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yeah I know what you mean, it's kinda inconvenient to have to open it before you use it everytime (especially to scavenge), pretty though lol I think about changing it whenever I play with it


Oh duh :-) you have to open the lighter first... That's the reason why I couldn't use it. Thanx for the info.

does proeject mod merge have the fire axe added? or is it not updated yet? ive been looking everywhere for one.


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

Nevermind, just found one. i guess they are extremely rare. my next question is does the axe deal more damage than the warclub?


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

Hey Carl glad you found a fireaxe.

The Fire axe does 1.25 Cutting Damage at a range of 2, scariness rating of 0.28

The War Club does 1.2 Blunt Damage at a range of 2, scariness rating of 0.28

soo just a little bit more damage ;D


ty for reply. pls keep working on your mod so far its awesome


This is how i picture every single Blue Frogs' face in my head

hehe np, I been a bit busy with some real life stuff at the moment :( haven't had much time to play around but I'll update whenever I got spare time


I could help you with your art if you want me to. Because I'm great at pixel art now. And instead of using Gimp as your art editing software why don't you try out Paint.net. (Its the name of the application and not the link :P)

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

thanks for the offer sanjrang but I enjoy making pixel art now haha thats the fun part, and the more I do it the better I get.

Also I've never used Paint.net. I prefer Gimp because I've been using since forever.


*Update v0.27b for v0.987b*

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- new sprites for Makeshift Laser Rifle, Pipes and Sheet Metal
- you can now add a scope to the makeshift laser rifle
- fireaxes now spawn properly
- can no longer take go-kart apart with your barehands and get a free wrench
- cryo flash freezer now freezes berries and mushrooms properly
- ate frozen food message is now displayed
- concussions stack (fixed)
- Must check loot rate (Fireaxes) (increased loot chance)
- when you take out batteries from flashlight, water tester or nv goggles through crafting screen (fixed)
the batteries randomly spawn new charges
- when you reverse craft batteries from nv goggles it gives you 2 micro cells instead of 1 (fixed)


Known Bugs/Issues
- Textbooks don't take time to use.
- Solar Helmet, Solar Array stores gains charges per turn regardless of how cloudy or what time of day it is.
- food that defrosts by itself over time becomes 100% when unfrosted
- Toolbox can be used even when you have 0 moves left.
- Repairing weapons will destroy the ammo, arrows or batteries within them.
- A few encounter dialogue glitchs
- Genetically Engineered Skills can be taken multiple times, be careful when buying
- Repairing ranged weapons sometimes spawns free ammo

So I've been kinda busy with real life stuff lately. I'm gonna be busy with moving for the next week or 2. Ontop of that I'll have very limited access to the internet as well as I get my line transfered/setup at my new home. Don't know how long that will take :S

So yeah updates and new mod content will be very slow for the time being.


Do repairing toolbox by toolbox is bug or not :P?

Naa I made it like that, figured you should be able to repair the toolbox using the tools of the toolbox


The use of this idea is trivial right now unless people add a mod for companions/allied Npcs...

I've been playing with your mod for a little while (Somewhere around ten hours) and loved it through and through. The plans you have will make it even better. But, if possible I have a request for something small for you to add. Basically, I would love to see... A Wall... It sounds a bit plain or dumb at first, but let me explain. Basically, what would happen is, the player would create a wall under the crafting screen. (It would be immobile once built, but could be torn down somehow) The wall would (Sort of) show up on the tile, (Similar to what it looks like if a camp is on the area, but you would see a little wall symbol) the wall (If next to others) could be passed through sideways to other tiles, but not straight through. The player could then (If in late game) Craft a wall around their village/encampment if they want to protect their loot. (An entrance wall could be built to allow people in and out, such as merchants or the player) Again, this would really require more advanced Npcs and companions/allies. But hey, thanks for even taking the time to read this, and I'd love it if you took it into consideration. Thanks!

Why is your punch a shotgun?

This idea is beautiful. In every way possible.

A wall is possible. I'll put it in the to-do list. I'm not sure how to go about it so that a tile with a wall keeps certain mobs out though... Something I'll have to play around with


I've given this thread a good read, but I cannot find how to obtain petroleum. Can you craft it, or is it only spawned randomly? I remember disassembling a lawnmower and the engine having some - is that the only way?

Yeah, I think so right now. He should add a way to either...

A,} be able to craft it
B,} be able to find gas Cans when scavenging around
c,} Add a tile for gas stations. (The occasional one, in places like DMC, where you'd pay money for gas and impulse buys)

Then again, If players have go-carts, you must be pretty far into the game, so I don't know if he will change this. But if He does, It'll be great.

Edit: Oh wait, I just looked into it, he's gonna add scavenging locations for gas stations.

Why is your punch a shotgun?

Yeah, I did make a petroleum cannister sprite I just haven't added it to the mod yet! ;S Life got a bit too hectic but yeah I definitely want to add more variety on how you get petrol


Hey guys, I know I've been absent for a while but I'll be back as soon as I've sorted out my internet problems :( I've just moved into a new place so things are all messed up at the moment. Till then I won't be able to fix up any bugs in my mods :(

Also! I'm glad you guys like the mod :D I think your ideas are great, I'll have another look at them when I'm back online :)


I've copied everything into the NEO Scavenger folder, but when I try to start the game, it gets stuck loading at 61% at 'Parsing encounters. row: 1666"

Is the encounter at Row 1666 just a really big one, or did I do something wrong?

EDIT: Sorry, I screwed up. Meant to post this in the ModMerge post, picked the wrong one by accident.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"


I can't believe you included me in your inspirations/credits/honourable mentions at the beginning :3

Either way this looks absolutely awesome and I'm going to download it and give it a whirl right away!

I cannot wait until this is refommated into the new modding format. Wish I had a bit more skill with modding, I would do it myself.

Me too.

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"

Alright, i finally got an account and I've been playing this mod for a few days. its the first mod i got and i don't intend looking for a new one because i don't think this will ever get old.

So i have an idea! (just as many others do :P)

So i was playing NeoScav and wanted to make a tarp shelter to place into exam room 16 (is it 16? or 17?) to MAX out its stats (shelter and such). After doing so i figured i have more tarps so why not build more tarp shelters and make camps all around the facility (For YOLO purposes. lol). then i thought why not be able to make something like this:


Think it'd be cool to have NPCs be able to join you and live there. you could also make a market where NPCs (and you) can buy and sell to eachother (like junk market). it'd be like another enclave in the game where it'd say:
Kindred Enclave or Philip's Enclave or Players Enclave

Another idea i just had is to implement a comfort bar. Considering that comfort always gives you a moral boost in survival situations in real life we should figure out how to make one for a player. the higher this comfort bar would be, the more perks the player would get.
Ex: 50% capacity = Benefits more from sleep and Rest + Heal
70% Capacity = run 1 more turn
100% Capacity = 1 extra turn
these would of course stack or give player .5 , 1 , or 1.5 more turns depending on how full the bar is (% of bar = % of extra turn)

In Conclusion:
Comfort bar that if comfortable gives you 1 extra turn
- Items that contribute to comfort
Ex: Nice bed (4-6 Metal Pipes, 20-25 Clean Rags)
- NPCs
- Junk Market


*Offers to talk*
*Stabs stranger to death*

I don't think its impossible, it would definitely be difficult though. With NPCs I don't think it's possible to mod in travelling companions who aid you during battles etc. But I could add some sort of encounters scripted NPCs, like Hatter and have it in such a way that you can interact with them at different locations... mmm dunno how to explain what I'd do but hope it makes sense.

I don't think I can add new bars but I can modify existing attributes, like maybe make a player's bed help him sleep better etc.


Hey guys :) just a little while longer, another 5-15 days till I get a stable internet connection and I can be back on the Neo Scavenger modding scene :D man! I can't wait to play this game again with all the new updates!


After copying and pasting, when I fire up the game it stops loading at 3 percent. Please help.

Hell No!

Hey, the mod currently only works for the v0.987b version of Neo Scavenger.


So I finally got stable internet again... now I've got a ton of work waiting for me! I've started a the new version of Makeshifter Mod from scratch and slowly add things one by one. So it will be a while before the next update :)

Also I'll try catch up on reading previous posts too


Good to see you back. Good luck with porting!

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thanks man! good to be back ;D


Awesome, really enjoyed the mod, looking forward to the update!

Hello, Today I was messing arround with your mod (And attempting fruitlessly to mod myself) When I stumbled upon a question I had for you, Do you plan on making Vehicles show up on the Game screen? So like, you could see a raider Buggy, or a DMC Apc furthur away, and know to perhaps stay away from any dangerous Vehicles, OH, right, one more question, would it be possible to make a "Machine Gun" That uses clips instead of individual ammo, and it's only attack is similar to the "Quick fire" attack with all fire-arms, except that it fires of 5 or 10 consecutive attacks?

Why is your punch a shotgun?

Haven't tried that yet :S

Yeah shouldn't be too hard to make guns that use clips and has a burst fire mode or something like that. many bullet attacks but less chance that any bullet will hit or something


Good to see you're back, I had one of your mods before and I think I liked it. I just wanted to give you good luck on trying to update this so it can be easily added to the game for the people who play the game.

(also this is just an extra bit. If you are successful, can you add an extra getmods folder that has this mod, Neo Scavenger Extended, and Mini-mod of doom. If it is ok with you, Chiko, and Kaaven.)

wouldn't a camp water purifier and a camp stove end up kind of having the same purpose, except with the oven being better because it can also cook things?

Hey I am currently trying to teach myself how to mod NEO Scavenger myself, but in the mean time I am combining mods to make a collection that, more or less, suits my wants. I would very much like to include MakeshifterMod into my game, however I cannot seem to make a getmods.php file that works to launch the mod.

If you could please help in some way that would be great.



Can soemone post the getmods.php text?

This mod have never been ported after the modding went some serious changes and it wont work at all. Also, the author have not shown up for, like, three months now, so there is no way to say when or if it will be playable again.

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Hey guys :S

Sorry I haven't been around/updating much, real life issues, drama, etc etc

I started from scratch now, slowly remaking the makeshifter mod compatible with the new mod system.

I've got most of the tools in... I'm a bit scared of doing the skills and encounter stuff so I'll tackle that later.

What I've done so far:

Added electrical components, wires + updated vanilla recipes to include them
Added the following tools : Hammer, Aviation Snips, Hacksaw

I'll keep posting my progress and once I've completely remade the mod I'll post the new update.


Nice to hear from you again the mod was great back when it first came out can't wait to see it when it's done.

Cannibal Family Picnic

thanks :) great to be back


some early morning work done :)

added metal sheets and blades
added fireaxe w/strap


Gonna be a few days before I update some more...

I got Project Zomboid the other day and now I'm playing the crap out of it.


Lol love it PZ best game besides Neo

Cannibal Family Picnic

What a pain in the ....

decided to do some work on this mod this morning... hmmpf added the simple and makeshift machete and now the mod doesn't want to work at all sheesh.

I'll have to give it a little break before my mind melts, and try again later


making some slow progress finding my errors lol. I didn't close one of the tables with a '>' pff. Seems there's still a little error hiding somewhere in the mod, gotta find that before I continue.... Man, now I remember why I backed up after every little bit of progress I made.


So I've been procrastinating like crazy :( also I still haven't figured out where that other error was.

On the other hand I made a some pngs for a pair of fur boots


Finally found that error and uploaded the first working mini-alpha-ported Makeshifter Mod v0.2801

What I've been doing now is adding some more stuff, I'm adding the recipes to make the simple and makeshift machetes as well as an old tyre, rubber strips and rubber slippers. Then I can add the new pair of fur boots (with rubber soles :D)

Anyway, I'm surprised at myself that I'm finally starting to get over my procrastination/laziness and just dig in. Hopefully, I'll can start getting serious about modding and have regular updates again.


Just wanted to say, keep up the good work! Been excited to play this mod since I've seen it, but haven't been able to do to having too new of a version. Thank you for all your hard work in making an awesome game even better!

thanks for the encouragement :D