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Camp feedback

I've been enjoying trying out the new camping features and just thought I'd share my initial reaction.Overall, I like the added element, especially with the proposed changes to night and day.A couple thoughts 1) I'm forgetful and I know this game punishes inattentiveness, but I am constantly leaving camp without my camping supplies.  I think the reason for this is I have to go to the main screen to sleep and once sleep is done, i'm still at the main screen so i move out.  So I feel like i'm fighting UI as much as the game.  Perhaps the ability to sleep from the camp screen or some reminder might be in order?  2) Are there plans for an indicator on the map for if you've discovered a camp site?  Especially with daylight changes coming, it would be nice to not have to memorize every camp i've found.3) Now that we have indicators for a camp, should the noise alarms influence them?  (I think someone else mentioned this earlier.)4) Have shopping carts been changed or have statistics just caught up with me?  I've found 3 in my current game, but they have worn down super quickly.  It makes me wonder if the discovery rate was increased and the degradation speed also increased?

Thanks for the feedback! Hearing camp-related thoughts as I work on the system really helps me tweak for better system design, so great timing!1) That's not a bad idea, placing the sleep button on the camp page. Sleeping is such a big deal, and infrequent enough, that putting it on the camp page shouldn't hurt much. And players will be staring at camp/ground items as they get ready to click the button. I'll give that a shot!2) I may add an indicator for hexes where the player has discovered camps, though I've recently changed hex icons to only be visible if the hex is visible. So distant hexes won't have icons until they're in visual range. There was another idea on the forums for a navigation skill, which I may try out as a way to let players remember landmarks on the map. But whatever happens, if it becomes too much of a hassle to find camp again, we'll think of something (possibly just making icons for camps, as you describe).3) Yes, noise traps are meant to work in camps. They're just broken in the current build. I found the bug, and the next build should have that fixed!4) Shopping carts haven't changed stats in a while, so it may just be coincidence/luck. Alternately, I may have changed another system which caused faster wear down as a side-effect. In theory, a fresh shopping cart should last 2 weeks of constant usage, barring any damage from combat (random items get damaged when an enemy strikes). Most carts aren't fresh when found, though, so I'd expect carts to break sooner in practice. Were these carts heavily damaged when found?Thanks again for the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Be glad you have a cart to push camp supplies around in!  I haven't found one yet.Seriously though any player should be able to remember where their camps were, or at minimum the last modified camp.  Just in visual range is cool, but I think last used camp should be shown on the hex map no matter what.

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