Mod : New Splint Sprite

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Mod : New Splint Sprite

I don't know why i always get confused when i see the original sprite because one of the sides looks like a fish. This is a small mod that replaces the splint.
Drop it into the img directory

Lol, I see what you mean about the fish :)

Nice work! Just a heads-up: if you decide to add any artwork to the game, there are two versions of each item. imageName.png and x2_imageName.png. The x2_ version is just double-sized for use in large layout mode.

And if you double the size of the image, be sure to use Photoshop's "nearest neighbor" resampling setting instead of "bicubic" or "bilinear." "Nearest neighbor" doubles each pixel more crisply, while "bicubic" and "bilinear" tend to blur the result.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games