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Read before you post!

Since we got quite a few new users lately (welcome, by the way!) I'd like to remind you of a few things:

[size=18]Use the search option before you'll make your suggestion![/size]

We appreciate all thoughts about all kinds of ideas, but often many of them were already addressed - repeating them doesn't help but may create clutter and make it harder for others to get through them all - or simply leave your thread hanging without answers. I am afraid stating that you didn't look through the forum/search won't be the best excuse either, even though we do understand that it may be bothersome at times as well as we applaud you on the eagerness you want to share your thoughts with.

[size=18]Remember, it's for offering suggestions, not standing orders![/size]

I also would like to point out that this is a suggestions subforum. Sometimes, no matter how popular the idea, there may be certain problems that may make it not feasible to be added. Thus, tell us about your nifty ideas, but please understand that whatever you post about may not get into the game simply because you really want it to, unless Dcfedor will state otherwise himself. There's usually good reason if it won't.

[size=18]Making others understand your suggestion depends on you.[/size]

No matter the genius behind your suggestion, till our community develops universally the power of telepathy, we are limited to conveying our messages through text. Consider spending some time typing out your message. Basic spelling and interpunction or breaking bigger a post into several paragraphs may help everyone understand, get through and debate/comment on your idea in a meaningful manner.

[size=18]Forum is a place for discussion.[/size]

Not everyone may agree, nor you have to with every idea of others. Such thing is fine and may enrich the conversation, bringing solutions for some issues before they'll become really noticeable. Remember, however, to try to remain objective, concentrate on the idea presented and understand that sometimes, just because you're not fond of something it doesn't mean it's horrible. Give us a good reason, in a civil manner, for why you think the idea is good/bad and in what way it may affect the game. Try to avoid committing logical fallacies.

Please think of the convenience and time of your fellow community members and help us keep the place relatively orderly.

Some good suggestions, Scavenger! As this is one of the more active subforums, it's easy for things to get lost here. Guidelines like these should help organize things a bit!

If it's alright, I'll add a few more:

What's the Best Way to Get My Suggestion Added?

Probably the best way to get my attention is to comment on something I'm building right now. The front page of this site contains a running devlog of my current goals and tasks. These are things that I am actively working on, and many times, I have questions about how to proceed. I am looking for feedback on these things!

Basically, I've got the code and art files for these systems open as I type these news posts, and users are free to comment on them below each post, so there's a pretty high chance that I'll add a suggestion that I like!

What If My Suggestion Isn't Related to Front Page News?

If you have an idea for something that's unrelated to what I'm currently working on, this Suggestions forum is the place. I should warn you, though, that I don't usually shop around here for stuff to do. Usually, I'm overloaded with tasks as it is!

When I do come to this forum, it's usually to see what people are suggesting for a feature I'm considering doing next. So if I'm about to change the hiding mechanics, for example, I'll usually search the forums for discussions on the way hiding works. I'll be looking for both feedback on the current system (to see what needs improving) as well as ideas for what to change.

In the search results, I'll be looking for posts where several people are involved in the discussion. This way, I can not only see what different people think, but I can also see the various pros and cons discussed. Often times, players will reveal things I hadn't considered while they are discussing a topic.

So use the search feature (I do!), and if possible, add your thoughts to existing threads!

Other Ways to Make Your Suggestion More Attractive

There are some other things you can do to improve the chances of your suggestion getting added.

  • Use Existing Systems - Try to use existing systems where you can. Adding new systems is not only more work for me, but also makes the game more confusing. If you can leverage existing pieces to make something new, it's more likely to be done. E.g. adding a new, complex menu system is a lot of work, but if we make it use the encounter system, it can save me a lot of work.
  • Lots of "Bang for the Buck" - If your suggestion is a really small tweak with a really big effect, this is also good. My development time is pretty limited, as I'm flooded with work, so small changes with big effects are higher priority.
  • Tie-up Loose Ends - If your suggestion fixes multiple existing issues at the same time, this makes it very appealing. E.g. players want more info about time of day, and hacking/computers are still underpowered. Adding a "clock" feature to computers solves both problems at the same time.
  • Multiple Benefits - When possible, try to suggest improvements that can do more than one thing. E.g. adding water to the game not only quenches player thirst, but can be used to wash wounds.
  • Use One Problem to Solve Another - Sometimes, there can be two problems in the game, and it's possible to turn one of those problems into a solution for both. E.g. nobody reads the help manual, and the loading screen takes too long. Maybe we can add the help screen info to the loading screen?

These are usually the things I'm considering when I'm trying to decide if a new feature is worth it. So the more of these you can incorporate, the higher your chances!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games