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*Update v0.22 for v0.987b*
- Made the Aviation snips smaller
- Hacksaw : cuts through metal tubing and metal sheets
- Toolbox : can be used instead of Multi-tool, Aviation Snips, Hammer, Wrench, Hacksaw and repairs tools and weapons when you "Use" it.

Just had to get me a toolbox/toolkit!

Now back to the the vehicles and recipes and stuff


So dealing with the meaty part of getting my go-kart into the game... got the first recipe working ;D


Still need to make a recipe for the frame, the seat and one for taking a lawnmower apart. Not sure what I'm gonna do when I get the go kart recipes and loot stuff done and I want to add a small trailer to to go-kart, I'm wishing there was a way to have 2 container slots on a vehicle so I could just use one for the fuel and other for storage but yeah I'll figure something out ;p

Edit:So finally finished with all the recipes for this baby lol

Now I have to look at how this go-kart affects the player in battle mode :S I'm thinking I'm gonna remove running and walking while you're driving, mmm not weapons, you should still be able to use a 1 handed weapon while you're driving. Also I think I'm gonna add a "Soft Ram" battle move. it won't do a lot of damage, but it will have a chance to stun the victim I think. Also a "Drive slow" move. Later on with bigger faster vehicles you will can use different speeds so they will have more battle moves like drive fast, drive very fast and Hard Ram. lots of new interesting things to think about!

Edit: Here's some pics of the new battlemoves I'm gonna put in


The last three won't be functional till there's faster vehicles in the mod though ;D


What about ranged weapon?

BTW Maybe security monitoring for Cryo (alarming rate because right now its only one iteam what give it)?

should still be able to use ranged weapons too, might not be very realistic for using a rifle though... that's very much a 2 handed weapon :S yeah I'm not gonna mess with the weapons part too much for now

Edit: also, can you elaborate about the cryo lab? are you talking about when you scavenge using the mechanic skill?


About security cameras was suggestion to add new thing for improve alarming rate because they are there actually (dogman vid), why not make upgrade of this and lets maybe use hacking skill + electric and maybe few electric stuff (cellphone or any other) to make it working like alarm.


I think a soft ram should do a fallen and vulnerable and stunned OR vulnerable with a chance of fallen and stunned (not sure how these work yet!)

Also you have to make an upgrade with a trolley wagon attached!! Then it is like a go-kart land train!!! whoot whooot!!

That's a good point, I completely forgot about vulnerability

Edit: and yeah I want to still add a go-kart trailer, just not sure yet how I'm gonna implement it lol might have to have the fuel and storage in the same place for the time being :(


could you put the 'fuel tank' in the cargo space as an immovable object? Or perhaps the fuel tank in the storage space gives it a fuellable condition. (a bit like how a weapon in the hand slot means you can attack with it)

The fuel tank item could be as big or as small as you like (the storage inside can be big enough to hold a suitable amount of liquid) while the icon is smaller.

So the plain go-kart space has just enough for the fuel tank, and then the trailer variant has lots of space with a fuel tank in it.

That's a really good idea, I think it's doable too! I'll try that out


have you thought about adding any 'no go' style moves for difficult terrain?

So like a 'bogged down' move which is really slow, and means you are better off dumping the car to go on foot again?

mmm haven't thought of that much either lol, I did now include a "stalled" condition, so you have to restart your kart before you can move again, so there's a chance of stalling depending on how difficult the terrain is and which speed you're driving


Go-Kart Update :D


*Update v0.24 for v0.987b*
- fixed some price issues I made with previous update
- Added go-kart, go-kart frame, small motor, spark plug, gears, small wheels, crude seat, lawnmower, narrow metal pipe
- Added driving battlemoves for go-kart
- fixed toolbox repair dialogue image
- made the toolbox slightly smaller
- Moved many items in the neogame_test.xml to the exam room makeshift locker

Still work to be done on this go-kart but, at least its playable for now hehe


Wahoo Vroom!!

Onto to business, I was looking through makeshifter (well actually I am cataloguing all the id number of everything for my Little Book of Modding Lore (Patent Pending)) and I notice you seem to have skipped a charge profile? No. 33 to be exact, it no there! I wondered if this may cause something to go boom! At some point..

aah yeah I forgot about that, I deleted something there once upon a time, seems like its been working fine since though. But I should just add a blank dummy entry there just incase. Thanks for that! :D


Hey Emp, your skill shop wasn't working so I decided to add in your encounter for the brain augmentation in the prosthetic shop. Along with some other changes but yeah.

Also awesome mod man, like I can't even play regular Neo Scavenger anymore without this.

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"

haha thanks

mmm Yeah I changed the skill chip shop encounter, you have to first buy the brain augmentation before you can access the shop


Yeah you forgot to add the encounter, so I did that. Also I love the part where I got molested by the damn psychiatrist, I was sooo tempted to write a full on scene for that.

*Raider sneaks up*
"No, stay the fuck away from my left shoe!"


Edit: Might be a nice side quest for that incident ;D


I have little request, could you make this http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/3191 into your mod? It would be much helpful for those who don't wanna run straight for eye surgery :D

mmm not a bad idea, I'll look into it


Been thinking my Makeshifter Mod has been in serious need of a makeover, both externally and internally for a looong time lol

Can't really do the internal makeover right now, but I can cook up some images and concepts so long ;D

here's something I started working on


I'm thinking I'm gonna change the way brain augmentation currently works, when you have it installed, you'll get 2 pink "boards" installed into your slots, that will give you more than enough room for at least 12 skill chips. If you consider how many skills are taken at the start of the game, there's plenty room left over for new skills and skill chips in the future.

Genetic Engineering, I'm kinda not sure but I kinda like what I've done there. On your first visit you'll get the green panel, with room for the three genetic skills, athletic, strong, tough.

Edit: More fun! :D


made the genetic enhancement images smaller, and just added two more, fast and slow metabolism, gonna be weird to swop them around in game if you wanna try each one. leaving enough space for weird genetic experimentation :D lol

And! made an image for eye augmentation haha, I love my eyes, but I feel like the skill images to the right of it is sorely lacking :/ I might need to try a different approach

Edit: Also... I'm thinking maybe I should change that green "skin" image to a DNA helix, that would probably be a lot more appropriate

Edit: Even more fun! :D


I think I'm happy now :D


So, instead of adding new content, I'm now busy polishing the content I've already added, I'm gonna work on the images mostly, and changing of recipes so they include things like wires, electrical components etc. :)

here's the first little bit of progress I've made, redid my pipes :D

before :

after :

I really like the look of Chiko's scrap metal so I tried to change my metal sheets up a bit to have that rusty old scavenged look. Here's the before and after :


New look for the makeshift laser rifle, before and after! :


and think I'm finally gonna add a scope to it haha



Damn I liked that old look of laser rifle, more in style of rest iteams (example hot bricks)

Maybe add this as something new.

mmm I want include pipes in the recipe though, and that old image is so fuzzy and ill-made lol I didn't even save it :S

Edit: gonna make it a bit sexier though :D



Warning! I am nit-picking here - Isn't adding a scope to a ray weapon somewhat pointless?

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

Why? Zoom no matter what fire weapon give advantage of precision

not sure :S I know scopes increase the range of weapons in game, on the other hand, having range increase on a makeshift laser rifle is more difficult because it would have to be less damage at it's furthest range and its normal damage in its minimum range... hehe yeah so for now I'm just gonna ignore the laws of science and have it at the same damage till I feel up to messing around to make it work the way it should lol

Edit: some more refining on the look :D



yeah that version is looking good!

haha yeah the other one kinda looks like a hybrid rpg lol


My advice make both versions of laser rifle. The one with metal covering is more durable. Coz I like old look of the laser rifle too.

I forgot about this thread and posted an idea over in the modmerge thread.

What about Tire armor? Crafted out of Old Tyer. A Tire vest, Tire gloves and Tire pants.

Would need a sharp object, medium thread (or strap) and metal pipes. I don't know what kind of skill would be needed, maybe mechanical or trapping.

Anyways just a thought.

not a bad idea, more uses for rubber is always good


*Update v0.27 for v0.987b*
- new sprites for Makeshift Laser Rifle, Pipes and Sheet Metal
- you can now add a scope to the makeshift laser rifle
- fireaxes now spawn properly
- can no longer take go-kart apart with your barehands and get a free wrench


I've got an issue with the Flash Freezer. I turned it on, supplied it with 2 - 20z of power and during crafting I was able to "freeze" about 2 or 3 berry's, but it ran out of power.

Now the issue is I don't see the frozen foods anywhere.

Am I using it right?

mmm its been a while since I've tested it, I'll check it out

Edit: Yeah you're using it right, its me that scripted it wrong haha, it currently gives you back stuff without freezing it XD

I'll update it in a short while


It burns food?! =)
Your electrican skill is low. =)

hehe Bob :)


*Update v0.27a for v0.987b*

Spoiler: Highlight to view
- new sprites for Makeshift Laser Rifle, Pipes and Sheet Metal
- you can now add a scope to the makeshift laser rifle
- fireaxes now spawn properly
- can no longer take go-kart apart with your barehands and get a free wrench
- cryo flash freezer now freezes berries and mushrooms properly
- ate frozen food message is now displayed


I'll update the modmerge pack shortly as well


I'm thinking of changing the current bottle sprites, maybe I'm fussing about a minor annoyance I have where the colour of the bottle stays the same no matter what liquid you put in it... lol but anyway

what do you guys think about this idea?


I first tried just putting the word occupied over the bottle but it's way too cramp and ugly looking. Then I tried the red square for empty, green square for contains a liquid. Which I think is better so far.

Edit: just added another version, which I like even more, the black and white buttons


Sorry no... just no... the original is better at the moment.

Maybe you can make another thing? We can build irrigation... maybe we can build a wooden shed that will be as a new sleeping site with its space in it? I mean like wood and small shack in the wood (you can sleep in both). This thing will help me alot coz right now I have to wait for some time to load all my stuff when I am crafting.

it's doable haha perhaps in the future though :P I wanna mostly work on polishing what I've made so far or (or some personal pet peeves lol) before I continue making any new content

Edit: I guess I'll leave the bottle idea for another time, the only other way I could do it, is to make new bottles with the different liquid colours and make it all crafting recipes like :

2 water + water bottle = water bottle w/water 2 drinks/sips, 2 images (for how much liquid is left in the bottle)
12 whiskey + water bottle = water bottle w/whiskey 12 12 drinks/sips, 12 images
etc etc lol too much work for a minor annoyance


This thing will help with making game more stable. I think it is not just a cool feature. In crafting all items in your camp is shown, but if I can make 1-5 sheds I can separate goods by categories - like workshop, food and water storage, sleeping area and so on. Plus if you master this modification element you can find more uses for your solar arrays like a base on a blank hex, but with salvaged sentry turrets on it. Safe place is armed to teeth place (even when you are sleeping hugging your box cart =)).

oh you mean like craftable camp sites? there's a lot of potential in that. I could make the space in makeshift lockers smaller then too. That's actually what I wanted to do with the makeshift locker initially but then I realised people will be able to sleep inside the makeshift locker lol which wasn't ideal.

Yeah, can start with metal shack, wooden cabin, eventually end up with a concrete bomb shelter/bunker lol


I am glad you understood my idea.

Good night.

So for the heck of it, I started making images for the first craftable location, a metal shack and one thing lead to another...


I've decided before I can make craftable camp sites, I need to add something that would make big constructions simpler. Resource Hording ! :D

Every Hex location now has a "Resources" Camp site, that only stores resources.
I'm going to make recipes that convert things to resources for easier hordeing, the converted resources will also be 20x60 buttons named accordingly, but, you will not be able to pick them up, or move them to any other container type. But, you will have access to these resources from the recipe screen and you will can use them in ordinary recipes still.

I'm gonna start with the simple construction materials, large branchs, large metal sheets, pipes and small parts and add things as I go along

Edit: Also Resources will have MUCH bigger stacks than ordinary items

Recipes will kinda look like this:

Add to stockpile: (Recipe name)
1xLog(normal size img) from normal containers or from hand if carried = 1xLog(Log Button img) straight to resources camp

That will lay the foundation for construction of buildings in my mod :D


What about the concealment for the craftable location? I think it should be rather high with an added bonus of a camo mesh net. Say make the camo mesh net out of 20 or 40 medium thread, a sharp point and 6 or 10 leafy branches. Just my thought.


I just had a crazy idea with this camo mesh net. Maybe it can be used in one of 2 ways. 1st way would be a 6x2 item occupying space that can be used in any location like the alert traps, that increases the concealment of a shelter. Or the 2nd way would be to use it as a crafting item for the craftable location.

yeah that's already in my "To-do/want to-do" list lol pretty much the same way I was thinking about it


Nice, can't wait to see it.

Yeesh :( spent a LOONG time on silly bugs I made to make this work ;p at least I'm making progress again


But, from this experience I've learnt to be a lot more cautious while mixing it up in the scripts. On a side note, I started the remodelling a bit in a seperate file, just beginning with those skills I made images for earlier, giving them some itemtypes.

made a WHOLE bunch of blank entries just so I can start at GroupID 200 for my items. So when the next update of our favourite game is ready, I'm ready with my own individual group IDs for my different item groups. Will save time copying and pasting and whatnot. did the same thing for containertypes ;D gonna start at 100 :D lol, whole lotta blank entries there too

(will be easy to just change it from 100/200 to 0 and so on again)

Edit: Started making some better sprites for the resources now that I know I can get some kinda hording system going ;p


Each stack can hold 99 of each resource ... should take you a lifetime or two to try fill up the resource container

Edit: Also, had another idea for this resource hording, building construction camp site project... Tree plantations! lol takes 1 full year to mature. I guess I'd have to make forest deteriorate per use then too lol and maybe *slooowly* regenerate over time... if that's possible. not sure if putting a negative number in fdegradeperhour will make it go way over 100% condition and break the game or something...


mmpf starting to think I can't craft a camp site lol :S grr wonder maybe I can just put it in through encounters or something. recipes and itemtypes and treasure tables are just complaining too much throwing funny parsing errors at me and showing me the finger. :P
humpf, oh well. Also, I can't seem to keep the Resource camp site I made and have the cryo lab spawn from the dialogue >.< mmm


Not sure whats going on with the "nearly indestructible lighter", is it not finished? It would be cool to use it as you would with regular lighters.