Business Tasks, and Story

I'm back at work today, and after some catching up on messages, my first task was contract review.

Let me tell you, reviewing contracts is not fun. It's like reading a EULA, sending edits back to the other party, they send an update, and now you have to read that dry, legalese document again for changes.

I decided to make my life easier by firing up my version control software to compare the old and new documents. That helped a bit, though it required some messing around to get line breaks and other unimportant diffs ignored/rectified.

Finally, I was able to isolate the text changes, and thankfully, they appear to be an improvement. But man, I can totally see why lawyers get big bucks for that. Reading and understanding those docs is dry work, and paying someone to be responsible for any mess-ups is probably worth it.

Once that was out of the way, I turned to story writing. My last trip into town produced some good ideas, and I spent most of my afternoon transcribing my notes into digital documents. I did quite a bit of rewriting and updating of background info and a new encounter, and started calling out opportunities for clues and side quests.

So far, it's looking like a good, solid encounter, so I'm excited to see where it goes!

That's all for today. I'll see you tomorrow!


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EULA? You mean people actually read those things? Whatever.

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Yeah, I feel your pain there. I'm lucky enough to have a sister-in-law who's primarily a buisness lawyer, which helps with the cripling costs of contract review. It's saved my hide from some pretty serious problems in the past.

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Hey by the way a question:
Why why is it impossible to add a strap on a Spear?

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Why should it be possible?

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

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Why not you can to it with almost all long-weapons and it is also possible in reality. Or im wrong? I like the spear but he is almost useless because of this size and you can not have more then 2.

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You have a point. Maybe it's an oversight, but realistically spears are ruined after 5-6 hits, so Fedor probably didn't think it would be worth it. Consider that there are three varieties of spears too.
By the time you're wielding anything more than a long sharpened branch, you should already have more efficient killing devices.
But yes, I like spears too, for their range. Anyway, it should be easily moddable, ask someone here to do it:

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If something logical/good is missing in the game, it's because I didn't have time.

If something illogical/bad is missing in the game, it's because I didn't want it :)

Seriously, though, I just never made a strapped spear a priority, so that's why it's missing. If you're really interested, it might be pretty easy to add a mod for it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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You should really think about some "override" scheme for mods, like in Dragon Age, because right now just using community mods is a bit of a modding in itself. :)

Here's how I see it to make things more simple and streamlined:
- If a record has an id, it should be a replacement. If there's no id like that in neogame.xml, it's a new one.
-- That way, modders don't have to worry about id's at all.
- At the start, given there are any xmls, the game just generates a currentgame.xml, assigning id's in it according to the above rules.
- If there is are no extra xml files, we're playing vanilla.
- Admire how much of a genious I am for solving your little pro-OH WAIT FUCK, SAVEGAMES.

Anyway, how about more plot encounters? Very soon? Good.

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The "override" idea is a good start. And your suggested non-ID approach almost solves the problem. There's one case that it wouldn't solve, though, and that's modders referring to their own new content.

I've created a new discussion in the forums to brainstorm this very question, as you're not alone in asking about it:

As for story, indeed, work continues. I've actually hired some help in this area, since I've been struggling to keep up with my workload lately. Hopefully, this will speed up production a bit!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games