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[WIP] Extended NeoScav v3.2 (Archived Comments)

Admin Note: This topic was starting to get so long that the notification emails were tripping the spam protection. I've locked this thread but left it visible for archival purposes. A new version of this thread can be found here. -dcfedor

This mod adds new recipes, items, a new lootable location and new graphics but I will keep expanding it with more stuff while trying to stay within the game lore and graphic style as close as possible. Here's a list of the new stuff in the mod:


Features in red will represent content only found in the old version of this mod and will not be re implemented in the new one because I never liked them or because they are too much of a hack, requiring to change vanilla content and the like.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Heavy Sleeper
A negative trait. It reduces awareness when sleeping, which means it's quite unlikely to be woken up by the presence of other NPCs.

A negative trait. It makes characters constantly crave for cigarettes. Failing to satisfy the need to smoke will add a number of small penalties. Characters might also suffer from headaches if not smoking for a while.

A negative trait. It makes characters suffer from chronic asthma attacks, which have a small chance to be fatal. Inhalers are a must for them.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Not an actual faction. Loner NPCs are Psychos or Bandits who will attack anything on sight, including other loners. So far, they can only be encountered as looting accidents.

A faction of Tarp clad ninjas which are good at hiding and disappearing. They are mostly harmless and won't speak. They will pick up anything of value they find lying around in the open.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
A new attack move that can only be used by Dogmen. It replaces the move Kick but it's quite similar, just a bit more deadly and does cutting damage instead of bruising damage. Also it has a chance to cause another cutting damage but minor, compared to the main one.

Lure Away
This move will distract the target for 1 turn, making them go investigate the noise and move 1 space away from you.

This move will distract you for 1 turn but it will make enemies a bit less likely to fear you. It's like the opposite of the Threaten move but it also affects other enemies because it technically reduces your threat lvl, making you look less of a danger.

Threaten with Torch/Flare
It allows you to scare away creatures that are fearful of fire or bright lights. A very useful tactic that can affect multiple targets and might save your life. It makes you really visible when used but it also has a chance to reveal hidden targets, since you don't need to see the target to be able to use it.

A move that can only be done while having a shield equipped. It makes you easier to hit but it also increases your armor value. It only helps against damage so other effects can still be applied to you, like being suppressed or staggered from a flurry of attacks.

Bicycle Charge/Withdraw
Combat moves that only appear when riding a bicycle. It allows you to close in and retreat faster. Charging with a Bicycle also increases the melee damage for the next turn. Both need you to be at least 5 spaces sway from the target.

A handful for an Eye
This move will improve your odds of survival in a hard situation. Also known as pocket sand, this attack will stun the target and make them retreat 1 space away from you, giving you a precious turn to either escape or attack. It can only be done while fallen and characters with the strong and melee skill are unable to use this move. This move is not always available but unlike most moves, it can be used while recovering.

Engages into grappling combat with the target. There's a chance to miss but if you manage to get hold of someone, both will get a new set of moves depending on the role, Grappler/Grappled. Head Butt, Leg Trip, Pull Down, Get Up, All the Surrender moves and Taunt can be used while grappling.

This is basically the ability to deal damage while grappling. It's comparable to using fists and can sometimes miss. It will also have a chance to knock off the target's equipped weapons and vehicle. Always available for Grapplers but not always available for Grappled targets.

Knee Strikes
Similar to Melee Surge but can only be done while grappling. Always available for both Grapplers and Grappled. Cannot be used with a broken leg.

This will cause you to push the target away, breaking the hold. There's a chance for the target to get damage, fall and lose a turn. Always available.

Break Free
This is similar to release but is only available for Grappled targets. It affects both the Grappled and Grappler. Both get a chance to get damage, fall and lose a turn. Not always available.

Gain Control
This move is available to Grappled targets only when the Grappler is fallen and vulnerable. It will attempt to switch Grappler/Grappled places, leaving the previously Grappled target with control of the grappling hold.

A move only available for Melee skilled Grapplers. It will bring both Grappler and Grappled to the ground, but only causing damage to the later. This move can miss, leaving the Grappler vulnerable and with a chance of falling down alone. Cannot be done if the target has a vehicle equipped.

Throw Down
This move can be used by both the Grappler and the Grappled and it will throw the target down 2-3 spaces away and cause damage. This move will naturally break the grappling hold. Cannot be done if the target has a vehicle equipped.

Hold Back
This move will prevent you and the target from using most moves for 2 turns. It will increase the chance of getting hit even more for the duration of the move so if the Grappler has allies, they will benefit of this. The Grappled target will still have small chances to escape this or to counter attack while being held back.

This move is only available for the Grappler. The grappler will attempt a choke hold, which will distract him for a turn and the target will be left having trouble breathing, that means all next moves will be more tiring for 5 turns, this state stacks so multiples choke holds will render the target blacking out/unconscious. If the target is blacking out but still struggling back, the next strangle hold will render them unconscious. If the target is unconscious and the Grappler decides to use the move again, it will strangle the target to death.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Farming Plots
These can be found in suburban hexes. Potatoes and Carrots can be looted from this location and having the Botany Skill will increase looting chance and allow you to loot a bit more.

Shabby Auto Repair Shop
Usually found in both urban and suburban hexes. Finding loot in these is really hard but the best find is a tool kit. The rest can go from rubble to tools.

Ransacked Pharmacy
Usually found in both urban and suburban hexes. Finding loot in these is really hard but the best find is a med kit. The rest can go from rubble to drugs or bandages.

Ransacked Gun Store
Only found in urban hexes. Finding loot in these is really hard but the best find is ammo. The rest can go from rubble to gun mods.

Barricaded Gun Store
Only found in suburban hexes. This is a dangerous place to loot. Small chances to actually find someone else's loot, traps or to trigger a couple of encounters.

Derelict Shop-Mart
Only found in urban hexes. Finding loot in these is not as hard but the best find is shopping cart parts. The rest can go from rubble to food or other random items.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
A secluded shack in the woods
Only and always found on forest shack hexes. They are comparable to houses but offer less shelter. It's still a lot better than plains or the woods.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Bark Solution
This is a liquid that is used in the tanning and repair of leather. To make it, you need a Heat Source, a Water/Fire Proof Container, a Sharp Edge, 2x Water and 10x Tannin Source.

String Rope
A weaker version of the leather shoulder strap. Can be crafted with 10x Length of Medium String.

Lighter Fluid
Ammo for lighters. Can also be used in some crafting recipes. Found in random amounts inside lighters.

Scrap Metal
A lootable crafting component. It's found mainly in urban hexes or houses and it's used in mostly for weapon crafting.

Rawhide Patch
Similar in concept to chunks of furs, these are used in some equipment crafting recipes. To make a Rawhide Patch, you need a Sharp Edge, a Tanning Rack, 2x Water and a Small Pelt.

Rawhide Straps
Weaker versions of the military shoulder strap. 4x can be crafted with a Cutting Tool and a Rawhide Patch.

Leather Patch
A stronger material than rawhide, these are used in better equipment crafting recipes. To make a Leather Patch, you need a Sharp Edge, a Tanning Rack, 2x Ash, 2x Water, a Rawhide Patch and Tanning Material (Bark Solution, Tallow or 480 charges of Lighter Fluid).

Tarp Sleeping Bag
A poor quality 6x6 sleeping bag. It offers the same benefits as the normal ones but this one degrades over time. You need 3x Tarp and 6x Medium Thread to make one.

Metal Locker
A rare item to loot, mostly in urban areas. There are 2 kinds, lockers with mechanical locks or with electronic locks. They cannot be carried and can only be interacted with via "use" button. May contain interesting loot but only a character with the lockpicking skill or the spoofer app can open them. Will consume a set of basic lockpicking tools regardless of their current condition.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Tool Kit
This lootable "crafting kit" is used in a variety of equipment crafting and repair recipes. It offers limited storage space.

Foil Pot
It's like a Sauce Pan but it cannot be used as weapon and it degrades quickly. Specially handy since Foil Scraps are very common.

Tanning Rack
This is used to craft Rawhide and Leather. It can only be put inside campsites so it can't be moved unless dismantled. To make one, you need 6x Medium or Large Shafts and 4x Medium String or Strong Fasteners.

Folding All-Terrain Bicycle
A vehicle with no inventory space that decreases movement point cost. It's similar to running but it's less tiring, makes you more easy to be tracked and decreases your ability to track even more than running does. It's a rare item to loot and can be disassembled into x1 Bicycle Frame, x1 Bicycle Parts, x2 Bicycle Wheels and x14 Small Mechanical Parts with either a Multitool or a Tool Kit. The Mechanic Skill is needed to reassemble one.

Bicycle Cart
A big vehicle with a lot of inventory room but also penalties. It's heavier and less versatile than the Bicycle. To make one you need the Mechanic Skill, a Tool Kit, x1 Bicycle Frame, x1 Bicycle Parts, x3 Bicycle Wheels, x1 Shopping Cart Basket and x18 Small Mechanical Parts.

Repairable Guns
Only available to Mechanics and skilled in Ranged. You need to combine the guns using a Tool Kit and 5 units of Lighter Fluid to clean/repair and reassemble a 100% condition gun. Repairing Makeshift guns is the same but the Ranged Skill is not required.

More Software Options
GPS is now available for Laptops. There's also a thermometer app that tells the current temperature of the area you are in.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Baseball Bat
A sturdy wooden bat. It's very durable and does decent damage. It can be looted mostly in houses and apartment buildings or from hostile humans.

Spiked Bat
A wooden bat upgraded with nails and other pointy and sharp metal parts. It degrades slightly faster than unmodified bats but it causes both fear and nasty wounds. It can be crafted with a Tool Kit, a Baseball Bat, 3 Rags for better grip of the handle and 6 assorted small parts.

Scrap Metal Knives
Weak makeshift knives. They can also be thrown at enemies, which makes them quite useful. To craft 4 of them, you will need a Tool Kit, Scrap Metal and 8 Rags for the handles.

Scrap Metal Machete
A medium sized sharpened blade. Not as sturdy as other melee weapons but it does good damage and it's also feared by most. To craft one, you will need a Tool Kit, Scrap Metal and 4 Rags for the handle.

Scrap Metal Shield
A weak makeshift shield. It adds a new "Block" move in combat and can also be used to bash a target, which can push them 1 space away from you. To make one, you need a Tool Kit, 2 Scrap Metal, 1 Rawhide Patch, 2 Strong Fasteners, and 5 Small Mechanical Parts.

Tactical Baton
Another DMC faction item. There's a chance DMC Guards will carry this instead of a pistol and holster. It's better than hitting with a rifle butt, which is not much, but it barely degrades and takes little inventory space. Still a deadly melee weapon in the hands of someone with the strong and melee skills.

Fire Axe
It can be found in office or apartment buildings but it's really rare. There's also a tiny chance for NPCs to carry one. Fire Axes are powerful melee weapons and they also degrade slowly but each swing will give you a stackable condition that will make any future action tire you more and more.

Cathcart North "Perforator" 12-gauge Sawoff Shotgun
It's the craftable Sawed off version of the "Perforator" Shotgun. It takes less room, it's lighter and does slightly more damage but its firing range has been greatly reduced and it makes less melee damage. You need a "Perforator" Shotgun and a Tool Kit to craft it.

"Outcast" .308 Makeshift Hunting Rifle
It is weaker than the original gun in every aspect. It can only hold one round but even with all its penalties, it's still a dangerous weapon. It can also be upgraded with a scope and shoulder sling. To make one you need a Tool Kit, Mechanic or Ranged Skill, 2x Hunting Rifle, A Large Tree Branch and 5 units of Lighter Fluid to clean/repair and reassemble a 100% condition gun.

"Shredder" 12-gauge scatter gun
The first stage of this weapon is basically a sawed off shotgun barrel with a trigger and handle. It can only shot one shell at a time and is less powerful than the other shotguns but it can be upgraded into an actual rifle or carbine-like weapon. To make one you need a Tool Kit, Mechanic or Ranged Skill, Shotgun Parts and 5 units of Lighter Fluid. To upgrade it you need a Tool Kit, Mechanic Skill, a Short Scatter Gun, a non sawed off Shotgun and 5 units of Lighter Fluid.

"Mongrel" .45 Makeshift Pistol
This gun shoots .45 rounds but can only hold one at a time. It's weaker but more common than the Deltec Pistol and Revolver. To make one you need a Tool Kit, Mechanic or Ranged Skill, x2 Pistol/Revolver Parts and 5 units of Lighter Fluid.

Armor Piercing Rounds
AP rounds do the same damage as FMJ rounds but all of it is cutting damage and with a +1 penetration bonus. They are available for Handguns and Rifles.

Breaching Rounds
Breach rounds are really weak for combat purposes but they can be used to loot locked storage sheds and metal lockers. They will most likely attract unwanted attention but are pretty valuable for those without the lockpicking skill. They are only available for Shotguns. They are also really rare so their market price is high.

Pistol Suppressor
This piece of equipment will make a .45 pistol do slightly less damage but a lot more deadly by reducing the chances to give away your position. It also increases the chances of to make the target lose sight of you when hit. The suppressor is only used when the gun is being held so it doesn't use extra inventory space.

Deltec Tactical Stock
The adjustable stock in on SBS4s shotguns are now a separated item mod. Using the shotgun without it takes less room and makes it possible to put it in a short shotgun holster but it gives penalties when firing the weapon, which are slightly less range and giving the "Vulnerable" condition.

Ammo Boxes
Containers which can only fit ammunition inside. They are 3x3 in size but they can hold a good number of ammo. There are 3 different ones. Handgun ammo box, shotgun ammo box and rifle ammo box.

Torches and Flares
Torches can now be used to scare certain creatures like melonheads, dogmen and endfield horrors. They also provide some warmth when held. Flares are a more powerful version of torches and they are kinda common to find inside storage sheds and forest shacks. Flares can also illuminate an hex by just being dropped in one, making easier for you and others to be spotted. They are really easy to lit via right click menu, which also allows them to be lit in combat.

Canned Bomb
Powerful thrown weapon which can cause multiple wounds in one hit. You need to hold either a lighter or a torch to be able to use one. You cannot melee attack while holding one but you can still do moves like leg trip, head butt and grapple moves. To craft one, you need to be skilled Mechanic, a Tool Kit, a Soup Can, 15x Gun Ammo of any kind, 10x Small Mechanical Parts, a Medium Thread and 5 charges of Lighter Fluid to make the fuse.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
New Shirts
Two new shirts, only found in NPCs like looters or Bad Muthas. The "Urban Dogeman" T-shirt and a shirt similar to the Black Shirt used by DMC Guards, but this one is white.

Wearable Hood
You can now use the Hood in Hoodies by right clicking and choosing the option. It provides a bit of extra warmth at the cost of degrading speed. Bad Muthas wear the Hood in Hoodies so some of them can be identified more easily. Looters can pick up Hoodies with the Hood On and wear them like that, though.

Red Hoodie
A worn looking red hoodie. This is a Bad Mutha faction item, which is usually used by most of them. Wearing one will reduce your standing with the other factions, including Bad Muthas, which can just see through the disguise.

Hunting Vest
It protects less against cold than a hoodie but has more inventory room. It can only be found inside forest shacks or on Hunters.

Wearable Rags
Headrags, Handrags and Footrags will give a small protection against cold. Footrags can also remove the 'barefoot' status and Headrags will give a small protection against sickness. To make them you just need set a number of either Clean or Dirty Rags. Melonheads usually use this type of improvised clothing.

Makeshift Shoulder Sling
Basically, an extra pocket that goes over the shoulder. It can only carry small items. To make one, you need a Sharp Edge, 20x rags and 15x small string.

Patchwork Hide Boots
They are better than using footrags. You can stack up to two of them since they are not rigid. To make one, you need a Sharp Edge, 6x Hide Patches and 8x Small String.

Tarp Cloak
A hooded tarp cloak. It's not as warm as other clothing but easy to craft. You only need a Sharp Edge, 2x Tarp and 4x Medium Thread. It cannot be disassembled back into its components.

Welding Mask
It's armor rating is in between the leather cap and the tactical helmet and it also protects the eyes against the "A handful for an Eye" combat move. It also has penalties similar to the clown mask, which are a reduced vision range, reduced detection rate and it makes it difficult to fall asleep, if you sleep with it on your face. It can only be found in Shabby Auto Repair Shops.

Scrap Metal Vest
It's armor rating is in between the leather vest and the tactical vest but it's uneven on certain spots. To craft one you need a Tool Kit, 4x Scrap Metal, 8x Small Mechanical Parts and 5x Strong Fasteners.

Leather Cap
A makeshift leather head armor. Can be crafted with a Tool Kit, 2x Medium Thread and 3x Leather Patch.

Leather Vest
A weak leather chest armor. Can be crafted with a Tool Kit, 10x Medium Thread, one Strong Fastener and 10x Leather Patch. There are also a couple of repair recipes that requires either A Tool Kit, 2x Leather Vests, 5x Medium Thread and Tanning Material or a Tool Kit, a Leather Vest, 5x Medium Thread, 5x Leather Patch and Tanning Material.

Leather Gloves
These are similar to Tactical Gloves and they also degrade faster. To make a pair, you need a Tool Kit, 4x Medium Thread and 2x Leather Patch.

Leather Boots
These use less room when stored and degrade faster than other footwear but can be crafted. To make one you need a Tool Kit, a Footwear, 6x Medium Thread, 4x Leather Patch and Tanning Material.

Leather Handgun Holster
This is a craftable holster. Unlike the DMC Guard one, you can put either a Pistol or a Revolver in this one and can also be used in the belt slot. It degrades faster, though. To craft it, you need a Tool Kit, 3x Medium Thread, 2x Strong Fastener and 4x Leather Patch.

Leather Shotgun Holster
A craftable holster for the SawOff Shotgun or SBS4 without stock. It needs to be readjusted to be able to fit either shotgun via right click button menu. To craft it, you need a Tool Kit, 5x Medium Thread, 2x Strong Fastener and 6x Leather Patch.

Leather Bandolier
A craftable ammo belt that can be used across the chest. To craft it, you need a Tool Kit, 4x Medium Thread, 1x Strong Fastener and 1x Leather Patch.

Leather Utility Belt
A craftable belt with pouches to carry extra things. To craft it, you need a Tool Kit, 6x Medium Thread, 1x Strong Fastener and 2x Leather Patch.

Pistol Holster
This is a faction item carried by DMC Guards. It can be used in the special gear slot or in the belt slot.

Rawhide Quiver
A craftable arrow container that can be used in the special gear slot. You can store 10 arrows in there. To craft it, you need a Tool Kit, 4x Medium Thread, a Strong Fastener and 6x Rawhide Patch.

Rawhide Waterskin
A liquid only container. It takes less room when empty and can also be carried in the special gear slot. Can be crafted with a Tool Kit, 2x Medium Thread, a Strong Fastener and 2x Rawhide Patch.

Pair of Glasses
Corrective Glasses for those with Myopia. Not all of them will be suitable for you and there are some that will actually make your vision worse. Characters with no vision issues will actually get penalties when wearing them. Usually found in office and apartment buildings.

Wrist Watch
It tells the current time and degrades when equipped. Can only be obtained by looting or from the Junk Market.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Chunk of Fat
A new consumable dropped by butchered big animals. It takes more time to rot and can be eaten raw or used in some recipes. You can get more fat from meat by combining a Sharp Edge with a Medium Meat.

A new cooked consumable. These can stack up to 5 and take time to rot but eating too much can lead to gastroenteritis. To cook it, you need a Medium Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container, a Sharp Edge and a Chunk of Fat.

A material made out of the fat you carve from big animals. It doesn't rot but can only be carried in bottles or cans. Can be eaten but it's mainly used as ingredient for other recipes. To make it, you need a Medium Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container, a Sharp Edge, a unit of Water and 2x Chunk of Fat.

A new consumable item. Can be eaten raw but it's best used in cooking recipes.

Baked Potato
A new consumable item. To make one, you need a Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container and a Potato.

Mashed Potatoes
A new consumable item. To make some, you need a Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container, a Sharp Edge, a Medium or Large Shaft, 4x Potatoes and a unit of Water.

French Fries
A new consumable item. To make them, you need a Medium Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container, a Sharp Edge, a unit of Tallow and 4x Potatoes. You will get 2 stacks of 5 French Fries. They will make you very thirsty, specially if you eat a stack of them.

A lootable ingredient. Mostly found in homes, its only purpose is to be used in cooking recipes.

Homemade Bread
There are 3 types of this consumable, normal bread, ash bread and potato bread. Eating them will spawn a half loaf of bread. To make them, you Need a Medium Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container (Normal/Potato Bread) or Medium/Large Shaft (Ash Bread), a unit of Water, 2x of Flour and a unit of Tallow (Normal/Potato Bread) or 4x of Ash (Ash Bread), and a unit of Mashed Potatoes (Potato Bread).

Mulligan Stew
A new craftable food item. Its recipe needs a Medium Heat Source, a Water/Fire Proof Container, a Sharp Edge and a unit of Water. The next ingredients will determine the quality of the stew. For a Delicious Stew, you will need a small meat, a carrot, a potato, mushrooms and either another piece of small meat or a chunk of fat or flour. For a Simple Stew, you will need 2x small meat and 2x veggies. For a Plain Stew, you will either need 4x small meat or 4x veggies. Also, Death Caps count as veggies so be careful!

Cooked Berries
A new craftable food item. Its recipe needs a Heat Source, a Water/Fire Proof Container, a Medium or Large Shaft, a unit of Water and 5x Handful of Berries. This includes poisonous berries so be careful!


Spoiler: Highlight to view
"Caravan" Cigarretes
Cigarettes are a wanted commodity is these hard times so shops pay handsomely for them. You can stack up to 10 of them but you can fit 20 inside a cigarette pack, which can save space. To consume one, you need to lit one in the crafting screen and then put the lit cigarette in either hand. The cigarette will be consumed in the next turn. Only smokers can really consume them.

Roll-Up Cigarretes
Makeshift cigarettes, which are of bad quality so they sell for less and make you easier to be detected by smell, if consumed. To make one, you need 5x Cigarette Leftovers and a piece of Paper.

Berry Root Tea
Characters with the Botany Skill can now find Berry Roots in the wild. These can be used to make Berry Root Tea, which can be used to help with vomiting, diarrhea and the first stage of cholera. You might need to drink a lot of this since it only has small chances to deal with each of the mentioned Status Effects. The effect does not stack either so it's best to drink like every 2 turns.

It comes in stackable powder inside cans. It's similar to Corn-a-Cola but you need to prepare it first to consume it. It can be looted mostly in urban hexes but it's kinda rare. It's also sold in the C-Store. To prepare it, you need a Heat Source, a Fire/Water Proof Container and one handful of coffee powder.

Corny Wolverine
A mixed drink that will increase the number of movement points by 1 and body temperature while decreasing hunger, sleep and thirst during the duration of the Boosted Status Effect. When the effects are gone, you will be both hungover and crashing after a caffeine high. The Boosted Status Effects cannot stack. To make it you just have to combine a unit of Soda with a unit of Whiskey in a Fire/Water Proof Container.

Wolverine Coffee
A mixed drink that will increase the number of movement points by 1 and body temperature while decreasing hunger, sleep and thirst during the duration of the Boosted Status Effect. When the effects are gone, you will be both hungover and crashing after a caffeine high. The Boosted Status Effects cannot stack. To make it you just have to combine a unit of Prepared Coffee with a unit of Whiskey in a Fire/Water Proof Container.

PharmaCon "Spirare" inhaler
A device used to dispense medicine from canisters with albuterol. This drug is used to deal with respiratory conditions like coughing and asthma but can cause tremors.

"Bloodlust" inhaler canister
Increases melee damage by 15%, decreases defense by 25%, increases tiredness rate by 150%, increases body temp by 3, which is 1 point more than corn-a-cola, gives the "Coughing Blood" condition when the effects are gone. Effects stack and can be used twice.


-HVAC Vent can be turned On and Off via right click menu.
-Software use less room and electronic devices have less inventory space but it's done in such a way that you can store more hardware than before but less power or batteries.
-Dogman Fur Coat + Sharp Edge = 15x Small Chunk of Fur.
-Tool with Screwdriver + First Aid Kit + 2 Small Parts + 2 Medium Thread = First Aid Kit w/ Strap.
-First Aid Kits can only store certain items. Mostly small and thin items. Now they aren't the best shoulder storage item now but a different one.
-All lighters are refillable now. They cannot be used as payment in Zom Zom's. They cannot be used as light source when looting in the dark, giving torches more importance.
-Spears + 2 Medium Thread = Spears w/ Strap.
-Increase the sprite size of soup, stew, tallow and bark solution to 2x3 so they use all the room in containers for liquids.
-Increase the inventory size of the Soup Can to 2x3. It's still not possible to store normal liquids like water in these.
-Small changes to some vanilla items to change their "size" in containers. An example would be a pill bottle, which would be too small to be carried in a Travois but big enough to be carried in shopping carts.
-Tarp degrades now. Tarp is now really useful and being able to use the same Tarp indefinitely with the reverse recipes seemed a bit like an abuse.
-Hide Longcoats are now called Rawhide Longcoats and can be crafted now.
-String degrades now. This is to promote the use of better quality straps in the use of makeshift bags and vehicles.
-Recipe to get a Small String from Rags and Footwear.
-Medium String is used only in some recipes now. Straps and Rope are referred to as Strong Fastener and some recipes will need either of the two.
-Edited most of the ranged attack types to make them more unique from each other. Too many changes to mention but some of them are a lot more different than they were before.
-Reduced the Melee damage from the strong skill from 50% to 25%. Breaking someone's leg with one punch was too unrealistic, IMO so I reduced this bonus. This affects all characters and creatures, not just the player.
-Dogman is a bit more resistant to pain. They do less damage due the the above change so I decided to make them resist longer.
-Changed the way suppression from ranged weapons work. Now, even if you fail, it will still force the target to take cover and lose a turn. It will also affects the target's awareness, which means it will be easier for them to lose sight of you.
-Broad Spear, Greenwood Bow and crude arrows can be partially reversed now. Since the wood was worked, it made no sense to reverse them to tree branches.
-Alternate hidden recipe to make a Travois. To make this other one you need 6x Strong Fastener instead of 12x Medium String.
-Gas Mask Filters can be taken out of the masks now.
-Ammo no longer stacks since it comes inside containers now. Most guns now use ammo feeding devices like magazines and clips.
-Most guns hold different amounts of ammo now.
-Foil Scraps degrade now.
-Foil Poncho now needs 90 Foil Scraps to be made instead of 60.
-NPCs have more chances to have ammo for their slings and bows.
-The Gauss Rifle now has a different recipe and it now needs a tool kit and a deltec rifle stock instead. It also has a different look.
-Multitools can now be closed and opened via right click menu. When closed, they only use 1x3 inventory space but most of their tools cannot be used, only the blade.
-Plastic bags and chip bags can now be left "always open" so they can fit in a travois.
-The move Tackle cannot be done at 0 distance now.
-The move Charge! will make the next melee attack 10% stronger. The effects only last for a turn.
-Tin Cans turn into Unlabeled Tin Cans when used in crafting. They can also be found as loot and carried by NPCs.
-Different sprite for Sound Traps. They are now unlabeled tin cans.
-New graphics for the Revolver.


-Activating the Hood in Hoodies and Tarp Cloaks while wearing them won't be reflected in the main map character pic until you take it off and wear it again. It's only a graphical issue, the stats apply with no problems.
-Due to the increased amount of new recipes, late games load the crafting menu a slower than usual.
-The ranged weapons introduced in this mod cannot be recovered. They disappear upon hitting someone.
-The Mulligan Stew recipe from the list is bugged and will never lay down the ingredients in the crafting list when clicked. You can still make Mulligan Stew manually, though.

Modding is hard but a lot has been achieved with the help of the developer, the mods and the already active modding community. Thank you all! :3


Extended NeoScav v3.2 for version 1.0 of the game.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I think I will move to weapons, now. I posted this on request a while ago:


Some of these are already in the game but there are other that I'm interested in adding into the mod. The revolver graphics in this mod are edited versions of the one in the pic.

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yeah baby! awesome!


The main page won't have any pics so It's not as cluttered. I will post the pics that were in there in this post.

Screenshots of some of the new features:

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Erm... I know I said I was gonna work on weapons next but I made something else instead:

Hooded Hoodies!
-Just right click a hood and hit the Hood On/Hood Off buttons.
-It won't interfere with other headgear so you can still use headrags, a balaclava, etc.
-It provides warmth comparable to the headrags. (It actually adds the same condition :P)
-Wearing the hood will make the hoodie degrade slightly faster as a way to balance this.

The only bug I have noticed is in the main map view of your character. If you activate/deactivate while wearing it, the hoodie sprite in the map won't change. It will if you take the hoodie off and then put it back.

I'm thinking about making Bad Muthas wear the hoodie this way, if they spawn with one. :3

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thats genius :D

whaaaaat!!! double genius, how did you get it to say "hood off" ingame instead of use?


I just wrote it like that in the itemtypes of the hoodie:

"aSwitchIDs">Hood Off=78.7<

I wasn't sure it was going to work but there was only one way to know. :P

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Hey Chiko im not sure if this because im wearing a bad mutha hoodie. But I always have a red X next to my character do yo know what that means ?

Maybe. If you hover your mouse over the red X, what does the tooltip says? Are you using other mods?

Also, I haven't updated this mod to work with the latest test build so it might be a compatibility issue.

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Well when I load the game it says error loading images. Ive hovered over it and it says nothing. When I scavenged a house I got a makeshift bag but it had a red X instead of a normal icon symbol. I have reinstalled the mod and im not using any other mods. Might it be a issue with the new builds ?

It does seem like it. I have been unable to fix some issues with the recipes so I haven't updated the new version of the mod yet.

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I just uploaded the new version of this mod, which includes the new functionality in Hoodies I mentioned before.

Also, Bad Muthas wear hoodies like this so you can identify them easily. Since Looters can pick up and wear clothing they find lying around, there's a chance you might see them wearing a hoodie like Bad Muthas do. It might make things interesting until you realize they are not Bad Muthas. :3

Unless you kill anything in sight. Then it won't matter, I suppose. xD

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haha awesome :) yeah, inside DMC, it's live and let live, outside DMC, everyone else is meat in nice shoes.


So I've been playing the game with this mod to see if there are any bugs and the like and I found a dead looter carrying mulligan stew... I don't remember making it lootable. Could NPCs craft modded items too?

Also, homemade bread. I'm thinking about adding flour, which can be looted from apartments and houses and will be used to make bread. Maybe a chance to find like 1 handful of flour per loot location and the recipe will need 3 so players will have to loot at least 3 locations, if they are lucky enough. You would need a heat source, a cooking tool and it will be just flour and water for now but I might change one of the ingredients.

Also, bread should degrade at a speed comparable to cured meat, maybeh.

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Yeah, nice, more foods for camp storage :D <3


Some progress with the Bread Making addition:

Current bread cooking recipe.

Once you eat a loaf of bread, a half a loaf of bread will drop.

I don't know if I should include the half a loaf of bread, though coz it always spawns at 100% condition (I would prefer it spawning with the same % condition of the original item) and coz it spawns invisible until you change screens.

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haha, still very cool feature that, nice one!


New update, lads. It adds the bread making features and makes some other small changes.

The homemade bread recipe is slightly different from what I posted before. You no longer need a waterproof/fireproof container but a stick or something similar to move the dough around. I read a little about these "ash bread" or camp bread in which ppl just leave the dough over the hot coals and ashes for some minutes while using a stick to turn it or move it around.

Also, you will get two halves of a loaf of bread instead since the method I mentioned before is buggy. I really liked the old method more but I hate introducing buggy content. The graphics of the full bread and codes are still there, though. Just in case.

Another change that also affects the Mulligan Stew is they both need a medium fire heat source now.

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Nice!, I need to get cracking on my mods to catch up, I need to update the modpack soon


The word you used, cracking... gave me a totally unrelated idea, Brb.

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I've been thinking about new cooking ingredients. Fat is among them.

Butchering big animals could drop fat. Probably replacing some of the meat since big game drop a lot already. Fat could be used in a variety of crafting recipes, specially cooking. It could be used to make bread, maybe as a choice of the extra ingredients in mulligan stew, etc.

It could also be used to turn furs into leather via tanning. I'm thinking about making leather only and fur only clothing and items so adding fat could come in handy for future additions.

Medium heat source, a fireproof/waterproof container and fat = Cracklins

Maybe it should also require a cutting tool. The fat could be a bit smaller too, like a block, taking up 2x2 room.

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haha awesome


And now you made me hungry. Hungry for dumplings with bacon and onion cracklings...

Also, lard. 2xfat + pan + fire = block of lard (only transportable in glass jars). Just when you need a shot of pure calories to better your day ;D

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LOL... you've completely changed the way I'm gonna look at food from now on.



That's a good idea! It should probably be called Tallow instead, though. I think Lard is for pork related fat, I'm not quite sure.

Maybe lard/tallow could be used as a recipe ingredient instead of the non rendered fat.

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What are cracklits?

Cracklings are similar to pork rinds. I think pork rinds are also called cracklings in the US. It's basically roasted pieces of animal meat and fat.

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From what I understood, cracklins is like pork rind (pork skin) with the bacon or fat still attached when it is fried, leaving a greasy, crispy, and crunchy, yet meaty-ish product. Pork rinds is definitely the most accessible similar product, since it isn't nearly as shelf-stable as rinds, but still very different as there is more (substance) to them.

Also, DUDE, you have awesome sprites :) I'm seriously jealous of your skillz


Thanks! I can only edit already created images, though. I have never been able to create my own. :P

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I think bread is not crafting at the moment. 3 piles of flour+water+tiny fire+ stick doesnt work. Also I tried a sause pan, trapping, ashes and even botany =) in this recipe... What am I doing wrong? The game Is not new - I began new game yesterday with your previous version.

Ah you need a big fire!

I've been thinking about adding a new heat source. Instead of a medium fire turning into a small one as it dies, it could turn into a Dying Fire which would be pretty much hot coals and ashes. This bread is cooked in these IRL, not in a burning fire. Cured Meat could also need dying fires to be crafted.

Not sure, though. Maybe it's an unnecessary feature.

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I was thinking of some more stuff for the cryo lab camp site, like that HVAC and the electric light thing. I'm thinking of a cryo chamber turned freezer that keeps food for longer. Maybe a do-it-yourself oven? :D


Please make a dried mashrooms and bigger bottles 5L,2L and 1L. Also reports from the testing: 1) flour can be placed in bottles (I think it is reasonable) 2) flour can be used to cure meat it is great also =) 3) I didnt find any farm hexes or loot points (where to find them?)

P.S. Your bread is the best food for long trips - flour doesnt degrade so I can cook my own fresh and warm bread whenewer I want!

Wat... Cure meat with flour? Oh, that's probably because I used ashes as base item for them. They probably have a tag that makes them usable for curing. I should remove that, though. xD

And there are no farm hexes. Farming plots are occasionally found in town hexes. These ones:
I though about adding farm hexes but if you look at town hexes, you can see like a farming plot at the bottom. :3

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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yep found one

When I started up the game with the mod installed, all of the items showed up as red Xs, is there a way to fix this?

Did you copied all the mod files over the game files? This might happen if the .php file or the img folder weren't pasted over the game's ones.

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Having loads of fun with your mod man, bread is awesome! flour MAOR awesome! lol the rag accessories are pretty awesome as well. you gave me an idea, I'm thinking of maybe making camo gear, I'm gonna have to add some bushs or/and something or bushy twigs lol

maybe like 6 furs + 12 rags + 10 bushy twigs + hiding = Camo Gear
Lighter armor than the fur coat, but makes you harder to see, and a bit more intimidating!


Great mod!

Really loving the makeshift clothing. Must ask though, why'd you change the revolver sprite? I fancy it's not much of an improvement actually. Hoping for more additions to this mod in the future.

Just to give that old sprite a chance. I made that revolver along with other weapons when only the Hunting Rifle was in the game. I like it more than the vanilla one too. :3

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just make a two copies of the revolver with a bit different properties (like accuracy and so on). For example - your revolver is harder to find, more expensive and durable.

So I have time today to keep working in the next release. These are the things I have in mind:

-Big Animals will drop 1 Chunk of Fat that will replace at least 1 piece of medium meat or some pieces of small meat.
-There will be a recipe to get fat and some small chunks of meat from a medium meat with a cutting tool.
-Fat could be eaten raw, cooked into cracklings or rendered into tallow.
-Tallow will be considered a liquid in the game, and will only be transported in containers like bottles or cans. It will only have limited uses for now but it can be consumed in this state.
-Mulligan Stew will have a different recipe: 1 Small Meat, 2 Vegetables (Potatoes/Mushrooms) and 1 extra "Cooking Ingredient", which could be another potato, a handful of flour or a chunk of raw fat.
-Homemade Bread will have a different recipe: 1 Water, 2 Handfuls of Flour and 1 Tallow.
-Mulligan Stew (and their poisoned version), fat and cracklings will spoil first and then degrade into nothing.

I might add more stuff.

Pew pew pew!

I just updated the mod. All the things I mentioned in the previous post are included, along with some small changes to vanilla and modded content to rebalance things with this new update. I also fixed a bug that made it possible to use flour to cure meat.

Check the main post for more info and a couple of new gameplay screenshots!

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pretty awesome :D


I've been thinking about what to do with leather, and some of the ideas I have include new "left shoulder slot" equipment similar to the Birch Bag, which is the only item allowed in that slot so far.

Stuff that could also be used in that slot:
-Leather Quiver: A container that can only carry 10 extra arrows.
-Waterskin: Just like a leather 2x3 bottle that can be carried in that slot.
-Holster Rig: Carried by DMC guards, it can only carry a pistol.

The only problem with the quiver is its extra 1x10 inventory barely fits the screen, making it look a bit cluttered, IMO. Not sure if I should add it or not.

Also, armor pieces like boots, chest armor, gauntlets, and a helmet.

Pew pew pew!

instead of having the 10 inventory slots going down the screen, why not across the screen like the bows have their inventory slots for arrows?

also how about a squirrel cap/hat?

I tried the 10 slot across the screen but it goes over the backpack slot, which looks even worse. xD
I think I'll just leave it like it is now. There isn't much I can do about that... maybe I could suggest the addition of quivers in the Suggestions subforum. Dan can probably use his hardcoding powers over this issue, if he likes the idea. :P

And yeah squirrel pelt hats, gloves and similar are good ideas. I don't really like the coat of a mix of pelts so having the option of making them using a single type of pelt would be cool.

Pew pew pew!

yeah! :P~ although make the inventory size 3x10 (or 10x3) :3


I thought about making it able to carry 20 arrows but then I thought it would be too overpowered, even more compared to the other items that would fit that slot. :P

Pew pew pew!

oh yeah, what about making the stack on arrows bigger? :)


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