Rain and snow frequency.

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Rain and snow frequency.

I dont know how the weather system works exactly, but the rain seems kind of strange to me. It almost never rains or snows for more then 2 turns straight. the winter shouldn't always be on a random weather cycle. it should not go from snowing, to clear skies, to raining, then clear skies, then back to snowing in less than 6 hours, the weather changing with every turn. does the dev have any plans to add to the current weather system?


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The weather system is randomly generated based on NOAA data I found for Michigan. Roughly speaking, it does the following:

  • Get base temp for this time of day and time of year. Assumes a sinusoidal distribution of temps over the year, as well as over each day. Peaks during daytime and during summer, valleys during night and during winter.
  • Get average chance of precipitation for this time of year.
  • Get average chance of cloud cover for this time of year.
  • Randomly determine if it's raining, based on above chance.
  • Randomly determine if it's overcas, based on above chance.
  • If there was weather before this (i.e. not start of the game), adjust current temp to be weighted 85% toward previous temp, and 15% toward new temp.
  • Similarly, weight precipitation and cloud cover chances. If current precip/cloud cover differ from previous values, randomly determine a second time, based on new weighted chances.
  • If it is precipitating, force cloud cover to be true.
  • If precipitating and the temperature is below freezing, make it snow. If precip and above freezing, make it rain.

As you can see, the weather system does try to make things a bit more stable than a flat random value. It's still possible to get wild fluctuations, but that's the nature of random numbers.

How far into your game were you when you saw it rapidly change from rain to snow? I wouldn't say rapid rain/snow changes are unrealistic (it actually did that here not too long ago), but I'll agree that it shouldn't be common.

Perhaps the issue is that the weather system is just checking for new weather too often? (Especially in combat.)

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