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Help for the blind

I'm not sure how to word it to make sense, but at times it becomes very hard to tell things apart for me, due to being partially colourblind and horrible vision, I'd like to see a colourblind mode, or perhaps an increased tile size (or text) option in the future.

I am also partially colorblind and at least cannot tell the difference between the white/yellow and the red berries visually.  I feel like there are some other things that cause problems for me but I'm so accustomed to dealing with these issues that it's hard to put a finger on them consciously.
[edit] Oh, now I remember another one: on the "How to Play" web page it describes different cursors being yellow and green but I can't distinguish the colors used, or indeed most yellow and green shades in lights or on a computer screen.
Also, I should mention, this doesn't cause big problems for me and my fairly limited colorblindness, but I can see that it might be more impairing for others.


Increased text size is something that many of us want, whether or not we have a vision difference.  I'm sure the developer would like to know what parts of the game are hard to tell apart for you?  For instance the bars that fill up red, yellow, then green still show their progress, so that issue shouldn't matter too much.  Would you tell us where you are having trouble?

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The increased font is definitely on the table, and appears to be popular enough in voting to be next. I'm considering trying to restructure the game to work at 2x zoom, so all graphics and text are twice as big, but still use the same pixel graphics. (The encounter images are already zoomed 2x, for example.)The 2x zoom should help a little, though if there are elements of the game that exclusively use color to distinguish them, that will still be an issue. I tried to make most things use different graphics as well as color, when possible (e.g. the inventory cursors have icons on them, as well as color), but if there are some I've missed, I can certainly try to improve them.So zoom relief is on the way, but if there are other things I should fix, let me know!

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