Want to add more starting flaws, no idea what I'm doing...

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Want to add more starting flaws, no idea what I'm doing...

So I added an item type so I can have a cheater slot, no idea, was hoping it would be simple haha... well yeah didn't show in the starting screen. This is the flaw itemtype I added to my xml file.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

I also updated my php file to include the new buttons I made for them.

I'm not sure what to do next to make it work... I'd like to ideally start with 12 cheat slots in addition to the basic human traits hahaha


I think the 4 basic human traits are added by hard-coding, so you probably won't be able to auto-add them.

However, you could probably hack it in by modifying condition ID=412, "Player." This condition is applied to the player at the beginning of the game to label the player as a special, player-controlled creature. And conditions can be setup to add new traits/skills to a creature when installed.

If you look at condition ID=357, "Received eye surgery," you'll notice it has aFieldNames="AddTrait". AddTrait tells the game to add the trait with the specified subgroup ID in aModifiers. So condition 357 adds trait "6" to the creature.

The game knows that traits have group ID 96, so only the 6 is needed to tell the game 96.6 is what we want. Bottom line: condition 357 adds trait 96.6 to a creature.

So if you create a new trait, you can add "AddTrait" as an aFieldNames to condition 412 (player), and add your trait's subgroup ID to 412's aModifiers field.

There's also a thing called AddSkill, as well as RemoveTrait and RemoveSkill.

Hopefully, that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Wow thanks alot dcfedor! I'm gonna mess around with it now! I'm thinking Addtrait and Addskill would be awesome to mod some skill books to learn traits :3 so happy