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I don't know if this has been said before (there are so many pages), so forgive me if it has been.

I think that traps would add an interesting dynamic to the game. Such as bear traps, spear traps, vine traps, nails in the floor, rigged rocks, rigged floors and walls for a building cave-in, etc. You could make them and set them up around your camp for safe sleeping, and you could encounter them during scavenging and just exploring (thus leading to shattered bones and massive lacerations). Spotting said traps could be a use for the Eagle Eye or Tracking skills. Building them would utilize the Mechanic skill or something.

Just an idea. Let me know what you think!

I like that idea a lot!
Fits nicely to the dirty survival style of the game.

I've thought about time bomb causing heat stroke death.
It works like this.
・It fits in Camp Screen slot.
・Turn it on, it will detonate in some turns.This works like Medium Campfire changing to Small Campfire.
・After It detonated, it changes to "exploding" item.This item has extreme high values of Outdoor Temperature status, so that this item causes creatures in the hex heat stroke death.
・Next turn, "exploding" item vanishes.

I could totally see punji traps being used!

it also could help u hunt animals like dear or dog men or even humans.


Maybe even fish. We could make a fish trap or net, and when we scavenge a river or lake/pond hex, we could get some fish with it.