Removing the Merga Wraith

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Removing the Merga Wraith

Hey guys!

is there any way of removing the Merga Wraith from the game ourself? I understand that its something that "helps" to keep the game a little bit balanced but its really ruining my days.

Ive managed to survive for 12 days that the talisman got destroyed/disapeared from my inventory and I got killed 3 turns later.

Ive just managed to get good gear and I was about to go north to explore a bit more and that demon spawned on my face and killed me.

So is there anything I can do to make sure that i wont be seeing him again? I dont care if its cheating, well, basically thats what I am asking for :P

Ive played the whole week and I am (most of the time) always being killed by the Merga Wraith.

See my reply to your other thread on the Steam forums.

Equipped items can be crafted with too. You're accidentally crafting with it, it counts as small string and a small/medium flexible item, so you're most likely using it up when crafting broad spears or crude arrows, especially if you're crafting them via the known recipes list and not checking what items it selects to craft with.

You can always uncraft any crafted item to get back what you used to make them.

I believe in the next update Dan has made the talisman unable to be used in any crafting recipes, but for now just be careful when crafting.

I know that it can be used in crafting by accident but the wraith appeared a few turns after I crafted arrows for my wonderful compound bow (that I gave the lovely name of Anna :P). I dont know if it should appear a few turns later or during the next turn.

But even if its my fault and that I am not paying attention to what I use to craft, is there anything I can do to make sure that I wont see it again even if I remove the talisman (except killing it, I know its possible, but I dont want to gather stuff only for that and die quickly).

And also, when is the next updated release planned?

Either kill the Merga Wraith or stop crafting with your talisman. =P

Well, Im not sure what else I expected :P

Ill go back in the game and get some stuff back then get killed again. I think the game is still worth the disapointment of being killed in 2 battle turns by some damned entity coming from a different dimension.

Could I still get a bird plush implemented in the game so I can feel better :P

I think the Merga Wraith should be kept as it is, I just killed it like 5 minutes ago, I didn't do it alone, I gathered like 7 DMC Guards and we were all unloading our weapons on it, in the end we did it, and after going into the realm I was kinda disappointed, I thought that there would be more interactions there, to be honest, it's not really that interesting, it just needs a bit more expanding.
And yeah, stop crafting with the talisman :P.


how did you "gather guards"?

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Well, first I saw a bunch of DMC Guards and they were, I don't know, just...moving around, and then I went on the same hex as them, and removed my talisman. They were like...6-7, and after I ended the turn, most of them didn't really move, but they actually gathered more in the same hex, which was good (For me). During the battle they were all shooting, and the ones that were left without ammo (I think) retreated. It was fun


Technically, there is a way to "cheat" the Merga Wraith out of the game. You'd need to edit the EXE file to change an encounter, though. (Or do similar with the OSX/Linux app). Basically, the encounter that spawns the wraith requires that the player NOT have two conditions set:

#136 - Wearing talisman
#17 - Already triggered wraith

So there are probably a handful of ways to make sure those conditions are never met. The easiest I can think of is to change the encounter's reference to 136 into something the player is guaranteed to have (with the same number of digits). A good example might be 212 (exited the cryo facility), which always happens at the beginning of the game.

Note: I've never hacked the EXE to try this, I'm just going on what others have said :)

As for Merga's dimension being disappointing, that's disappointing! I'll admit there's not much to do there, but I hoped the glimpse into the realm, and subtle clues were worth the price of admission (at least the first time).

I'm not sure I'll have time to expand it much (I'm having a hard enough time filling Michigan, let alone a dimension!), but I'd be curious to know what folks thought was missing there. If not in this version, maybe future versions of the game can explore it more?

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well, some powerfull artifact? new skill? flying car? i think glipmse is nice, but it ends so quick. and people who manage to beat menga expect that it guards something good. but to be honest right now with correct skills and equipment game is quite easy


Personally, I don't see much problem with the wraith event, though I suspect that people may find it lacking because the event afterward is simply short and possibly not really underlining the scale of the feat of defeating the wraith.

I wouldn't like really great rewards, to be honest, keeping the theme of rest of the game where defeating obstacles is often reward in itself, not a way to some 'phat l00t'. 'Any real', game-changing reward would turn the whole event into another thing on the 'checklist of things to do' while expanding the gap in potential for profit between battle-oriented characters equipped and ready to fight the wraith and all others. Manipulating descriptions, adding some flare to the wraith's demise could be of value, though.

Some build up on the tension whem visiting the other dimension could do the players good, or some description/event of vague profit (no matter whether real or imaginary) for defeating the wraith just after it happens - for those who do not want to risk stepping through to wraith's place as those players may find defeating the wraith anticlimatic in particular.

Generally, I wouldn't mind more esoteric/mystical/occult themes here and there, but that's more of a personal taste in general rather than me finding anything lacking.

I actually didn't hear too many complains about the after-wraith event and I know that some people find it pretty nifty, too, so I don't think that there's really much wrong with it, even though I offer aforementioned suggestions to help satisfy those feeling differently.

The most fun thing about the Merga Realm is this: mystery.
The story is rubble buried upon rubble. Trying to figure it all out is going to be hard. And the fact that, the Merga want something from you.
Think about it- The interference on the security camera when he was talking to the "mysterious" censored guy, you getting released from your cryo pod, the dogman being at the cryo pod aswell, my theory is this, and why the Merga kills you every damn time:

For some random reason they want that talisman. But they want Phillip Kindred to carry the burden because they know he can, but they test him both with the Dogman and the quest from Hatter. When you seemingly drop the talisman, they lose their chances of doing whatever they wanted you to do, and if I were a pissed off paranormal being from another dimension, I'd go apeshit at the guy too.

And also, the guy you needed to track down that put you in the damn tube had a falling apart with his father, involving you, which took up most of his time. From evidence in the Merga's Realm (Where you go to when you kill the Merga that hunted you down) Some human being had already been there- Possibly that dudes father?
As the steam page has shown, the story isnt done yet. But, when it is done, the dev will probably stop the Merga from just charging at you.
Or you could instead get some gear, get Ranged, and kill the bastard. But hey, I aint complaining. I love this mysterious story and amulet and creatures. Fact is, never let go of the thing, you must have screwed yourself up because I've survived allot longer than 12 days, and the amulet is still on me!
Good luck dude, and don't get eaten! :D

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