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One of the bigger headaches I tackled today was re-adding the makeshift laser rifle

it's not perfect yet, I wanted it to use 20 charges instead of 12 and there's some parts to the recipe I want to tweak, but the majority of the work is done :)

*Update v0.2804 for v0.992+*
- Makeshift Laser Rifle
- Makeshift Laser Rifle w/strap
- Scoped Makeshift Laser Rifle
- Scoped Makeshift Laser Rifle w/strap
- Makeshift Laser Rifle Recipe


I can't seem to remake the makeshift laser rifle. The recipe isn't listed either.

*Nevermind, I'm a moron.

EmperorZA how do you make the pictures the gun models because i want to make my own where do you find the webdite/program and dose it cost money if it dose how much is it?

Never mind I know some its just that im REALY bad at making weapons/models.

Progress on the mod seems to have just stopped. Don't tell me that you've hit a roadblock and are now stuck?

Just curious - is this/was this ever released for the V1.0?

The last time the OP posted was in October, so no, this mod never had a chance to be updated for the released version of the game. I'm not sure it would work properly at this point. Maybe EmperorZA will come back to it eventually though, you never know. :)

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EmporerZA can you make a seperate link for download preferably dropbox because my computer barely works and mediafire and stuff dont even work so if you could please please pleasE add a dropbox link i would be very grateful

could you add a dropbox link please please PLEASE because mediafire doesnt work and its opening up ads everytime i do something online and my computer cannot unzip the files always says they are empty

Hey, can I ask what are the short blades used for atm ???

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