[0.987] Bugs and Issues

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[0.987] Bugs and Issues

Since forests no long have storage space I would assume that lakes are not supposed to, but they do.
Old bug rearing its head. Items appearing outside of the grid. I've got a water drop and a stone sitting in the top left hand corner of the screen, hovering right over the main menu button.

UPDATE: new bug, I can re-scavenge the cryo facility and I get a second/multiple "re-enter cryo facility" thing

Battle UI's weather icon persists when I go to other screens (namely items/conditions/camp/vehicle).

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I had this bug as well, and quite early in the game too (second day I think). When attacked, I offered a Ceasefire and when that failed, I've accessed the Inventory screen (to save my sleeping bag) - and there was a weather icon persisting there. Exiting combat fixed the issue.

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Not sure if this is specific to 0.987b, but that's where I spotted this bug, so here goes: I brought a backpack full of stuff to sell at the ATN. Sold the backpack itself, with the items inside it, and got the right amout of money. For some reason, I decided to empty the backpack, making the items I sold visible on the store directly, as expected, but also taking most of the cash I got with the sale. Picking the items I could afford and dropping them back at the store didn't restore the money.

My firewall warns me pretty often that the game tries to interact with my browser, and I really do not appreciate it.
Please get rid of this annoying feature.
Even when I blocked the game in my firewall from doing it, I still get the warnings.

@Onyx Virus, good catch on the lakes! I must've missed that. The items appearing outside the grid is a known issue, though I'm not sure how to cause it reliably yet. Let me know if you notice steps to reproduce it.

Also, the scavenge icon at the cryo facility was another bug. Should be fixed in the next build!

@Tactless, I don't get the weather icon on those screens. However, maybe another bug happened to cause it, and it just hasn't happened to me yet?

@Wraith, I tried to reproduce the issue you described, but I'm not having any luck. I dropped a soup can with two cheap memory sticks inside, and each memory stick had software. Total value was $14. If I drop the soup can in the ATN store, I get $14. If I empty-out the soup can while it's on the ground, I don't see any change in my money. (Still $14.)

If I'm doing it wrong, let me know! Also, maybe there was a special unidentified item in your backpack? Like paydata or unidentified food? Venders will ID items you sell them after you sell them, so the prices on some items can go up.

@Rafe, that sounds strange. Can you tell what the game is trying to do? Is it trying to load a URL or file?

Also, which version of the game are you using? Browser, Windows, Mac, or Linux? v0.986b, 0.987b, or 0.982d?

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I'm using 0.987b, and I think it's trying to load the blue bottle games web. But as I said, I blocked it from doing this, but I kept getting the warnings from my firewall.

I've encountered the "off grid" bug in past builds and there are no real steps to reproduce it, it just kinda happens at random every once in a while. Although I don't remember any specifics I have had the bug occur after a variety of preceding circumstances even in the cryo facility. However based on reading other peoples reports and my own fuzzy memory on the issue I believe human NPCs are usually involved.

Would it be possible for you to implement a "capture" feature that would save information useful for debugging related to the players current game when a combination of hot keys are pushed?

Since I first found this bug, I've not emptied backpacks or other containers at stores, to avoid triggering it. However, I started a new game today and tried to reproduce the bug, with no luck either. I'll keep trying.

As for the items in the backpack, it was just small weapons, clothes and parts if I recall correctly. No special items and no food.

Edit: I can confirm that sometimes I also see items outside the grid. I don't know how to make it happen, but it happens once in a while.

It only appears in other screens while I'm in a battle. Case in point:

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I went to the c-mart and emptied out a bottle of whisky onto the floor (oops!). I was charged the price for the whole bottle (which I didn't yet realize, as neither the bottle nor the rotgut entered my inventory) and then charged again when I put the whisky back into the bottle. Several hundred dollars worth of mistake from flaky "you can't sell here" coding.

in 987b lockpicking was not a choice for a locked storage shed, instead it just gave scavenging a hex option only.

Edit: Cancel--i had to have lockpicks first to lockpick.

Here are the issues I have spotted so far in .987b.

Looters Able to enter Zom-Zom's Hex

Locked Storage Shed only allows 'Force the Lock' Option when Crowbar and Lockpicks both are available in inventory
Alternately, sometimes, despite having a crowbar AND the strong skill[not sure if needed] sometimes I do not get the option to break into the locked storage shed. Confirmed that issue is NOT that the crowbar lacks a strap, added a strap to the crowbar, still cannot break into storage shed. (Is there a skill related to this scavenging option that might be malfunctioning?)

Modding to allow more skills causes some skills to not function correctly. Including, Ranged not identifying bullets and/or guns, and Botany not identifying Berries and/or Mushrooms. I suspect, but have not confirmed that this also affects the Medic skill identifying pills.

Corn-a-Cola doesn't restore hydration if the 'Caffeine High' effect is active on the player. Also, hydration restored by Corn-a-Cola is lost when 'Caffeine High' expires.

Infinite battery bug is back or it is not fixed. Like I said earlier my battery have about 4000 charges and I can put more in it. (at the moment smartphone battery have 279 items in it - 20 charges each item) =)

That sounds like it might be an extension of a broader stacking bug that I've noticed crops up sometimes. I haven't figured out how to reliably reproduce it but sometime items stack underneath each other.

The "crawl towards" combat ability needs to be edited to remove tripping. Im not sure how you would trip if you already on the ground.

After killing a DMC guard (who called a sniper) I am exiled upon entering the DMC. Gives the 1 year ban for, among other things, misusing a computer and consorting with a known felon. Reloading, selling my bracelet and buying a new one at the swap mart doesn't fix it.

Bug or feature? If it's a feature maybe there should be some text about a facial recognition scanner and the sniper having eagle eyes. Also the list of charges should be updated.

Banned from DMC means banned from DMC. Nothing you can do to et back in except wait it out.

You were banned as soon as the sniper was called on you.

Which is incredibly unfair when a DMC guard's first move is to call in a sniper, despite you not having taken any aggressive moves. I was banned for NO REASON, just some blackbooted thug being an "%$#&" :-)

Sniper banning needs nerfing NOW. Its worse than waking up three spaces from a Dogman, as DMC banning effectively ends all progress in a game.

When there's a non-full stack of branches or twigs on the floor of a forest tile, using the forest item makes the image of a new stack with that previous amount blank. The stack still exists on the floor, but you have to switch to a different window for its image to load again.

Stack of 3 branches, stack of 3 twigs, forest

Use forest

Stack of 5 branches x 2, new stack of 3 branches (image blank), stack of 5 twigs x 2, new stack of 3 twigs (image blank), forest


Turning on the laptop doesn't give me the time on the weather icon?


Surgery/Aug event tells me I'm "unqualified" for new procedures even though I simply browsed them the first time around. Wasn't this supposed to be triggered only after I go for Eye Surgery (locking out Eye Augs)? If I go for Eye Augs, I know I should still qualify for the Night Vision and Telescopic Vision tweaks, and Eye Surgery is correctly locked out.

Dualists: one soul, two bodies. dualists.wordpress.com

Surgery/Aug event tells me I'm "unqualified" for new procedures even though I simply browsed them the first time around. Wasn't this supposed to be triggered only after I go for Eye Surgery (locking out Eye Augs)? If I go for Eye Augs, I know I should still qualify for the Night Vision and Telescopic Vision tweaks, and Eye Surgery is correctly locked out.

Eye Surgery ($1000) does not prevent you from getting Eye Augmentation ($5600) later on.

You should only get locked out of further augmentations after you've either gotten all available ones (Eye Aug, Nightvision, Telescopic), or you have too many traits/skills for the game to be able to add anymore.

There are two rows available for skills/traits, normally you wouldn't be able to fill them all up. Did you use a mod to acquire more than usual? If not then sounds like a bug.

No mods, just the fresh Beta. The dialogue says I'm unqualified, but I can still pick out choices. It's just a smidge jarring that they say I can only browse procedures when they will actually give me the procedures if shown the money.

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The right click menu in the inventory screen gets hidden behind the status text area. (Latest Steam Beta)


ATN Warrior wanted to make sure I wasn't hostile. All these lines appeared after I ended my turn with him next to me.

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One comment about the items appearing in the left hand out of reach of the inventory. The item 90% of the time is water but I have also had some random items there too. I've also had multiple items get stuck in the corner and overlap each other.
Also the "Salvage Some Tarpaulin from the Tents" in the fairgrounds seems to be able to be used unlimited times unless you anger the melon heads

This cannibalism trigger keeps going off every time I eat human meat now. It's getting a little annoying if anything.
I think the flag value got screwed up after I gorged on Zom Zom's as a Spectator.


Also, is the Zom Zom's meat meant to not quench ANY thirst?

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@Rafe, let me know if you're able to determine what website URL it's trying to load. It'll help me track down what code is causing it. Technically, the downloaded version of the game should only be loading the XML data, getimages.php, and /img files, which are all local. (Unless the user clicks a button or link to a website in game.)

@Onyx, I have the off-grid bug logged, though it might be a while to fix it if I can't repro it reliably. Let me know if you discover any other ways to make it happen!

As for a "capture" feature, this is certainly doable, but would take a while to develop.

@Tactless, ok, I think that helps. I'll make a note of that weather icon bug. Thanks!

@Aiden, I've logged the "AI in Zom Zom's" bug, and will look into that. I'll also look into the locked storage shed.

As for the bugs found while modding, I'm afraid I can't spend any time debugging issues found in modded games. I have way more than I can handle in the vanilla game as-is. If you find a bug in a modded game, please check if it happens in vanilla before reporting it!

@Bober077, that bug is still open, and on my list. Thanks!

@goldbit, good catch on the "crawl forward" tripping issue!

@carnivore, I have a bug logged to see if I can make the gate's criminal charges match better. Also, the DMC Guard sniper ability is earmarked for revision.

@Tactless, the invisible stack bug is strange, I'll look into that. I'll look into the laptop weather icon, too.

I'm not sure I know what's happening in your eye aug bug. The only things preventing augs are what Dragoonseal describes. I'll take a look, though!

@TheNamesBlake, I'll add that to my list. Thanks!

@Tactless, that ATN warrior spam definitely looks like a bug. If you notice something that causes this reliably, let me know!

@MTD, hm, I've seen mostly non-water. I think it just happens to be whatever is on the ground at the time of the bug. The items definitely overlap, though. Basically, they all get moved to 0,0 screen coordinates.

I'll look into the Fairgrounds, bug, thanks!

@Tactless, that does sound like a flag got missed or permanently deleted. I'll take a look

Thanks, guys!

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Can't reverse the compound bow w/strap recipe correctly. It points to treasuretable 376 "Degraded compound bow w/strap" so it destroys the compound bow instead of returning it with the strap.

Just added a bug for that now, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Bear root is still unidentified in the ATN camp store, which means it's still free.

Assuming you don't have Botany at least. I guess it might get identified and acquire a price if you mouse over it in the store with the skill, but without the skill it's always stocked unidentified and free.

Hatter not responding to me being in same tile after refusing quest 1 time, as i was still too new, a scavenge icon popped so i visited and got the hatter encounter again but again i refused and was told to come back when ready.so i scavenged and then left the whiskey bottle and some string at the campsite as i was already heading out and upon my return trip and ready to do hatter, it no longer enters the encounter phase even with nothing in the campsite. So either it only has a 2 time refusal before it goes away or some kind of bug with items being in same tile.

If you you're dragging a skill in the character creation screen, you can start the game by pressing Space and you'll still have skill on your cursor when you enter the Cryo encounter. Minor issue since you can easily restart the game at this point, so it may not be worth trying to fix.

Oh that brings up a point I keep forgetting to mention.

I think while you're in the character creation screen cursor mode should locked into Take/Drop mode like it is during encounters. This is fix weird errors like BurnedInEffigy and others have pointed out in regards to this and also make the character creation screen just less confusing in general. I've watched countless streamers who just drag and drop the skills while making characters and get confused and frustrated when they mis-click while trying to put the skill into the open trait slot resulting in the skill jumping back over to where it started in the pool of skills, or changing their mind about a skill and dragging it back to the skill pool only to drop it partially onto another skill and get that skill stuck on their cursor instead (and up end doing that repeatedly).

Locking cursor to Take/Drop mode would streamline this section.

the mabell "go fone" cellphone has data files along with battery but im unable to hack with my hacker character with smartphone or islab sostware. as far as i know there is no mabell cracking software.

There is - it is called "Br1nG Cellphone Cracking Software". And last time I checked it worked (but it was few versions ago).

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The ATN Enclave label is not appearing on the minimap after I discover it. This has happened consistently for me in the current version , but I think I remember showing correctly in v0.986b.

There seems to be a typo in the text for the Zom Zom's encounter when you enter as stock. One of the screen has the line, "Inside, it's one part superclub, one part gladiator pit." I assume this is supposed to be "supper club," not "superclub."

The item copper beads on a string (itemtypes id 103) weighs a full 1.00kg, which is way too heavy.

Datafiles 54 has a type that says "meighborhood".

Thanks for the continued bug alerts, guys! I've logged these in the DB.

@goldbit, I'll be changing the way Hatter's encounter triggers in the next build. It'll start behaving more like Cryo, where the user manually triggers it via a "window" item.

@Dragoonseal, good point on the skill take/drop. I've seen lots of precision issues there, too!

@BurnedInEffigy, the "superclub" was actually intentional. I was referring to a class of club which is usually huge: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superclub

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Picking up and dropping an item in the C-Store in the concrete forest will charge you that items value each time it's picked up. Found that out the hard way when I moved a bottle of whiskey a few times. I can understand being charged once (You touch it, you buy it!) but to be charged a second, third and forth time is a bit much.

Also, not sure if this is stricktly a bug: I had a new character freshly out of the cryo facility, night hadn't fallen yet so he hadn't seen the glow when he came across a DMC guard. One conversation option was asking "What's up with the swamp?" but this character hadn't yet been to the swamp. It seemed odd to be able to ask a question about something my character should have no knowledge of.

Thanks, Xune! I've added those bugs to the list as well.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I couldn't find any mention of it, and not entirely sure if it's intentional or not but, water, berries and mushrooms aren't identified at the ATN trading post. Are they all safe to eat/drink or do they stock infected and poisonous foods as well?

when i pick up somthing in the c-store in the dmc, and descide not to get it and put it back down, it descides to still subtract the money, twice. i lost 30$ this way.

"Never take off your copper talisman."

I'm not sure if this is an actual bug but here goes.

If I scavenge in a building and find a bottle of antibiotics with say, 1 pill in (Value of $50), the overall value is $1.25 until I take the pill out then put it back in. Then it'll show the correct value.

This is with the medic skill. I'm aware those without the skill cannot correctly assess the value.

Re: the ATN trading post, the unidentified items should be fixed soon, if not already. I know I made the change to the code, but I forget if that made it into 0.992b or not. Also, the ATN should only sell edible berries and mushrooms, and sterile water.

@dukenukhem, the C-store will not refund money, so that part is normal. It's a limitation of the trading system that deducts money as soon as the item is disturbed, even if you drop it again. (I.e. you touch it, you buy it) However, it shouldn't deduct money twice if you only removed the item once. If it's still doing that in 0.992b, let me know.

@Karlos, that sounds correct. The pill has a nominal value until it's identified, and one must hover the mouse over the pill directly to identify it. I may improve this system to be more streamlined someday, but it'll depend on available time.

Thanks again, guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

In v0.992, eating food directly from C-store will deduct money twice. This does not happen when doing the same at the trading post. This may be a clue to dukenukhem's post.

Earlier as I pulled out an arrow to patch up the wound, I died from bloodloss with 5 moves left and was still up and mobile, so what did I do but scavenge the buildings in the hex until the game noticed that I was a zombie. I have also noticed items just up and disappearing on me, not due to degradation( at least I received no notice of such), just poof and I had a medium cured meat go missing between 1 move and the next. Then 3 turns later, again with no notice, this time the bag and all its contents were gone with no notice. I was using a travois with 74% durability at the time in case that is relevant. My latest death however was due to thirst as I had a broken leg and was starving and dehydrated at the time. I had a pond in the hex beside me taunting me since I was left with o.oo moves each turn at that point.

I loaded up Neo Scavenger to find my save file missing, the previous game I had quit to the menu and then closed the window.

Hell No!

@Northernlight915, that sounds a bit familiar. It's possible I have that logged as a bug, but I'll make a note to check again. Thanks!

@lesipher, that sounds strange. Did the message window say you had "died of blood loss?" It's definitely flagged as a fatal condition, so it's unusual that the Game Over screen didn't trigger.

As for the missing items, this seems buggy. Degraded items usually warn you when they fall apart. Could the items have been shifted to the top left corner of the UI? I've seen a few reports of this behavior, which would at least make more sense (i.e. items not missing, just off-screen)

@RealNewDeal, the missing save file could be the result of cookie-cleaning software, browser (or browser plug-ins) deleting cookies/sharedobjects, or anti-virus software. Has this ever happened before?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm playing the demo version of 0.987d from Steam. I've encountered an issue where the character had a shopping cart, with backpacks full of gear in them. The shopping cart fell apart, but none of the items in it were available to be picked up. Had a similar problem in an earlier game when a backpack fell apart. In this most recent case, the character became overloaded, and unable to move, even if i removed all of the equipment from the character.