A gauss rifle

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A gauss rifle

So I was just playing and was taking down another DMC guard and he called for cover fire. For the first time ever I managed to spot the sniper and he had a gauss rifle as a weapon... If we manage to kill him can get his sniper rifle??? Is he even killable?

Anyone run across this yet?

Me, a Gauss rifle, a Gau-19 (laser rifle) all my efforts ob obtaining them failed, the sniper just disappeared, someday i wil shot him with my rifle and hopefully one-shot him

That is what I am looking to do as well haha!

Dan has said elsewhere that it's probably technically obtainable if you could someone how get the ridiculous series of lucky rolls needed, but thus far I haven't seen anyone mention getting one. He said it currently just has a placeholder graphic of a different weapon.

Then i will get them all, as a greedy collector i want to get all the posssible items, i have the Dog-B-Gone, all the items of the realm and the Hot Brick Cell, besides all items i know. Time for guard hunting¡

The snipers seem to have 2 weapons, the gauss sniper rifle and a cotler saw military assault rifle..