New Title Screen Feature: Save Game Warning

Hey folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. As usual, mine felt too short. I blame taxes, as I started looking into those last night, and I think it shaved a few years off my life.

As I was checking out the forums this morning, I saw an interesting post about a player's troubles with the save game system. They pointed out that the current error message when the save game fails is rather cryptic. Though they could figure it out eventually, it would be nice if the game gave a little more advice if this happened.

That made a lot of sense, so I started looking into it. And the more I thought about it, I realized I could actually save people a lot of headaches if I just tested the save feature right away, and warned the user if it didn't work. This way, players wouldn't discover their save game failed after hours of play, and have to lose the file.

Here's what it looks like:

IMAGE( Trying to make this sound less-than-threatening was a challenge.

Basically, when NEO Scavenger launches, the first thing it does is try to save a test file (Flash cookie). If that fails, this message pops up, explaining that save games might not work. (Note: it won't overwrite the save file when it does this, it's a separate file)

Clicking "More Info" will probably take the player to a sticky in the forums about how to fix this issue and find save games.

Clicking "Retry" will run the test again, and if it works, the message will disappear.

Based on my local tests, this message will come up in two cases. The first case is if cookies are disabled in Flash. If so, the user will need to manually enable cookies, and then restart the game (Retry doesn't seem to notice the security settings change until the game is restarted.)

The second case is if Flash is set to ask the user before saving data. In this case, the user chooses to either "Allow" or "Deny" the request. If they "Deny," nothing changes. If they "Allow" the request, clicking "Retry" will (most likely) succeed, and the message will disappear.

I'm hoping this helps a lot of new users solve one of the major support problems before it starts.

Other than that, I also fixed a bug that was causing graphics to get stuck on the screen if right-clicking "Use" on one item while dragging another.

Tomorrow, it's likely back to the graphics options page. The title screen will certainly have some new tricks up its sleeve in the next build!