.
-This move breaks the hold.

-Will attempt to choke the target into a weak state. (Choking)
-Will attempt to render Choking targets into unconsciousness.
-Will strangle Unconscious targets to death.

Other moves that will be able to be used when Grabbing/Grabbed:
-Demand Surrender
-Accept Surrender
-Agree to Surrender
-Offer Surrender

These will break the hold:
-Leg Trip
-Head Butt

This will probably take some time so I guess I should release the 2 moves I already made first.

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nice!!! your Kung Fu is strong! ;D


How do I make Tallow if I may ask?

P.S. Loving the mod ^^ Really adds some good stuff into the game that should've already been there :D Your art is really nice btw. Keeps in touch with all the game graphics and etc, keep up the good work man!

Thanks! I usually just edit stuff but the leather vest has been the hardest art so far. I never expected this game to allow modding, which is something I love more than playing games. :P

To make tallow you need a medium fire source, a cutting tool, fire/water proof container, 1 unit of water and 2 chunks of fat.

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New Update, lads. It adds the new moves I mentioned before, Taunt and Lure Away. It also includes:

-Tool Kit. It's only used to turn a Cathcart North Shotgun into a Sawoff Shotgun. It might be used for Weapon Repair in future updates maybe but it will definitely be used to turn weapons into something else. It also offers limited storage room.

-Cathcart North "Shredder" 12-gauge shotgun. It's the sawoff shotgun I mentioned before. It's small enough to fit inside a backpack, it weights less and it does slightly more damage BUT its firing range has been reduced from 30 to 10, has the pistol whip melee attack instead of the rifle butt one and cannot be fitted with a strap to carry it over the shoulder.


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It would be cool if there was holster for it used as alternative slot (that one what bag from ATN enclave take)
You know Like that one guy

Yeah. I was going to make craftable holsters for pistols and revolvers but one for the Sawoff shotty is not a bad idea.

Holsters will probably need a tool kit instead of just a cutting tool in their crafting recipe. I need to justify its existence somehow. xD

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its looks pretty sweet!


Omfg Chiko, I praise you man. The new Sawoff <3 Lmao XD I know this might sound a bit needy but would you mind giving me the complete crafting recipes? Like for how to make leather, tallow, bark solution, Cracklings, Mulligan Stew, etc. Would be really, really helpful since I'm just a bit confused about how to make all that stuff >_< Thanks again for adding to my game experience with all this amazingly creative modding bro! :D

Hmm... I'm gonna edit the main page and post all crafting recipes in there. It's a bit cluttered right now.

Edit: I also have time right now so I think I will just start working on the craftable holsters for the sawoff shotgun and a "handgun" holster for both pistols and revolvers.

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Thanks Chiko, it'd honestly help out a lot lol :P And sounds good, can't wait to see the final product, double wielding sawoff shotguns like a badass atm right now after killing 4+ Dogmen and selling the fur coats and all the meat :D
P.S. I love how things are looking right now for the mod but I'd like to make a few suggestions. Handfuls of flour are to easy find lol x_x I mean yeah it's good to have that food source. I just think you shouldn't be able to make loafs upon loafs of bread. Gets rid of the survivalist feel a little. Also, I believe that the chance of getting fat from a animal should very from how meaty it is. Like let's say you only get 1 from a Deer. But 2 for a Dogman. Kinda thinks it's too easy to get Cracklings and just survive off diabetus XDDD

I know what you mean. Flour used to be even more common (100% spawn rate in designated areas) but I reduced that. I still have lots of them in my camp. I will probably reduce their spawn rate a bit more. I've also thought about making big animals and human offer less meat. I killed 3 Dogmen once and had tons and tons of meat. I actually did this a little bit by replacing meat with a chunk of fat so I guess I could just delete a bit more. :P

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Flour was like what the fuck everywhere :D After fulling one yukon backpack I just clearly ignored it. Making it rare would be even more cool because bread is very long lived product.

Reduce big chunk of meat to max 2 and leave rest like it is. Then it will be good, because if you have dogs-be-gone you don't need any food/water with you

Also please do impliment the wrestling moves :D They seem sick

I will, eventually. :P

But for now, I have the holsters ready:
The holster for the sawoff works a bit differently coz its storage room could be abused. When the holster has the weapon inside, it will use a new sprite, the "holstered sawoff" one, which will take the correct 2x10 room. Also, most leather crafts will require a Tool Kit instead of a cutting tool in the next update.

I will probably upload the new stuff in a while, once the main page is dealt with.

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That...Is....ermahgerd o ~ o So sexy, Chiko. So sexy XDDDDDDD It looks sketch af doe. See some guy with that coming towards me I'd get tf outta there lol :P

Nice, not so Madmax like but its look damn good :D

Mod Updated. It adds the holsters and it also makes some small changes:

-Most leather crafting requires the use of a Tool Kit instead of a cutting tool.
-Flour spawns less often.
-You get less meat from butchering big animals.
-Small Chunk of Meat now counts as an Extra Cooking Ingredient when cooking Mulligan Stew.

I also organized the main page a bit. :3

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awesome, the toolkit is a very good idea!

You mind if I make similar toolkit in my mod? I want to make a recipe where multi-tool+hammer+aviation snips+wrench+other=ToolBox
I wanna use it for repair as well, and added shortened recipes ingame


Go ahead. All of this content is free to use with other mods already so no worries. :3

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awesome!!! same goes for my stuff :D


I think it's finally time to implement some of the weapons I said I was going to add like, days ago. xD


-The baseball bat would be a bit redundant... unless I edit some of the vanilla blunt weapons. Maybe it should do less damage and inspire less fear than a war club but have more reach. Maybe I should give it a reach of 2 and reduce the reach of a war club to 1.

-The nail bat would also do cutting damage in addition to its blunt damage. It should also cause more fear but it should degrade a bit faster than unmodified bats. Crafting one should need a bat, a tool kit, a number of small parts and rags to improve the grip of the handle.

-The sawoff in there is not neccesary anymore. This pic was made back when we only had the hunting rifle. :P

-The Scrap Metal Machete and Knife could also be implemented. Scrap Metal Knives could be throwable too, that would make them really versatile weapons.

-The Shiv and the glass knife are not longer an option since we have a vanilla glass shiv, which is a mix of these 2 weapons.

-And that little thing next to the glass knife is a one-shot makeshift zip gun. It should make as much damage as a handgun but it should has a really limited firing range. It can use both pistol and revolver ammo but I don't know how to make it so it can only hold 1 ammo at a time. I'm not implementing this one... at least not for now.

In short, next update will include the baseball bat, nail bat, scrap metal knife and scrap metal machete and related items to their crafting recipes. Also, someone in steam suggested the ability to add a strap to first aid kits, which is not a bad idea.

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Those baseball bats seem disproportionately large to me. I'm pretty sure a proper long rifle like the ones in NEO would noticeably bigger than a baseball bat.

Hmm... how about 14x instead of 17x? 17x is the same size of a rifle so yeah. :P

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I know its early to tell but since you are adding these new weapon are you also going to create some combat moves for them? something like a knockdown attack for the bat or a throat slit and backstab for the knife as a sneak attack whom would kill instantly if undetected or cause heavy bleading if in direct confrontation

I dunno yet. I kinda wanted to add moves related to the holsters. Something similar to the ditch vehicle one but I have no idea how they would work yet. I don't think there's a way to cause a gun to fire while not equipped and be put in your hands with a move. :P

I do like the backstab hidden attack for the knife. Maybe it should work with all knives and make them good weapons for stealth players. I'm also thinking about having an advanced "Lure Away" move for players with the Hiding skill. This one should leave no chance for them to detect you and it would also reduce their detection ability for 3 turns, which will make it easier to close in for a backstab, for instance.

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try give your gun a aPossessConditions condition, then have the battlemove only appear when the player is under that condition
I've noticed you can make a lot more changes in the battlemoves than the attackmodes

Edit: my bad, the equip part is not possible though :(


New update, lads. It adds:

-Lootable baseball bats and craftable nail bats. Which are good blunt weapons.
-The reach of war clubs have been reduced from 2 to 1 but they are stronger than baseball bats.
-Lootable scrap metal and the ability to craft bladed weapons out of it.
-Scrap machete, which is now the best bladed weapon so far.
-Scrap knife. Can be used to stab or be thrown at enemies. 3 can be crafted at a time.
-Some melee weapons have different damage stats to rebalance them with the new weapons.
-Scrap metal weapons and wooden Bats will also spawn in the hands of NPCs.
-First aid kits can be fitted with a strap to be able to be carried in the special equipment slot.

Download link and crafting recipes in the main page. :3

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First aid kit with strap, huh now its better than ATN bag because its can hold more.

Yup! The need of tools (multitool or tool kit) and the other components makes them unable to be crafted early so I think it's ok. :3

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Hmm... flour is still a bit too common for my taste. The baseball bat in the hands of a bad mutha is something to fear. I haven't seen one carrying a machete yet but I can imagine it would be as fun. The good news is Rough Splints are becoming a lot more important. :P

Also, I'm thinking about adding a throwable attack option to the Monkey Wrench and the ability to add medium threads to spears so they can be carried over the shoulders. That would increase the number of spears a player can carry to 4 instead of 2.

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maybe just a spear holder on the sholder?

Lol no. They would probably overlap most of the inventory screen and icons like it already happens with the inventory for the quiver and the strapped first aid kit but a lot more. :P

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Getting everyone hooked onto those holsters, Chiko XD
Chiko's to do list
Metal Sauce Pan Holster
Wooden Stick Holster
Dogman Holster
Dan Fedor Holster

Lolz xD

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Don't forget the holster holster holster, for when you want to holster your holster holsters.

Yo dawg I heard you like holsters so I got you a holster holster so you can holster holster while holstering holsters

Question, lads. I'm adding spears with slings into the game.

Do I actually add the ability to add a strap to them and make them separated items


Do I just edit the vanilla ones and their recipes to have strapped spears only?

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I think that you should make them separate items, but for balancing make the spear with a sling have less range and be less accurate when thrown.

Maybe just a bit less accurate. Also, it will be just be one shoulder. I just tried the other shoulder slot and it works but I think it's too much. Besides, the other shoulder is supposed to be for special gear only.

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Chiko I have an idea - maybe we should separete the spear recipe with melee skill and range? You can make melee spear more heavy and reliable, but with low range and ranged ones like javelins (maybe even stackable to 2 or 3 items) they will be fragile like arrows (but more reliable) and It can be thrown on the same distanse as a spear at the moment?

That would be on the realistic side, actually - there is a "simplification" in gaming, as spears are not generally weighted for throwing, they are melee weapons made with combat reach in mind. Javelins are "pointy sticks" made for throwing, with generally more piercing tips and different balancing. See Roman hastae vs. pilum.

So, yeah, if you want to seriously work on spear balancing, maybe differentiate between spears (heavier, higher damage and reach, non throw-able) and javelins (lighter and shorter, throw-able, lower damage, higher penetration, harder to make).

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I agree with you two but I don't really think about adding Javelins. Specially since I can't make them recoverable for some reason. The knives and spears with straps just disappear after you throw them.

The rest about them is working ok. It's just that one detail.

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Chiko, I pose a challenge for you, I sent this suggestion to Dan not long ago, but he said that for modders to do this, it's probably possible. So I'm just gonna copy and paste the message I sent to him and let you think about it. It'd be really, really cool if you could make it, I'd appreciate it so much if you even tried because it does seem like a lot of work. So here ya' go. (Message now) Somewhat long Message ahead, enjoy if you read it out completely~
Ok, so randomly today in school I thought about how the medical system in the game actually is very complex. And staying on that thought and pestering my friend about it, I thought about what if your limb were to be severed? Like completely removed (or in segments relating to the where the attack was positioned, meaning like lower arm = Hand getting cut off, upper arm = Whole arm) And I realized that this would honestly (in my opinion) make the game a lot more interesting and difficult, even with such the small chance of it happening, I still believe it'd be really cool. Which leads me to another point, you know how the haggerty health clinic gives you eye augments? What about limbs? :D Think about it. And getting the limb severed will make any object held in that hand dropped, and that hand rendered useless until replaced with a fake robotic arm (Which will probably cost a lot of money in the NEO Scavenger universe) I'd also like to include the idea of legs being removed. It may seem way, way, waaaay to difficult. But yeah, it'd make things interesting and I'd love if you even take it into consideration ^^ Notes: Would have to clean and dress the wound on a regular basis until the wound seals ALSO limbs cannot be regrown, only replaced with fake ones. And I was thinking about what if the robotic (or whatever the arms will be made out) arms add a great deal of strength to your simple punch? So yeah. Try it out, please. It'd be really cool if you implement this into the game. Also loving the mod so far man, having a great deal of fun with it ^^

I never get that idea of making some uber powerful hits with robotics limbs, physic don't work like that. If you hit something all your body get fell of this. Your organs can failure from exposure to too big burden.
Of course you hit with something harder than skin and bones and only because of that it should be more powerful than standard hit (like hitting with branch for example)

But going into prosthesis hands/legs, I think it shouldn't give benefits bigger than having natural limbs.
There should be backlash to it, not only cost of operation but maybe you need energy to make it working (if 0 energy then same to cripled and maybe some weight add because of this) or healing/repairing it should be much harder/slower

It does sound like really hard to implement. I don't think severed limbs can be visually implemented in the mainmap and inventory screen, though. The closest thing I imagine to implementing this would be to add a "mangled" status in which the limb is so damaged it cannot be used/healed. Cybernetic prosthetics is a good idea to remedy this but as Perteks mentioned, it shouldn't be better than a natural limb, at least not until upgraded with augmentations. :P
They should be more durable but once broken, you could only get it repaired at the clinic.

I have a list of things to try first, though. But this one is definitely something I would like to mod.

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I was actually thinking about something like that, but don't have time right now to actually check if that possible. My idea was that a "Arm Removed" condition could trigger an after-combat encounter that places a permanent item in hand slot, item that is invisible on the world map (making an arm disappear) and background-colored in inventory (again, making it seem like player does not have a hand) and blocks the slot (cannot be switched by other items, making that hand effectively useless).

I know that EmperorZA was working on a unmovable item (purple brain-thinggy) but I do not know if encounters can be rigged to place items directly in slots - arrows do that when they stay in body, but you seem to have a problem replicating that, right? Anyway, as crude as it might seem, that is the closest thing to arm removal I can think off as possible.

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Well, even if you don't add it or not it's cool, just wanted to put my idea out there. Spread it around and see if anyone can maybe start working on it so it can be progressively worked on and hopefully be added into the game one day. Also, I have a few ideas that maybe you'd be interested in to add into the mod, idk?

Tire Iron
Brass Knuckles
Axes (Tomahawks etc possibly ATN Enclave)

So I just got home and decided to start working on those wrestling/grappling moves I mentioned before. I can already tell it's going to take a while coz I have to edit most of the vanilla moves. I just added the most basic one, Grapple, which prevents you and the target from moving and using most of the combat moves. It's working so far.

I tried it with some enemies and they cannot do anything but scream at me and ask for surrender/talk. I guess it's time to add the grappling moves, then. :3

Also, this gives me an idea. Since enemies will sometimes use this aswell, I will include a "restrain" or "hold off" move which will render both the grappler and grappled inmobile for a turn. This might sound useless but remember that enemies are not always alone. ;)

Also, there will be some moves a 3rd enemy won't be able to do to someone engaged in grappling. Like grappling an already grappling person, tackling and moves that will usually make the target move.

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