New sub-forum for NEO Scavanger

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New sub-forum for NEO Scavanger

I personally think that with the possibility of modding the game added in place, that the NEO Scavenger forum should get a "Modding" or "Mods" sub-forum so that we have people keeping the general discussion for general discussion and having all mod related topics in a separate area.

This way we get new members having less trouble sifting through all the (hopefully) hundreds of posts about upcoming mods and modder support in the near future to get the help they need, and the modders of the community know exactly where to go to get or lend out the information they need/have. It'd also give us some great places to showcase our mods and ask for support away from the main discussions about the game!

I apologize if I sound repetitive, have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!

No apologies necessary! That's a good idea, and a few others have requested the same.

I was thinking of waiting until I returned to work Tuesday to add it, since I wasn't exactly sure what to do. (E.g. sticky posts, documentation for mods, etc.)

However, I think you're right that the wave of oncoming mod posts is already here. I'll add that now!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Oh my! I kind of feel honored that you replied so quickly :) I can't wait to see the modding community come together!! With the modding, this game has gain an amazing amount of potential.

Having a non technical support forum would be nice. But i do realise that you and the modderators are quite busy right now.
By the way keep up the great work. :D

Well i don't know?