Piercing wounds and vital organ hits

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Piercing wounds and vital organ hits

I've never really gotten how an attack called 'arrow STAB' can 'slash' or 'cut' the upper chest of my enemy. Makes it sound like I used the arrow as some kind of sword. Same goes for bullets, arrows used for their intended purpose, and spears.

So, my suggestion: Piercing damage. When your character gets hit with a stabbing/piercing attack, it will leave a puncture wound on wherever your character was hit. Puncture wounds will generally not bleed as much as a cutting weapon, but will have a chance of hitting certain vital organs, making them deadly if aimed in the right place.


Heart. Instead death if heart is hit by a piercing attack. Has a medium chance of happening if character is shot/stabbed in the lower chest.

Brain: Instant death if brain is hit by a piercing attack. Has a very high chance of happening if character's head is shot or stabbed.

Lungs: Not instant death if character's lungs are hit, but character will instead recieve a 'Punctured lung' status, which will also immediately grant the 'Coughing blood' and 'Internal bleeding' status (if they haven't been already granted). Having a punctured lung will, besides causing a fair amount of pain and internal bleeding, take a very long time to heal, assuming the character survives the healing process. That being said, Nanobots can also be used to help heal a punctured lung. Character has a moderate chance of getting a punctured lung if shot or stabbed in the upper chest.

Weapons and Attacks that can utilize piercing attacks (some already exist, some are new ideas):

-All guns when firing bullets

-Arrows, both when fired from a bow and when using the 'Arrow stab' attack when using it as a melee weapon

-Spear stab and spear throw attack, for all spears

-Multitool Blade: Knife stab*

-Broken Bottle and Glass Shard: Bottle stab and shard stab*

-Enemy dogmen can use their claws for a piercing attack*

*Weapon can alternate between cutting and stabbing attacks

In addition, as armor values have already been added for clothing items, I suggest armor piercing values for piercing weapons. The potential for a gun to penetrate, say, a very heavily clothed enemy, would depend on the calibre of gun and the range from where it's being shot. For example, using a .45 handgun at maximum range would be less likely to pierce the armour than firing a military shotgun from three meters away.

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For one, there are only two damage types in the game. Some weapons have a mix, some only have one.
But really, the "slash" and "stab" are the same thing in effect. They create openings in the body. separate or damage cells, etc.
A blunt attack is about rupturing and reducing stability within the body.

Really, all the "slash" weapons do the damage directed above. All he would need to do is define verbs, and assign them to the attack mode. The same thing could be done to expand on the amount of attack mode is the game as well...

Honestly though, I wouldn't mind seeing piercing added as a third damage variable, since it could expand on the armor and attack options.

All attacks already have a penetration rating.

Blunt weapons have no penetration, cutting weapons have varying levels of it.

many games now even have the added ability of armor types displaying certain defenses against attacks and many incorperate peircing, slashing, and blunt weapon defense.

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Having a piercing damage is not a bad idea, IMO. We could have armor that protects more against a certain damage type than others, and we could have weapons with more attack type. Like for instance, a Glass Shiv could either be used for slash attacks or for stabbing.

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Klahkists, concerning what you said about how slash and stab wounds create the same general effect, that is true, either wound will create an opening on the body. But what about wound severity and pain inflicted? Would it be worse to be slashed across your upper leg with a meat cleaver, or to be stabbed in the same region by a knife? Which would cause more bleeding? Which would cause more pain? Furthermore, I want to clarify what I meant about armour penetration. I know it's already in the game, but what I would want to see is that certain 'armour' would have two defense ratings concerning cutting or stab weapons: one against piercing attacks and one against cutting attacks. Basically, some types of armour may be good for defending against cutting attacks but weak vs. stab attacks, or vice-versa. Maybe even a third defense rating just against gunfire could be added. A bulletproof vest may offer protection against bullets, but what about when that raider charges in with a spear?

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Also, something else I forgot to add. Armour piercing values for weapons, basically the ability of a weapon to actually pierce through whatever armour it hits. The best example I can think of is what I mentioned in the original post concerning firearms, Firing off a shotgun from a few meters away is going to pierce through armour and cause more severe damage than firing a handgun from maximum range. There's also currently a post concerning makeshift firearms. I don't know if this will ever be added, but perhaps they could have a weaker stopping power than a regular gun, and therefore have less armour piercing capability.

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id like to see a stab or pierce as well for the spear. plus in my opinion it just doesnt sound right when it says you slashed someone with a gun. should say something more like for example "blew open Bad muthas chest with" or even just "hit Bad muthas chest with"


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I feel that the "arrow stab" thing is absolute bollucks. I have been killed multiple times in just one hit from them. And really, you can't fight with an arrow like in a LoTR movies. It's impossible and I feel that quite frankly the "Arrow stab" attack should either be greatly nerfed or just removed entirely since any kind of clothing that is thicker than a T-shirt would be capable of stopping it unto a point where it would merely leave a bleeding scratch and a ruined arrow.

See, that's where the armour piercing value for things like the arrow stab comes in. If the armour rating of the clothing worn by an enemy is higher than the armour piercing value of the stab, the stab most likely will not injure that person, while still degrading the condition of the arrow.

"Wow! This looter's soup can actually had soup in it!"