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Oh I though its something about making many programs int one devices from those external memory chips or something. Good to know. Thanks a lot

Hasn't anyone else tried builds with all red traits!?

I guess the game is hard enough as it is already but I'm greedy and more Red Traits means more Blue Traits!
Not to mention it's fun to mix things up and give yourself a bit of a different challenge. Having Frail and Feeble is quite a detriment...

Currently my favorite build consists of every available Red Trait and the following Blue ones:

Ranged, Mechanic, Electrician, Lockpicking, Trapping, Botany, Athletic and Hacking. Admittedly, Electrician and Hacking could probably be dropped (I haven't survived long enough with this build to utilize Hacking much). But I love fixing up the Cryo Exam Room with heat and lighting. Good for crafting arrows at night in a relatively safe and warm locale.

I can't seem to survive as long with it as I could with my previous favorite build because I'm obviously incapable of surviving any melee fights. One surprise visit from the wrong person at night and it's all over for me. For pretty much any other encounter it's easy to keep people at distance using athletic and fire arrows back at them in between running.

The build I used to go with though was Basic Human (x4),Insomniac and Myopia for Red and Trapping, Melee, Strong, Tough, Mechanic and Medic for Blue. That one served me well for quite some time. A pair of binoculars takes care of Myopia pretty easily and as someone else pointed out earlier sleeping pills take care of Insomnia. Otherwise you can always sleep when you get to a weary state.

Try to play with feeble and frail without any combat skills, even more hardcore without trapping

Has to be near impossible not having at least one combat skill and no trapping. I'll have to try that after I die this time around. I imagine it's going to involve a lot of running away...

What I can say, after few runs its only matter of getting lighter, without lighter you are practically dead (ofc you can go around ATN/DMC to buy all food etc).
Playing with no blue skills and all reds give a lot of harshness but its still quite playable and killing enemy is still ease, just sling with pebbles(no rocks) and at range 5 you can use that triple shoot, pebbles make a lot of pain and most enemy will KO after few succesfull triple hits. Don't let them close because you can be KO'ed in one turn.

Don't go to strange forest, it's bad idea.

This is by far my most successful build

Basic Human x4


Very combat based ill take most fights unless there are multiple enemies. I also don't mess with melonheads at night every time i try i get attacked non stop by melon heads until i pass out from exhaustion

(Sorry, don't know how to do the spoilers thing... if you're concerned about spoilers, please don't read my posts)

That's pretty much it for me too... I tried a ranged/eagle-eye version, but I had to give up the dogman cloak and video tape, and once I got surrounded by melee gangsters, I was done. Besides, I missed my headbutts. Though, for that build, I'd trade out myopia for metabolism... the combination of botany and trapping means you're never going to be short of food or water. It's also nice using the Athletic to be able to run in combat almost indefinitely. If you add both myopia and metabolism, you can add another blue skill, say tracking, hacking, or mechanic. (Tracking for loot and hiding your own tracks, hacking to open up the whole otherwise unavailable tech aspect of the game, and mechanic to make useful vehicles for greater capacity.)

Looking at my most recent character, it's:

Basic HumanX4


I currently have good clothing (t-shirts, boots, khaki cargo pants, hoodie, DM cloak) a compound bow with two arrows (have to make more), a hardened spear, a crowbar w. sling, and a sling with 50 pebbles carried (20 loaded). Pretty sure this save is because I got beaten between turns by the five "strangers" surrounding me - I'm at half wounds with three bandages on minor cuts.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
I learned, after replying to above.
Yep, that's what killed me:
Survival Time: 3 days, 4.83 hours.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

Final Moments:

Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Player is dodging out of the way making them hard to hit for a moment.
Bad Mutha launches a flurry of attacks at Player...and hits!
Bad Mutha needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Player needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Bad Mutha smacked Player's left leg with a crowbar.
Player is bleeding internally.
Bad Mutha battered Player's lower chest with a crowbar.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is unconscious.
Player has passed out from unbearable pain.
Bad Mutha whipped Player's head with a crowbar.
Player: ...zzz...
Player: ...zzz...
Bad Mutha Leader attacks Player...and hits!
Bad Mutha Leader demolished Player's lower chest with a stone smash.
Player is bleeding internally.
Player has a fractured rib.
** End Turn **
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.

Player is knowledgeable in plants.
Player is skilled in ranged combat. Player can engage at longer range than most, and ranged weapons degrade slower.
Player is strong, and can carry more than most.
Player is tough, can take more of a beating than most, and recovers faster.
Player has a high metabolism, and consumes food and water faster than most. However, Player also recovers faster from wounds and illness.
Player is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Player is more effective when using melee weapons, and they degrade slower.
Player has trouble staying asleep, and sleep is less restful.
Player is skilled in trapping and snares.
Player's hunger is sated.
Player is unburdened by what Player is carrying.
Player's immune system is healthy.
Player has not acted significantly more evil nor good.
Player is wearing the protective talisman.
Player knows that the creature coming down the hall was a dogman.
Player has discovered the bank account info at cryo lab.
Player has previously returned to the cryo facility.
Player has previously discovered exam room 17.
Player has lost blood, affecting their activities somewhat.
Player is comfortable.
Player is using an optical magnification device.
Player has been invited to ATN by patrol.
Player is weary.
Player is thirsty.
Player has a fractured rib.
Player is coughing up blood.
Player has contracted pneumonia.
Player is bleeding internally.
Player has fallen to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player is bleeding.
Player is exposed to easy attack for a moment.
Player is dodging out of the way making them hard to hit for a moment.
Player needs a moment to recover before acting again.
Player has passed out from unbearable pain.
Player is unconscious.
Player has died due to acute bleeding in the lungs.


That sucks seems like you were having a good run. I never realized having a high metabolism sped up healing im gonna try it next time i die, Thanks

I just went to play my last run and apparently i lost the save... I had 2 back packs full eye augments plenty of bullets 6k and 2 3 dog moon shirts )= damn game crash

A good build that i often use would have to be.

Red traits-

Basic Human (x4)

Blue Traits-


Cannibal Family Picnic

basic human * 4
metabolism (red) - my build can deal with less food/water

strong - to carry more stuff, and deal more damage in combat_
trapping - for fires, and if needed lots of food in one go
botany - eating on the go, getting water on the go
medic - early game first aid equipment, and to see if i'm ill (managed to find a illness early enough to deal with it)
ranged - to make spear for melee(broad-head) and for bows and arrows creation.

i have one backpack, i carry 10 arrows, i have got an upgraded bow and have a crowbar on my back if all else fails. long range weaponry means that i don't tend to get hurt, and can kill dogmen *safely*

spoiler has my story with current build + hints and spoilers of the ATN people

Spoiler: Highlight to view
the bow i have is the ATN one that i brought from their camp. just talk to as many ATN warrior you can, and one may show you the location of the camp. go there, you can eat for free, get wounds bandages up for free, lower any infections you have an there is a trading post. at the trading post, there is a bow worth about $120, sell some stuff to get the bow, much batter than greenwood. happy hunting


btw with ranged, i would recommend that you keep scavaging paper and glass shards with over 50% (>= 50.1%) durability required for the broad head arrows, so when you want you can drop by a forest and use the sticks there

I'm new to the game. Trying to make a character who'd have as much survivalability as at all possible, i so far came up with this:

Traits - miopia, metabolism
Skills - botany, tough, strong, ranged, trapping, mechanic

The logic behind it - is this:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
After playing few days, and gulping quite much of the wiki, i went to do the 1st "kinda serious" try. Lived for 4,5 days, killed by a bug (just reported), with almost the same build - the only difference was that i had medic instead of botany. Based on the experience and info from the wiki, those are the reasons to take exactly those skills (from most to least important):
1. Botany. Trapping proved to be inaqequate food source (squirrel = only 1 small meat piece, and that's too little) - botany is still massively helpful in this regard. But even more important is the bark tea, it seems. Two main concerns of any survivalist - is food and health. Botany helps massively with both.
2. Tough. Absolutely required for max survivalability, period.
3. Strong. Extra loot = extra means to survive. "Safety" when scavenging can be boosted by other means - lighters, night vision, etc. Extra carrying weight is always good; whenever it's a situation of "overburdened if non-strong, but still OK if storng" - this in effect turns into +1 to the character's speed of movement. Extra damage in melee is also handy. 3 good things in one. Plus with trapping, it gives opportunity to wear dogman coat from very start.
4. Ranged. Combat happens, sooner or later. Ranged combat is safer than melee - against both ranged and melee opponents. Boosting it is one potentially life-saving thing.
5. Trapping. Provides many benefits (see wiki for details), each of which is not a game-changer by itself long-term, but together, they make the character much, much better at survival, and it's a reliable source of income at the market (especially since this character is Strong, means he can bring in more staff, and Mechanic, means he has space for it). Early game usefulness is a bonus, too.
6. Mechanic = inventory space. Making a vehicle early is amazingly useful, better vehicles later are no doubt the same. More things available = more flexibility in any survival situation. Heating in the room 17 and ability to craft binoculars are handy. And there is the hope for repairs being implemented in the game, accoiding to some forum posts. Guess who will be the man to do them? ;)

1. Metabolism boosts healing rate. Nice. Extra thirst is no big problem - water is abundant. Extra hunger - not a problem too, with Botany+Trapping.
2. Miopia. Plus, they say, there is that eye surgery in DMC. Both certainly add quite unplesant effects - more micro-management for the former, less effective scavending and awareness for the latter (probably affects looting changes negatively, too, i just bet) - but then the latter is apparently "curable" once one can afford it in DMC.

Anyhows, this character being both strong and tough, the only alternative trait to the above - is Insomnia. And while some say it's a "good" trait, - others point to specific problems it creates. And to me, worst of all are suspicions that Insomnia can be quite lethal in combination with a bad state of health. Good sleep is - in real life, at least, - one thing which definitely helps much to get better while being sick. Last but not least, of the 3 traits, the two above have in-game means to counter (both early and late game), while the only thing which can "help" with Insomnia i noticed in the game so far - sleeping pills, - are, 1st, relatively rare thing, 2nd, without "Medic", not exactly easiest to use, and 3rd, - could possibly have deteriorating side effects (in real life, they certainly do, and in-game stomach is quite sensitive thing as it is).

I didn't read this topic prior to making this post - on purpose. A "fresh look" from a newcomer - if it's worth anything, - is what this post is. It probably has its mistakes, but if so - then at least that may be telling what mistakes a newcomer to the game may make, when deciding what skills to take. :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Red traits:

  • Insomniac
  • Myopia
  • Eye Aug
  • Eye Aug: TZ
  • Eye Aug: NV
  • Basic Human (x4)

Blue traits:

  • Medic
  • Hacking
  • Ranged
  • Botany
  • Hiding
  • Athletic
  • Eagle Eye
  • Telescopic
  • Night Vision

Based on past experiences, I concluded that any melee range encounter was an unacceptable liability, even with the appropriate skills. Pretty practical stuff for the most part, except for hacking. I took it so I could gather as much information about the apocalypse as I could, because

Spoiler: Highlight to view
I take my work on the New Earth Ostracon very seriously.

Good pain threshold + ranged Combat

Red Traits -



Blue Traits -

Strong (Gathering)

Tough (Dealing with Sickness)

Trapping (Food)

Ranged (Fighting Style) (Homemade bows)

Botany (Food)

Lockpicking (Gathering)

One does not simply "kill" a wolf man.