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That is the page I visited when I developed the grappling system. :P

One difference is that the "submission hold" I added can only be used if the grappler is standing and the grappled is fallen and vulnerable. The goal you mention is one of the things you can currently do, actually. The other one being to disarm your opponent.

Also, about the bug. How did you managed to move away from him while grappling?

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New small update, lads:

-Made some small adjustments to some of the features again. Too small and barely noticeable to mention them all here. :P
-Working HVAC Vent can now be turned on and off via right click menu.
-Added Metal Lockers. Made them a rare item to be found and can only be opened by those skilled in Lockpicking. Their loot is not completely random and they might also be booby trapped unless you also have the Trapping skill. Opening one will consume a lockpick set.

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Hey Chiko how about adding some traps to use when scavenging the forest that would catch bigger prey then a squirrel? maybe even using those trap in a campsite to make it safer and either damaging or killing any unwanted intruder?.

I think Dan has something like that in mind coz I found a bear trap sprite in the image folder. Sounds like a good idea but I actually don't know how to implement something like that.

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The bear trap sprite is actually used in game already - it shows up when a "Booby Trap" accident happens during scavenging certain locations (shacks in the woods and locked sheds, if I recall right). It was in game for a long time and as far as I know there is no way to add any "offensive" traps without some serious hacks involved (know cause I was thinking about that as well :D).

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sorry if this said before which version is this mod compatible with?

i am using steam beta version 0.9936b and 0,9937 is announced recently.. will be avaible soon i guess.. so which version do i need? thank you for all your effort

Thanks for letting me know about the update. I just checked it out and it seems there's no need to update this mod. It works with the latest test build with no problems.

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Can you add ability to turn light in cryo facility off?

decraft it ;)

Hmm... is there something negative about having the lights on? I've never really thought of that, actually.

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Its more visible (less concealment status bar)

Hmm... Mkay, I'll add the ability to turn that one off too, then.

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What code would I have to change to make it so All string doesn't Degrade? Im sure its in one of the text files so can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

You will find it in the xml file inside the folder called 0. All the vanilla stuff that I only edited is in that folder.

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BTW this isnt working Tool with Screwdriver + First Aid Kit + 2 Small Parts + 2 Medium Thread = First Aid Kit w/ Strap.

I tried the multi-tool, 2 medium thread, 2 assorted small parts, and a first aid kit. Still wont let me craft it with a strap. Any idea why?

Is it because i made the string non-degradable?

It's one of the things I didn't implemented into the new version of the mod. All the things that are in red in the main page are not in the newest version of the mod.

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Oh my apologies. Thanks for the quick response bro. Do you have any plans to add more to the mod? Some new locations and items would be nice, i have some ideas if your interested.

Yup, I'm always thinking about stuff to add. I keep a list of ideas around and I also check on suggestions other ppl post and stuff like that.

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I kinda want to add a way to extract poison from stuff to be able to use it... but I'm not sure how to implement a way to actually use it. Making it useable on existing melee weapons is kinda complicated. The only "easy" way to make use of it would be to add 2 weapons that use poison. Maybe a Dart Gun for those that like guns and a Syringe for melee attacks or something like that.

Edit: And even like that, these would even need a different move/attack since a normal one wouldn't be able to poison anything. :P

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Couldn't you technically make certain melee weapons with a bladed edge like a knife have an ammo slot just like a ranged weapon? That way you could apply poison by putting it in the ammo slot and it degrades 15 percent or so per attack.

That could work but I would need to test it since I have no idea if melee weapons are allowed to use ammo. Nice idea.

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Can someone PLEASE tell me how to disable the Blue Rot? The past 5 games I've played I caught it everytime and was unable to get rid of it, went to the enclave and had the Dr. help, took anti biotics and tannin tea. This shit is stupid and needs to be removed or nerfed. ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: Would removing these lines get rid of the disease all together? I posted it on Pastebin because it was too large to post here. I found these lines in the main neogame.xml with the exe. If I remove the section posted to pastebin from it would that stop be from contracting Blue Rot randomly or is there other areas I need to delete.


I think that would just make the game stop loading files at the start. I don't really know how to safely remove the disease from the files but maybe you could try changing their vIDNext from whatever is there to 0, which will stop it from moving towards stage 2 and 3.

I've never got the disease myself and I even fight Blue Frogs in melee. :P

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Ive removed the lines mentioned in pastebin and the game loads just fine, im going to get into a melee fight with some blue frogs and see if I catch the disease. Cross your fingers for me....

Hey Chiko what would you think about adding multiple character slots for the holsters? it seem strange not being able to have both a gun holster and a quiver also how about a bandolier type item to have the most important stuff like knives,lockpicks etc on the character?

Sounds like a good idea. I could make them being able to be put on one of the chest slots. The best option could be using one of the shirt slots since those can stack up to 3 of those. If it doesn't work then they could be equipped into the hoodie slot but that would mean no hoodie could be equipped at the same time since those cannot be stacked.

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I dont know if it is possible but how about adding a slot space for the waist working like a belt? maybe even adding some knife holster to put up your boots

I read somewhere there was a belt slot but I have no idea how to use that slot or if they can even have inventory space. I also don't think foot slots can have inventory space either. Imma test it just in case.

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I remember that emperorZA(probably him) or Kaaven had belt in their mods with went to belt slot, maybe ask them or reverse science it :D?

Emperor's Makeshifter mod has a belt in it. It uses slot 12 for it and does have inventory space. Haven't tested that in the new version myself however, so cannot be 100% sure. Good idea to check this out though :D

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I just tried slot 12 and it does work. I'm thinking about making an utility belt or an ammo belt that can either be used around the waist or across the chest like a bandolier.

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I actually kinda like the idea of a bandoiler. It could also use the sash slot (the one the blue frog sash takes up on the chest) since effectively they're in the same spot, plus that'll stop the bandoiler from being abused by stacking three in the t shirt slot. Plus I don't think anyone will cry much over not being able to wear the sash and bandoiler at the same time.

New update, lads. It includes:

-Added a new vehicle, NeoCross "All-Terrain" bicycle. It has no inventory space but it allows you to move a lot more. It's comparable to running but less tiring, makes you easier to be tracked and decreases your ability to track even more than running does. It's a rare item to be looted and can also be repaired.
-Added a new craftable, Leather Bandolier. It can only hold ammo and uses the same slot as the Blue Frog Sash.
-Added a new craftable, Leather Utility Belt. It uses the unused Belt Slot and has an inventory space of 3x3. These can also be looted.
-Tarp Cloak now offers some small protection against damage comparable to a shirt but it covers more body parts like a rawhide longcoat.
-Light Fixture can now be turned on and off via right click menu.

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Ohhh pretty excite for this update. More leather crafts and storage is always appreciated. Gonna have to figure out how I feel about the bicycle. What it really needs is a tiny pissy basket =P

I thought about something like that when I first got the idea to implement it but the movement bonus is more than enough for it, IMO. The only thing I could do would be to add room for a liquid, since most mountain bikes come with their own water bottle and stuff. :P

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First - A place for one bottle on the Bicycle.
Second - Can you do something with the holsters? They are good, but useless at the same time! I want to have a duffel bag and holster for my shotgun at the same time... (my dream is to get rid of vechicles that make me slow) Maybe a specific holster on belt slot?
Third - Can you make the big sleeping bags could be tied with rope? (takes some time to tie and untie it)
Fourth - If you can make the third suggestion, then make a specific slot on backpack (Yukon) for sleeping bags (like water in bottle).

P.S. If my great English is not understandable tell me and I'll rewrite this post more understandable. =)

Yeah, the new duffel bags have rendered most of the items that can go in that slot useless. The good thing is that they aren't really common. I'll see what I can do.

About sleeping bags... Maybe they all could just have a strap already so they can be carried over the shoulder. Also, there's no way to make an specific inventory space when there's already a set inventory space for items so that one cannot be done.

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My suggestion about sleeping bags was not about shoulder slot. It was about space that big sleeping bag uses. I think that this specific item should have two forms - 1) in camp full sized 2) in backpack tied with rope that makes it smaller.

Err... they already come tied down. They all (including the one this mod adds) give the same condition and the only difference is their size and their chances to be found. Giving the big one a way to make it smaller kinda makes the other ones not as important anymore. :P

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A Better easier idea would be to have the Big sleeping bag of 2 different "states". Rolled and Unrolled. You could go into the crafting menu and put just the sleeping bag in to roll or unroll it. With it rolled you can carry it on your back like a weapon or duffel. What you think?

Mkay, lads. I need feedback on something I have in mind.

Currently, you can have a lot of items equipped at the same time and the only penalty you get is applied when being burdened. I have thought of ways to deal with this as a way to make some rebalance:

-Clothes, bags, items over the shoulder, etc. will each have a value. As you equip pieces of equipment, their values will start to stack, giving you penalties like reducing movement points and making combat more tiring.
-If this value reaches a certain point, it will give you the "unable to run" condition.
-Certain items will not increase this value. Items like pants, shoes in the correct feet, etc.
-Having a backpack and equipment over both shoulders at the same time will also give you the "unable to run" condition. There will be exceptions like the small birch bag, small backpack and the holsters.

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For some reason I can't craft most of the leather objects. All I can seem to make is leather staps, a waterskin, and a quiver.

That's weird... I just checked and I could craft all of them.

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I think he is using rawhide.

NOOOOOO (reference to Star wars). It will be terrible - at the moment I am trying to get as many space on me to get rid of vechicle...

What do you think about upgradeble clothes - like adding some fur or leather on cargo pants or hoodie, or maybe makeshift pockets?

Also if you made locked safes maybe it is time to add some benefits to bad traits like electrican and hacker?

i think i found a bug .... scrap knife does not count as cutting tool if you use int in the leather patch recipe
here is a pic

Spoiler: Highlight to view

it works with multi tool and a shard but not with a scrap knife

btw i like the new belt :)

What you do mean by if you use int? :P

Also, I just tried the recipe with the scrap knife and it works... I can't really explain why it's not working in that screenshot.

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hmm that is strange
well when i tried to craft the recipe in the sceenshot i used the panel to insert the materials automatically
but it never used the scrap knife then i tought since i had one(scrap knife) and it had like 2.9 durability i would use it up instead of my multi tool
so i removed the tool manually and added the scrap knife then i got the sitiuation in the screenshot

That's actually what I did too. I wonder what the problem was.

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For some reason this wouldn't post properly above. This is in regards to the Big Sleeping Bag the other poster was talking about.

A Better easier idea would be to have the Big sleeping bag in 2 different "states". Rolled and Unrolled. You could go into the crafting menu and put just the sleeping bag in to roll or unroll it. With it rolled you can carry it on your back like a weapon or duffel but ONLY in that slot, so the other sleeping bag is still useful and it doesn't take a slot and is still small. What you think? Maybe the blue frog sash slot?

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